Member Profile - Rick & Marilyn Cole

Rick and Marilyn attended the first meeting of the Caney Valley Club held in Johnstone  Park, many years ago by invitation from Jim Hess and Dick Whitchurch and have been members ever since.  Rick was born in Morrilton, Arkansas and moved to Dewey, Oklahoma when he was a little one. Marilyn was born here in Bartlesville and moved to the Wichita, Kansas area when she was in the second grade. After a stint in Amarillo and the panhandle of Texas, Marilyn moved back to Bartlesville in 1988 (in 1989 Rick bought the Orange1 for her 31st birthday, in 1998 he purchased the 1989).

Here’s a little of how Marilyn’s love of Corvettes started. Long ago, as Marilyn read her dads car magazines, Marilyn thought, to herself, she will have one (or more) someday. Her all time favorites are the 68-72 bumper cars (one of these days). Her first Corvette was a 1965 coupe, four-speed, which came to live at her house when she was a senior in high school (way cool!). At that time Marilyn had a four door 63 Chevy II Nova with specked blue paint (bad time at the car wash and cheap paint job), six cylinder, three on the tree, oh the power (She wishes she had it now). The next Corvette was a red 61 convertible, swweeeeet... She drove the wheels off that thing (not that Marilyn didn’t abuse the 65, they lived on dirt roads) from Amarillo to Wichita to Bartlesville and points beyond.  Her next purchase was the 1982 Collector’s Edition. It was love at first sight. It drove like a dream and she was in heaven.  Then her other love came into the picture, horses. You can’t pull a horse trailer with a Corvette so her 82 was sold (hindsight). Then along came the 1977 Orange1 and their next car the 1989 triple black convertible, heaven again.  

Rick has also had encounters with Corvettes when as a youngster he first admired a 1956 owned by his neighbor. He flirted with purchasing a 1966 blue convertible, but alas other way cool cars beckoned him. Rick & Marilyn are guilty of converting some family members into being Corvette owners as her brother has a 1985 coupe (for a brief time they had this car as he was moving. (A three Corvette family for a little while!) and her sister and brother-in-law started with a 1990 coupe (after an exciting Eureka Springs Corvette weekend) , they now have upgraded to a 2000 convertible (working on the other brother, but he’s a Dodge man). Rick & Marilyn love driving them, enjoy car shows, all club events, members and our ‘eating meetings’. 

Marilyn's '61

Marilyn's '65

Marilyn/s '77 "ORANGE1"

Rick's '89 Triple Black

Here are Rick and Marilyn at the Ponca City Car show

Here's her 82 Collector's edition.