2010 November Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

The Caney Valley Corvette Club met at the Outlaws Chop House last Tuesday night. We had a really good turn out, (as we always do at an eaten meeten) with a total of 15 members and two guests. Attention was drawn to our newest member (literally) Michael Smith, son of Kevin and Andria Smith. I believe they said he is two months old now. “Welcome Michael” and we can’t wait until you start driving so we can see you in a Corvette.

It looked like the service was running a little slow so Darrell opened the meeting before we ate around 7:30. Marilyn said we have $375.85 in the bank. She brought her friend Judy and her friend Carl. Maybe we can talk them into joining. Speaking of, we have a potential member. His name is James Ellis. If any one knows him, be sure to tell him how nice the people in our club are and how many benefits there are in joining our club.

Darrell gave an update on the web site and shared that he is still waiting on Blaine’s write up for the member profile page. I think we mentioned it before but we will mention it again, if you would like to share your story on how or when you got into Corvettes or a story about a Corvette experience, type it up and send it to Darrell along with photos if you have them and he will put them on our web site.

We had a really good turn out for the breakfast the other day. (Sorry I can’t remember exactly when it was.) The breakfast was not a meeting or any thing important, Darrell just said food and every one showed up. We ate at Eggberts and the best I remember we had 10 present.

Darrell gave an update on the K-Mart bell ringing schedule and reminded us there are still a few open slots. If you haven’t signed up, you still have time to do so. If you haven’t done this before you are missing out on a very rewarding experience. There are a lot of smiles, nice comments, good conversation, jaw clinching and tongue biting moments while you are there. It really is worth while to give an hour or so of your time to this good cause. If you haven’t received the schedule in your e-mail, give Darrell a yell and he will get it to you. I am sure it would be fine to bring a friend with you if you choose to do so.

We made the decision to have our Christmas party on Thursday, December the 9th. We will start by meeting at Jim and Kay’s at 6:30 for drinks and ordurves (little sandwiches), and then go to, or meet at Sterling’s Grill at 7:30 for dinner followed by the game “Dirty Santa”. If you have never played this game, you’ve missed a good one. It involves gifts, so bring a gift for each member that will be there for dinner. Maximum of $10 per gift please and it can be a nice gift or a fun gift. Oh, and don’t put your name on them. For information on how to get to Jim and Kay’s, drop them or Darrell an e-mail and they will get it to you. Location for dessert will be announced. (I think we want to see how full we are) A donation will be taken up at the dinner to give to a needy organization. We will decide which organization that evening. Our December meeting will be at the dinner.

We decided to do a cruise to Woolarock this year to see the Christmas lights. It will be in December of course. Marilyn will find out when they will be available, set a date and let every one know when and where we will meet for the cruise. Again if you have never seen the Christmas lights at Woolarock, you should make this cruise. (Or least go see them on your own) You will not be disappointed. It wasn’t mentioned but maybe afterward we can go for some where for ice-cream or steak or something.

Well the food came a little quicker that we thought it might so Darrell wrapped up the meeting around 7:50 and we ate and had a lot of good conversation. As always the food was very good and the company was excellent. Thanks every one for being there and congratulations again to Kevin and Andria for having your beautiful baby Michael. (I like that name!) We need to start on him now, teaching him “the Wave”.

We will see each and every one in December at the dinner. If that is too long for some to see each other, just send out an e-mail or call and say “food” and we will meet any where of choice.

2010 October Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Blaine opened the meeting at 7:40 P.M. (Darrell and Connie were out gallivanting some where around the country again) Ain’t retirement good!!!?

Marilyn said we had about the same amount in the bank as last month. I checked last months minutes and that was around $450.

A re-report was given on the dinner run to Logan’s which was a good run and dinner.

Bell ringing for the Salvation Army was discussed with the decision to ring for two days on Friday and Saturday at the K-Mart location.

We decided to have the December meeting and Christmas meal on Thursday the 9th. Please be thinking about what type of meal you would like to have and we will decide in our Nov. meeting. Options are eat out, every one bring a dish some where type dinner or maybe even a progressive dinner. Think about it.

We also discussed if we would like to bring gifts to give to an organization or give a donation. Think about this also and we will make a decision on this at our Nov. meeting also.

Paul and Donna had invited us to come to Claremore for games and maybe lunch some time. A breakfast run to Hugo’s in Claremore and a visit with them was discussed and we decided this sounds like a good thing to plan for this coming spring. This time of year we never know what the weather is going to be doing from day to day. So get ready Paul and Donna, next spring we will surround your place with Corvettes.

A run to Neewollah was discussed. If you are interested in making a run to Independence for the festivities get with Darrell and let him know.

A run to Woolarock to see the Christmas lights was discussed. (If you have never seen the lights there you’ve missed some good ones) It would make a good evening cruise. We can talk about this and make a decision at the Nov. meeting.

Blaine is still thinking about working up his profile for the web site. If you would like to share your “Corvette Story” please type one up (along with pictures if you have them) and send them to Darrell.

Next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 9th, at Outlaws Chop House on Frank Phillips. Exact time will be given at a later date.

Meeting adjourned

2010 September Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well, decided I better get to this, since some of it has to do with this week end. We met at the Branding Iron Room in Dewey this week so we could get a few things nailed down.  

Darrell opened the meeting at 7:03 sharp! We started to have the meeting outside, until one of our senior members (in both time served and age) requested that we go inside because of the pollen, tree do do, or something like that. We agreed since we didn't want him to feel left out!

Marilyn reported that we have $426.94.

We have a new potential member added to our email distribution. His name is Don Thornton. Welcome Don. Chris Nave officially joined as a new member. We discussed what "a year's free membership" meant during our ice cream trip after the meeting and decided his dues will be paid up through the end of next year.

Darrell reported that he hadn’t made any new updates to the Web site since he still hasn’t received a profile page from a couple of members! L

Darrell then asked that if you would like to share a story of your experiences with your Corvette (s)? Please write one up and send it to him with some pictures if you have them. If he receives more than one at a time, that’s OK, he will us different ones each month.

Blaine shared with us how Janice is doing. Says she is doing pretty good, getting her meds straightened out and is getting around pretty well. We wish you the best Janice and our prayers are with you. Hurry and get well so you can come back to the group.

Darrell reported that we were well represented at the Tyro Car Show. There were about 8 members there. Jim Culver won a trophy. Way to go Jim!

Tom and Jim are leaving early Thursday morning for Effingham. If you should have a late change of heart and decide you want to go, get with Tom. Early!

It sounds like we are going to have a good turn out for the trip to Eureka Springs again this year, around 8 or so vehicles. I was elected to lead the pack again. Some one asked how we were going to go over and I mentioned 412 with Marilyn immediately rebuking that suggestion. So the plan is to leave Tri County Tech, East parking lot at 1:30 pm on Thursday, Sept. 30. We will take the route over through Vinita, Grove, Noel and hit Hwy 37 at Washburn and then through Gateway to Eureka Springs. (Good road all the way.) It is certainly not too late to decide to go with us. If any one decides they would like to go, get with Darrell, myself or any one who is going and let us know. The more the better! 

There is a Car Show in Jenks this weekend. If you are not doing any thing, I hear it is a good show.

We have a dinner run scheduled for Saturday, September 25. The plan is to meet at Food Pyramid at 5:00 and drive to Texas Road house in Owasso. If you wanna good steak, be there.

The next meeting is Tuesday Oct. 12 at the Golden Corral. Blaine will be conducting the meeting and will let us know for sure what time it will be, as soon as he makes the reservations. 

We were asked to give a report on our vacation, so here it is. Rhonda and I left Monday morning Aug. 30 and headed West. We drove through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, four corners (where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado come together), back into Colorado, back into New Mexico and home. We were gone 13 days, drove 5,230 miles, averaged 27.5 mpg and averaged 51.9 mph. The car ran flawlessly without even one hick up. The weather was absolutely perfect. We saw so many beautiful, wonderful, things we can’t begin to share it all. I think we saw the highest mountain peaks and the deepest canyons. We ate Sonic hamburgers in the motel room and sea food on the bay shore. We saw forest with the tallest trees and places where there were “no trees”, not even a bush. Rhonda took between 560 and 570 pictures and that wasn’t enough.  In short, the Lord blessed us way more than we deserve. If you own a Corvette and have not made a long trip in it, you are missing the full enjoyment it has to offer. We are convinced this is the first of several trips we will take in ours. Darrell asked that I send him some pictures so that he could post them on our web site. I plan to do this as soon as I can. Picking out a dozen pictures out of 560 or so will take a while but keep checking our web site and we will get a few posted to share with every one.  

2010 August Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Hello every one.

Well I thought I better get these out before the president and vice president fire me. Rhonda and I had a revival at Church last week so didn't get to attend the meeting. Blaine conducted the meeting as Darrell and Connie were out vacationing. (again) Boy I don't know about these retired folks. You never know when they are going to be home!

The meeting was held at Luigi's Restaurant and Blaine said there were 10 members present. I'm sure the food was good, it always is.

The finance report showed that we have $406 in the Kitty. Don't know if that is after all was paid for from the picnic or not. We have no new members to report and no new news on the web site update. I don't know how the web site could be any better. Darrell has done a really good job getting it up dated. Thanks Darrell!

Blaine he had attended the Owasso Car Show and it was a good show but the weather was, as we know, very hot.

Tom gave a report on the status of the Effingham Corvette Show plans. So far there are "5" Couples planning on going. The Culvers, both Tom and Carol and Jim and Marilyn, the Ewings, the Carvers, and the Egans (maybe). For information or to join the group please get with Tom Culver for information.

Sounds like we will have 7 couples going to Eureka Springs. The Coles, Marilyn's sister and brother n law, Nick and Martha, the Carvers, the Culvers both Tom and Carol and Jim and Marilyn, the Harrisons, and the Nodine's. We will probably discuss traveling details at our next meeting.

 A Dinner Cruise was planned for Friday, August 13 for Los Cabos in Tulsa. (Maybe somebody can give an update on how it went)

 Next meeting will be Tuesday September 14th at Dewey in the Branding Iron Room at the Arvest Bank.

2010 July Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well decided I better get some minutes written.

The meeting was held at the Tumble Weed Steak house on Nowata Road.  Rhonda and I arrived just after 6:30 and were starved so went ahead and ordered an appetizer. We had frog legs and they were very good, but we decided they weren’t as good as the ones at the Catfish Cabin in Eureka Springs. (Don’t think the setting would have anything to do with it) By 7:00 every one was there and had ordered. Of course the meal was very good and the company was extraordinary.

Darrell and Blaine both had other engagements so I presided over the meeting.

The meeting started about 7:30. Marilyn wasn’t there so didn’t have a finance report. I would think our balance is probably about the same as it was this time last month.

We have two new members, Wes Sutterfield who we met at the picnic and Richard Scaler from Shady’s Tint Shop. Welcome both.

Darrell is waiting to hear from Blaine to have him and Janice as the next member profile on our web site.

Chris checked on a notice, on the cable channel to advertise our monthly meeting. We had talked about this hoping to entice new members to come visit us. Any way he found that it is just way too expensive.

We can run a notice as a non-profit organization each month for free. We asked for some one to volunteer to take care of this with no takers. Please be thinking about it, it would be a nice gesture for some one to take on the job.

Another report on the picnic was given.

I gave another short report on the car show in Coffeyville.

Every thing looks in good order for the motel reservations in Eureka Springs for October.

Tom gave an update on getting the trip to Effingham together. Again if you are interested in going and haven’t made plans yet, please get with Tom Culver.

We talked about another dinner cruise with BBQ as a destination with positive response but no definite date set. If you have any suggestion or preference, get with Darrell.

The Car Show in Sedan Kansas is coming up. If you are interested, Kevin and Andria are planning on going, please get with them for further information.

For other upcoming events, Corvette or open, check out our web site.

We unanimously voted to have an “eaten meeten” in August. It will be Tuesday the 10th however a location was not decided. Again if you have any suggestions or preference, get with Darrell.

2010 June Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We held the meeting this month at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. The food was very good and the price was not extreme. Darrell said the pizza there was good so Rhonda and I had one. Darrell was right, if you would like a good pizza and you don’t want to do the run of the mill Pizza Hut or Mazzio’s scene, go to Luigi’s. We had a good crowd. (We always do at our eaten meetens.) We had 10 members present.

Darrell opened the meeting at 7:40. Marilyn was off gallivanting around some where at some meeting and Rick wasn’t sure of the amount in the bank for a finance report, so he gave her a call. He couldn’t get hold of her so I said best I remember from last month, we had around $450. It wasn’t just a few minutes later when M. returned Ricks call and said to just add $50 to last months total. So we in fact have around $500. That was pretty neat, it was the first time I have actually been involved in a “conference call”.

One of our newest members was there. Chris Nave came and had supper with us. We enjoyed having you there Chris. Another of our new members, Tonya, stopped by to say hello and visit with Darrell about his car. We couldn’t convince her to stay, she said that they would be making a near future event. Tonya, we look forward to seeing you and you husband at one of our upcoming events.

Darrell has sent out the newest, revised member list. If anyone has any correction, please let him know.

Darrell heard back from the couple from Texas who were looking at a Corvette in our area. Said they really appreciated all the information they got from the different members of the Club. I think it is a good thing that members of our club have the knowledge to share with people who might not know where to go for trust worthy and good services in our area. We have a wide range of Corvette models and every one has had their own good and bad experiences with getting them worked on, that they can share.  Two thumbs up people.  Maybe if this couple is ever in our area, they will look us up.

Darrell and Connie were the first to volunteer to have a member profile on our web site. If you haven’t been on there to read it, you should. Blaine and Janice or Rick and Marilyn will be next so be sure and check it out. I’m sure either will be a pleasure to read.

Darrell is still making updates to the web site. It is an on going process and again Darrell, you are doing a great job. If any one has comments, questions or changes they would like to share, please forward to Darrell at his email. Any of the Club Members can add to the pictures or Calendar. If you need info on how to do it, Darrell can help you out, just give him a yell.

Blaine said the Sunfest show was pretty good. There were a little over 100 cars there. Said it was pretty warm so didn’t stay all day and Ed Lomex called that afternoon and told him he had his trophy to come get it. So Congratulations Blaine! (What he told us later on, was that he won with his “Mustang”)

The Mayfest Show was good. Best I remember, we had 10 cars Jim Powell, Darrell, Tom and Rhonda winning trophies. ( If I left any one out, I apologize) Tom and Tony and the rest of the people who worked on putting on the show, did a really good job. Of course we stopped at the Copan truck stop for breakfast.  “And it was good!”.

Three cars made the trip to Ponca City together but we had a total of seven cars there before it was over. Friday night we went for Mexican and I have to admit it was excellent. The show seemed a little down in numbers from the last time Rhonda and I were there but it was still a good show. We had two members who won trophies. Rick and Marilyn both won in their respective classes. We gained a new (old) member, Bill McKeehan, who by the way also won a trophy. We also won club participation. All in all we were represented just pretty well. We got a little strung out as we left so the suggestion of a little better communication before we leave was made. We stopped in Pawhuska and had BBQ at Bad Brads and if you like BBQ and have never eaten there, stop some time when you are going through and try them out. Between the shows and dinner runs we have been pretty busy this last month. It’s good to see the club doing things as a group.

We voted to have a dinner run Saturday the 19th of this month. It will be to a steak house in Independence. Janice will check into making reservations and a note with full information will be sent at a closer date.

Every one is ready to make the trip to Eureka Springs. Carol said she is even getting to the point that she doesn’t mind the roads we take with me leading the pack. Connie says she just takes lots of Dramamine and closes her eyes.

Our picnic is scheduled for Sunday June 27 at the shelter at Washington Cove, 1:30 p. m. The club will supply the hamburgers and hot dogs and buns. Tom volunteered to bring his cooker and Darrell will send out a list so every one can sign up for side dishes, desserts and what ever else we need. Be thinking about some type of activities, if you want any.

Chris shared that Shady’s Tint Shop would like information on our club. They are interested in joining.

Chris also volunteered to check with the Examiner and the cable classifieds to see what it would cost us to run a notice a week ahead each month on our club meetings. He will forward the information to Darrell.

Next meeting is Tuesday, July 13 at the Tumble Weed Restaurant. See you there.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28

2010 May Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well thought I’d better get after this seeing that part of it will affect this weekend.

We had a good turn out; we had a total of 10 people and 6 Corvettes. Every one drove their car, no iron. Way to go every one!!

Darrell opened the meeting at 7:00 sharp.

Marilyn gave the finance report sharing that we have $415 in the bank and two checks for dues which gives a grand total of $465. Boy we’re rollin' in it, ain’t we?

We have a couple of new members, Paul and Donna Harrison from Claremore and Kevin and Andrea Smith from here in Bartlesville. (Kevin and Andrea are the young couple that went with us to Eureka last year). Welcome to both couples and look forward to having you tag along with us on some of our events.

Darrell also mentioned that we have three people that have responded to our web site showing an interest in receiving the e mail distributions from the club.

Darrell reported that he has been working on the web site. He has put a member profile with him and Connie being the first ones. Blaine has volunteered to be next. He also reported that he has added a “Glassified” section. If you have any thing for sale (I think we would like to keep it toward automotive) please let Darrell know what it is, how to contact you and the price of the item. How innovative you get with your add is up to you. More jokes have also been added to the web site. Darrell has also added a link for used Corvettes. If you haven’t been on our web site lately, you should really go check it out. Darrell has really done a good job bringing it up to date, and he says he’s not finished yet. Thanks Darrell.

Darrell reported that he has had some communication with David Oakley. He received an email the other day showing Oakley’s emblem. We can see what it will cost to have it added to our logo for our shirts and on our banner. Darrell said he sent a list of our members to David and shared we had decided that an event on the 4th of July wasn’t a good time for us and asked if there might be a later date that would work. He has not received a reply as of yet.

Darrell gave a short update on the Hot Springs show. He said it was a really fun time. They went on a Cannonball run and he said it was a very good drive, good roads, good curves, and pretty scenery. May be a show we need to look at next year for a club get together.

Ponca City Corvette Show is June 5thWe have a good group of people going over together. We will meet and leave the West side Phillips 66 station around 1:30 on Friday. There is a good cruise night down town on Friday evening. I here there will be music and food this year. We are going to stay at the Fairfield Inn. If you have not made your reservations, now is the time. The phone number is 580-765-3000.

The Oldies “N” Goodies car show is this Saturday. The show is at Sooner Park. Any one interested in going is welcome. If you would like, we plan to meet for breakfast at Eggbert’s at 7:30, and go out as a group from there. If you are not going to the show and would like to come out for breakfast any way, you are welcome to do that also.

Mark your calendars for a dinner cruise to Claremore, on May 22. We will leave from the Pyramid grocery store at 6:45 p m. The plan is to eat at Cotton Eyed Joes BBQ. Darrell will make reservations.

The Mayfest Car Show in Caney is May 29. We have a couple in the club that is helping with the show. Tom and Toni Schemica put in a lot of hours every year preparing for this show. We all know from our little show a few years ago how much work it is. Thanks Tom and Toni (and all the rest of the people), you guys put on a really good show. By the way, Tom tells me the show this year is “free” so no excuses why you can’t go. Any one interested in going with the Club, meet at the Copan Truck Stop at 7:30 a m that morning for breakfast and then the trip to Caney. Again if you would just like to do breakfast you are welcome.

June 27th is the date that was picked to have the club picnic this year. That is a Sunday afternoon. The location is to be at the picnic shelter at Washington Cove at Copan Lake. (This is depending on availability of the shelter of course) Tom Culver volunteered to see if we can get it reserved. Final information will be available by future emails and at the next meeting. (Reservations have been made-dgc)

Speaking of the next meeting! We have tentatively decided to have the next meeting (June 8th) at Luigi's Italian Restaurant in Pennington Hills (Next to Wall Greens Drug Store) Darrell will make reservations and email further information.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p m.

Afterward we decided to go for ice-cream. We had asked Jim where Marilyn was at the meeting and he shared that she had decided to stay in for the evening. When we got to Braums we discovered that Marilyn was with him. When we told Marilyn we were glad she decided to join us she shared that Jim had come home and told her they were going for Mexican! Guess we know where we stand!! Although, Blaine, suppose that would work with Janice?

See you all Saturday morning
Mike Nodine      

2010 April Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well decided I better get some minutes out before I forget what went on.

We met at the Tumble Weed Steak House on Nowata Road again this month. As before the food was wonderful and the company was even better. Rhonda and I had the two fer meal. It consisted of fried green beans for an appetizer, charbroiled butterfly pork chop and baked sweet potato for Rhonda and steak and baked potato for myself. The pork chop was so large Rhonda cut it in half and I helped her with it and brought my steak home for a midnight snack. For desert we had bread pudding with a bourbon sauce. The complete meal was only $18.95 plus drinks. Can’t beat it with a stick.

Darrell called the meeting to order at 8:03 p m. Marilyn gave the finance report explaining that we have $402.22 in the bank. All registered members have paid their dues. “Thanks every one”

Darrell is working on updating the member roster as well as other aspects of the web site. If you haven’t been on it lately, you should go and look at the new member profile page. It highlights Darrell and Connie for the first member and it looks very nice. I believe it will be a good reflection on our club and a nice addition to the web site.

We discussed adding Oakley Chevrolet as a sponsor to the club banner. Tom suggested that we could take the banner to one of our local sign companies and have them add Oakley to it. The letters will be made of vinyl and will be able to stick them to our existing banner. We are still evaluating how to utilize Oakley as a sponsor. David Oakley had suggested that they and we (CVCC) get together on the 4th of July for a “Show and Shine” and some type of sales event for the dealership. We discussed this and decided that there would not be enough time and that there would be too many people out of pocket to plan such and event, so voted to for go a 4th of July event. We then decided that maybe an event later in the fall would be appropriate. Darrell will get with Oakley to see if this might work for them.

The Club has received a card of appreciation from the Salvation Army for our assistance at Christmas time. Once again, we thank each of you who helped during that time.

Blaine gave an update on the Car Show in Enid. Said there were probably around 100 cars there. It was about like last year.

The Amarillo Corvette show is scheduled for May 28 and Darrell will have it added to the calendar on the web sight soon. (The calendar on the web site is something else, you should check out. Darrell has done a good job setting it up.)

Any one wanting to go to Effingham should get with Tom Culver, as he plans to go again this year.

There are about 5 or 6 couples from the club who have decided to go to the Ponca City Corvette Show, June the 4th and 5th. We are going to stay at the Fair Field Inn. So make your reservations now before they get filled up. The phone number is, 580-765-3000. They have a Corvette weekend rate of $69. However when I called and made my reservation, before I asked for the Corvette Weekend rate they said they would give me the “best rate” which was $67. After she found that the Corvette rate was higher she allowed me to keep the lesser. “Hey, two bucks is two bucks”! We will leave from the west side Phillips 66 station at approx. 1:30 p m on Friday June 4th. I will not be leading the pack as the last time we went over for an event, I got to meet a very nice Highway Patrol officer. I’ll let some one else have the honors this time. Blaine was riding with me and all he could say was, “wait till Rhonda hears about this”! (He really was a nice guy). We will be meeting again before the trip so will have a chance to discuss it more then.

Meeting adjourned, 8:35 p m.

Mike and Rhonda Nodine are actively looking for an early (98 to 01) C-5 convertible. Color and Tranny are optional. (918-440-4544)  

2010 March Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well I decided if I didn’t get these out it would be time to send them for April. I never promised to be fast!

Not many was at this months meeting but then I’ve always heard that it isn’t the quantity but the quality that matters and we had the finest.

Darrell opened the meeting around 7:00 and asked Jim to give an update on the visit with David Oakley which he did and it was very informative. He shared that we talked to about having an event on the Oakley Chevrolet, Pontiac, Jeep lot and David was very receptive. He (David) had some really good ideas to help in an event. A show and shine verses a typical car show was discussed. An event with including other GM models was also discussed. Darrell will do some research on possible dates as to “not” interfere with other pre established events. We also talked about advantages of the dealership being a club sponsor both to the club and the dealership. More details will be available as they are finalized.

The Home and garden show is coming up. The Tulsa New car show is also coming up. If there is any interest in either event, please get with Darrell.

The trip to Hot Springs is planed, if you have a notion to go, again get with Darrell for details. (Personal note) This is a good show. Blaine and Janice and Rhonda and I went two years ago and had a blast. Good over night accommodations, beautiful drive, a lot of really nice cars and what else, some really good eating places!

Darrell suggested a possible trip to Petty Gene Mountain in Arkansas some time in the future. He says there is a really good Auto Museum and the drive would be top notch. (A drive through the hills of Arkansas in a corvette would make the trip worth while.) And of course there are” What?” some good places to eat.

Be thinking about a picnic. We decided to forgo the picnic last year due to weather and every ones schedule and I think every body missed having it. Keep it in mind and discussions will take place at future meetings.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm, Tuesday, April 13 at the Tumble Weed Steak house on Nowata road. If you haven’t eaten there come on out and you will be pleasantly surprised. The food is really good and the company will be even better.  

2010 February Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well I decided I had better get this out before I forget every thing I didn’t write down. We met at the Tumble Weed Steak House on Nowata road. It is where the Bogart’s, place used to be. If you haven’t eaten there yet, you should try it. They have a twofer deal with several entrees and it is really very good. You get an appetizer, two main dishes with a meat and vegetables, two salads and a dessert. Rhonda had the pork chop and sweet potato and I had the steak and baked potato. Both were very good. I asked Blaine and Janice and Eddie how theirs was and they all said the same. As matter of fact I didn’t hear anyone complain.

Blaine opened the meeting at 7:45 and welcomed Kay and Rhonda back to the motivating crowd after their surgeries. Both are doing well and thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Marilyn gave the finance report letting us know that we have $467 in the bank and $125 to be deposited. I think that’s more money than we’ve had in a couple of years. (Let’s go eat!) On the subject of money, dues are still due. If you haven’t paid yours yet, you can mail them in. Make your check out to Caney Valley Corvette Club and send them to Marilyn Cole C/O CVCC, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Okla. 74005. They remain at $25.

Blaine then gave a report on what information we had gathered on applying for a 501 C3 organization. I had visited with a couple of the guys from the Oldies N Goodies Club and they shared some good information and printed off a form we would have to complete with a lawyer to submit. They also shared that it cost around $500. They reason for the interest in applying for this is to become a registered non-profit organization. If I understand it correctly the main reason for this is not for our sakes but so that corporations or individuals who make donations to our club can write them off on their income tax. There was a good deal of discussion of whether we even wanted to continue with this. The subject was left open with more details to be gathered, everyone to think on the matter and more discussion and a final decision to be made next meeting. We also talked about applying for a L.L.C. for law suite protection at an initial cost of $100 and a yearly cost of $25. There was not a whole lot of interest in continuing to find out about this.

A report was given on the status of getting together with Oakley Chevrolet for the purpose of building a relationship. No one had a lot of information to share on what had been done at the meeting but I talked to Darrell a couple of days ago and he has plans to go in for an oil change and while he is there, try to go in and meet Mr. Oakley thus maybe opening the door for a future meeting.

Upcoming car shows are as follows. Starbird is 2-19 thru 21. If anyone wants to go please get with Darrell, Tulsa International Auto Show, 3-21, Enid Corvette Show 4-3, Hooters (yes it is a car show) 4-4, Hot Springs Corvette Show, 4-17, Ponca City is always the first weekend of June and Sunfest Car Show which is also the same week end. For other car shows through out the season please check out our web site CVCC.com. Blaine is also a good source of information on car shows.

Road trips were discussed, with no final decision made. Ed said he would like to see one before Eureka Springs. Someone had heard about an eating place called The Pink House in Wagoner, said they had heard it was pretty good. Sounds like a good Saturday afternoon run to me.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, March 9th. Location to be decided and someone will let everyone know where.

2010 January Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well we started off the New Year with our “new” President. Darrell called the meeting to order at 7:00 sharp. He started off by sharing all his trials and tribulations of changing out the clutch in his C 6. It is up and running.   I think it’s pretty impressive that we have people in our club that would take on such a project as this. Most people, even most regular old “car guys” would look at the extent of this job and say “I don’t think so”. Way to go Mr. President.

Marilyn reported that we have $367.17 in the Bank. This is of course with only two people having paid their dues for this year. Yes, “DUES ARE DUE”. If you are not going to make the next meeting or if you’re  like, "yours truly" and will probably forget your check book next time, you can always mail in your dues. Make your check out to, “Caney Valley Corvette Club” and mail it to, Caney Valley Corvette Club, C/O Marilyn Cole, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Okla. 74005. Dues remain at $25 per year. If you have not been a member before, we have passed a motion to wave the first year’s dues  for new members,  so sign up today.   You can go on the CVCC web site and fill out the, “Membership Form” and become an official club member.

Well, had to take a break. Rhonda came in and asked if I wanted to go eat breakfast. Being the good husband that I am, and knowing that it would please my wife, I said “just for you Honey, I will”. We went to the Second Street Bakery on west Frank Phillips. A friend and I went there for lunch the other day and I would go for lunch again. So here’s the report. Breakfast off the menu or breakfast buffet, all you can eat. Price is $5.97 each for the buffet. Meal includes buffet and your choice of cinnamon roll from the pastry counter. They have several different flavors. Drinks are extra. Good variety of food on the buffet. Because of the cinnamon roll, I’d give it a 4 of a scale of 5. I’d go again.

Back to where we are suppose to be. Darrell gave a big “Thanks” to all who volunteered at the Salvation Army at Christmas time. We then went on to discuss if we might volunteer some of our time, through the year. This will be discussed further at future meetings.

We talked about upcoming car shows which include Starbird, the new car show, and the Grove car show. For dates and times check out the calendar on our web site or contact Darrell. It was further mentioned that we need to start getting together more often and going to Car Shows like we have done in the past.

Many different types of events were discussed for the upcoming year which includes a garage sale, picnic, run to the casino for dinner and other festivities and a possible get together with our local Chevrolet Dealer for some type of an event. We will in fact have a lunch this Friday, January 15 at the Golden Corral in the East meeting Room at 11:30 A.M to start planning the latter. So if you are interested in being involved in the planning or if you have any ideas on what type of an event we might have or if you would just like to come have good lunch with a group of great people, come on out. Other events were also discussed. You can go to the web site and see what they might be. If you have suggestions on events you would like to see, send them to Darrell.

Darrell brought his computer and showed us what all he has accomplished in updating the web site. It is looking really good. There will be more updates and additions to come. Some include updating the picture pages. If you have any pictures from last years car shows, Eureka Springs or any other outings you would like to share, please do so. We can add them to the web site our selves or if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, please send them to Darrell and he can add them. Darrell showed us the down side of our new picture section, which was the “adds” and “pop ups”. He also explained that if we wanted to pay a $20 a year fee we could do away with that. Mike N. made the motion to pay the $20, it was seconded and motion was passed. Other updates on the web site include a Club History page, a club member highlight page, highlighting a different member each month or so, and a classified ads page for automotive “stuff”. We will also add our mailing address to the site so if people want to reach us by snail mail (or pay their dues) they can do so. If you did not get the “log in name” and the “pass words” needed to add to the pictures or calendar pages, please get with Darrell or another club member to get them.

The meeting in February will be Tuesday, Feb. 9 at the Tumble Weed Steak House on Nowata Road. (The old “Bogart’s Restaurant”) An exact time will be released when arrangements have been made. Mr. Blaine Janzen will be conducting the meeting.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, a second was made, motion carried!

Don’t forget , event meeting Friday, 11:30 at the Golden Corral!

One last note:
Kay will be going in for a surgery this month. I would ask that everyone keep her in your prayers. Any surgery, great or small can be very stressful. Kay we wish you well and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.