2009 December Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well we wrapped up another year! Once again if you weren't there you missed some really good food and the company was, and is, the best. Marylin ordered smoked meats from the Rib Crib and then every one fixed a dish to go along with it. Thanks Marylin and to every one for fixing such good food. Like any of our get togethers we had way more than what we should have. I think we all hurt ourselves, I know I did. I just didn't want to hurt any body's feelings so I had a little, well some, well even seconds, of each dish.

As far as the meeting, Marylin reported that we have around $300 in the bank. Being the last meeting of the year, we ushered in the new officers. Darrell Carver is our new President. Six of us held him down and gagged him while every one voted. Blaine Janzen got up to use the bath room and got voted in as Vice president. Marylin's mouth was full and couldn't say no, so we voted her in as Treasurer for another term. And, yours truly had a brain freeze and volunteered to do the Secretary position for the next couple of years. So, next time you talk to any of these folks be sure to give them a big congratulation. Seriously, we thank and appreciate every one for stepping up and doing these jobs.  With out peoples willingness to do them we would not have our Club.  Darrell is going to make a good president, he has some really good ideas for our future.

Don't know if you have been on the Web sight lately but Darrell has worked on it and it has some updated info on the front page. Darrell says it will still be a little while before it is completely back up and running but he is working on it. Thanks Darrell.

I am going to try to do a monthly news letter so if anyone has suggestions on what they would like to see in it or if you have any thing for sale (automotive related). let me know and I will try to get it in the letter.

Come January, dues are due. They remain at $25 dollars. Please be sure and get them in.

I've enjoyed being President for the last couple of years and look forward in continuing as a member.  My thanks goes out to each and everyone who have given me the most valuable assistance anyone could ever ask for and ask that we all continue to give that same support to our new president.

Oh yeah! Darrell did say the only way that he would accept his position is if I would continue to be leader of the pack in our outings and excursions. So, ladies, keep you Dramamine handy!

2009 November Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well the food was good and even though the group was small the company was excellent. Thanks to those who took time out of their busy schedule to come. Marylin reported that we have $411 and some change in the bank. The Dewey parade is Dec. 12, if any one is interested Blaine has the entry form. Darrell Carver has been nominated for Pres., Blaine Janzen for Vice Pres. and Marylin Cole has graciously volunteered to continue to take care of our millions. We started to vote on officers last night but I said "No,no, I know there are several others that would like to have the chance at being nominated so we will wait and except nominations again at the December meeting and then vote". New officers will take over in January.

The December meeting will be at 6:30 PM, Tuesday Dec.  8th at the Branding Iron Room in Dewey. A dinner meeting is planed. The Club will supply the meat and every one is to bring a side dish, drinks, desert or plastic and paper ware. Marylin is going to check into the meat, probably a BBQ. Please let me know if you plan to come so we can get a head count when ordering the meat. Last but not least, dues will be due in January.

2009 October Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Just a quick recap on last nights meeting. The picnic for Sunday has been canceled. We decided due to weather, people on vacation and some illnesses we might not have a very good turn out. We instead opted for an eating meeting in Nov. So the meeting will be at the Golden Corral the 10th of Nov. I will call and make reservations. If there is any problem getting the room I will let every one know and we'll do something else. We will be discussing, what else, having a dinner party for Christmas.

"Reminder". It is that time once again for the changing of the guards! Well officers anyway. We will be nominating those for all offices in the next couple of meetings. If you know of one who might be interested or if you are interested in holding a position in the club please let me or some one in the club know. If you don't want to be nominated for one of the positions, "you should be at the meetings"!

Thanks to Kevin Smith for posting pictures of the show in Eureka Springs. If you didn't get them let me know and I will forward the web sight. Kevin and his wife Andria made the trip with us and we enjoyed their company very much. Now we just need to get them in the club.

FYI, Mike Murphy sold his car. It went to a good home where I know it will be taken very good care of. I will let the new owners be the ones to share their good news with all. Hopefully it won't be long if not already that Mike and Jeana will be driving a new one.

2009 September Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Just thought I'd share with you the minutes of the meeting last night.

We discussed and decided to have this years picnic on Sunday, October 18 at 2:00 PM. Tentatively at Washington Cove, Copan lake. Same place as last year.  The club will supply the burgers and dogs. (However since the club has such an abundance of cash in the bank, we may decide to pass the hat again this year.) Please every one bring a side dish, desert, drinks or condiment. We will have another meeting before the picnic so can discuss further.

Those who are going to Tyro this Saturday, meet at Pumpen Petes (Conoco station) in Dewey at 8 AM. We will drive to Tyro and have breakfast there. Tom shared with us that the Copan truck stop will be closed as they will be on vacation.

Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend is the first weekend in Oct.  Those going will meet at TCT east parking lot and leave around 1:00 PM. That should put us over there just in time for supper. I will be taking a trailer full of batteries, alternators, jumper cables and what ever else I feel might go wrong with our car again this year.  I will even let some one else be the go first this year so some of the wives won't be mad at their husbands. If you aren't sure if you made reservations and haven't checked, now is the time to do so! Phone number at the Candlewick Inn is 866-253-7117.

See you in Dewey Sat morning!

2009 August Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well the August meeting is in the books. Once again for those who couldn't make it, you missed an enjoyable evening. We had 12 members present. Six corvettes and a chase truck. ( Yours truly went out to start our car, and it didn't want to go. It is the fault of the owner this time though. Last time I drove it I left the glove box door open and the light ran the battery down. Lesson from this story is, go out and start your car at least 12 hours before your trip, that way when it don't start you have time to work on it. At any rate the first lady and I drove the truck).

Didn't get much meeting done, but the drive was nice, the food was good, and most importantly the company was great. I reported that there wasn't much to report about, we have somewhere around $500 in the bank and Blaine gave a short update on the car show at the Elks Lodge here in Bartlesville. We will have the September meeting at the Branding Iron Room in Dewey. We need to have a real live meeting to discuss this years picnic, where, when or if, we want to have one. Please be thinking about this, we will need your feedback.

Rhonda and I were in Eureka last month and stayed at the Candlewick. Those who made reservations still have them. If you are not sure if you made them, you should call and check. For those who have not made reservations, now is the time you should do so. The CVCC stays at the Candlewick Inn just across the street from where they have the car show on Saturday. The phone number is 866-253-7117.

See you all in Sept., if not sooner.

2009 June Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Just thought I'd let you know what a good meeting we had Tuesday night. There were 10 of us there. Marilyn gave the finance report we had updates on the shows at Ponca City and Sunfest. They were both really good shows and apparently a success. We then discussed upcoming events. The Leak Auction is this weekend and the open car show in Moline, Kansas is one week from Saturday. The Show in Sedan is next month. We'll have another "eaten meeten" next month. Don't know where yet, but we'll let you know. I am open to suggestions.

Oh yeh, we had a really good dinner. Sorry every one couldn't make it.