2011 Nov Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We had our CVCC meeting Tuesday evening at the Outlaws Chop House. There were 12 members present. I believe that was down a little from last month. Can't believe people passed up an eaten meeten.

Darrell opened the meeting at 7:30.

It was reported that we have about $481 in the bank.

Special guest this month was Mrs. Ray Charles. We couldn't get her to sing but was honored to have her there.

Darrell gave an update on the web site. Said he had added all the meeting minutes up to date and had added a web connection to bring up pictures that Kevin had taken at Eureka Springs.

Darrell reported that there was a good turn out for the trip to Ponca City. We accounted for apx. 20% of the vehicles there. There was a good number of cars participated in the parade. Tom received "Dealers choice award" and Darrell received "Visitors Choice award". Congrats to both. Even when we don't bring home trophies it is good to know we are represented in different events by our club members.

Darrell reported that the sign up for the "Bell Ringing" at K-Mart is going well. There are still a few open slots. If you are interested in giving an hour or t of your time for a good cause, and representing our club, give Darrell a call or drop him an e mail and he will sign you up.

The Salvation Army Food Distribution day is scheduled for December 15. If you would like to be part of the group that gives a hand in this, be at the Salvation Army location early that morning and find our people and enjoy the day. This is also a very rewarding experience.

The December meeting was discussed and the decision was made to have a Christmas Dinner meeting. As I'm sure you have seen in Darrell's e mail it will be at the Tumble Weed Steak House, Friday December 16 at 7:00 P M, We also decided to have an after dinner get together/party. Dirty Santa is the game of choice. A $10 limit was decided on for the gift. Don't forget, "Don't put your name on the gift". The gift can be a good, nice gift or a fun/silly gift. Location is still up in the air. We are still waiting for some one to volunteer to have it at their place. We also have the option in seeing if we can get the Branding Iron room in Dewey. If we are going to do that we need to check soon or it will not be available.

We discussed having another cruse to Woolarock to look at the Christmas lights. We did this last year and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. They do have a good display. No decision was made. Darrell will send an e mail at a later date to see if there is any interest.

A show and shine with Oakley Chevrolet next spring was discussed. It was decide to pursue the matter. Darrell, Jim Euwing, Blaine and Mike (sorry if I left any one out) will visit with Mr. Oakley and see if there is any interest from his side. If you are interested in being part of this group, get with Darrell or one of these guys and let them know.

The floor was opened for nominations for officers for 2012. Well enough with all that legal stuff, it was decided that the same old officers will perform the same duties for the next two years. Thanks to Darrell and Blaine for keeping the meetings scheduled through the year. (We don't have to wait on a table when we go out to eat that night) : -)

The Bartlesville parade is Saturday Dec. 12. If you are interested in participating, some one will need to be the point guy and turn in the application. Darrell is out of pocket and will not be available for that day. (Another one of those around the world trips I suppose)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 P M.

2011 Oct Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at the Tumble Weed Steak House on Nowata Road.  As usual the food was good the service was good and the company was great!  They have a “two for twenty” deal that is pretty hard to beat, with a good variety to choose from.


2011 Sept Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

2011 Aug Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at Luigi’s Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 6:30 for supper with the meeting to follow.  Kinda of a different report this time, usually I report how good the food and service was, but!!  Rhonda and I had pizza along with a few others, and it wasn’t too bad.  I didn’t hear others really complain about the quality of food but here is where the problem stops.  When we ordered and talked to the young man that waited on us the language barrier was definitely there. Don’t miss understand, the young man was a very nice guy but when you spoke to him you had to repeat yourself more than once.  I asked him what part of Italy he was from and I got one of those deer in the headlight looks.  There were several orders mixed and messed up.  Jim and Kay ordered pizza with Jim ordering a side salad and not only did he get a salad that was, well I don’t really know what it was but it certainly wasn’t what he ordered and then they only got a part of their pizza, when it finally did get there!  Blaine and Janice finally got their “right” pizza.  Of course Janice was enjoying the part of Jim’s pizza he didn’t get!  All in all I guess it wasn’t too bad but if you go to “Luigi’s Italian Restaurant” it would be very beneficial to be able to speak Spanish!!  I would like to report however, as always the company was, “the best”.

2011 July Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

The meeting was held at the Tumble Weed Restaurant on Nowata Road this month.  The food was as good this time as it is every time we eat there.  The group was small but made for excellent company.

Blaine opened the meeting around 6:45.

Darrell and Connie are off some where at a Winnebago Convention.  Sounds like fun but I bet that thing doesn’t handle like his Corvette!

9 members were present.  Marilyn reported that we have $329.98 in the bank with one check for dues to be deposited.

Blaine opened the floor to old business and there wasn’t any. 

Blaine then opened the floor for new business and I reported that Rhonda and I had been to Eureka Springs over the fourth and the people at the motel said that every one is set up for the Corvette Weekend. 

Tom reported that there are three that are scheduled to go to Effingham.  They will be staying at the Hampton as they have in the past.  If you think you might be interested in going get with Tom for information.

Upcoming Car Shows are as follows

                *Wichita                 this weekend

                *Porter                    also this weekend, (I think)

                *Rogers                   July 23

                *Grove                    July 24

                *Tulsa (Hooters)     July 24                     (Blaine says this is truly a good show, something about really good articles)

                *Vinita                    Aug 6

                *Branson                 Aug 11-13

                *For more information on any of the shows, please get with Blaine.  He is the Walking Car Show Calendar.

Tom shared that if you want to see information on the C 7 Corvette you can go to the Corvette Museum Web site.  They have a good deal of info on the specs and what the plant is doing to upgrade for the change over for production.

Next meeting will be at Luigi’s.  Exact time will be given at a later date.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p m.

2011 March Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at the Golden Corral on March 8. Blaine opened the meeting at 7:45 PM.

Rick gave the finance report, said that Marilyn told him we had $475 in the bank, paid $186 for the web site and that left us with $289.   If you have not paid your dues, they are due!!!!

Janice told Blaine to tell every one “Thanks for the flowers”, and you are welcome Janice and we continue to say our prayers for you and “get better soon”!!

Darrell says the web site is up and running and up to date.  Thanks Darrell, you have done a really good job with it.

Mike gave an update on the Motel in Eureka Springs for the Corvette week end.

An event with Oakley Chevrolet was discussed.  Blaine suggested a Show and Shine and to possibly invite other Clubs from the area.  We would want to do it in June or later in maybe September.  Think about it and we will make a final decision at the next month meeting.

Some up coming Car Shows are:

New Car Show at the QT Center

Stillwater Car Show

Enid Corvette Show

Grove Corvette Show

If any one is interested in any of the shows check out the calendar on our web site or give Darrell or Blaine a call.

A dinner Cruise was suggested, Dave and Busters in Tulsa was mentioned.  If you are interested, drop Darrell an e-mail.

Next meeting will be April 12th at Luigie's. 

See you all there!

2011 February Meeting

Due to impending snow storm a February meeting was not held

2011 January Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well it seems like months since I’ve had anything to do with the minutes. Actually I guess it has been. Darrell did the minutes last month due to the time of year and location of the meeting (his house).

We met Tuesday evening, January 11 at the Tumble weed Steak house. Blaine kicked off the meeting at 7:15 pm. Darrell was off gallivanting on one of his world wide trips so Blaine conducted the meeting. Actually Darrell said he was in Norman working but sounds like a good excuse to me. We had 11 people present. 

Marilyn gave the finance report. We have a whopping $375.85 in the bank. (Let’s Party!)  DUES ARE DUE!!

Blaine reported that Darrell shared that the CVCC was the top money collectors for the Salvation Army Bell Ringers at Christmas time. “Way to go” to everyone who had a hand in it (or out stretched). He also shared that there are pictures of the CVCC helping the Salvation Army with the food distribution. I didn’t get a chance to participate this year but have done this in the past. It is a very rewarding experience and if you have never done it, you should see if you can help out next year. 

Mike shared that the Hotel in Eureka Springs has been in contact and have rooms available so if for any reason you have been dissatisfied with your room or know any one who might need a room, please get with the Candlewick Inn. I don’t know about every one else but I appreciate that those guys trying so very hard to please the club.

An event at Oakley Chevrolet was discussed. Last year we talked to David Oakley about doing this and we didn’t get any thing worked out. We discussed a car show, show and shine or maybe having Oakley do some kind of sales event and the club help promote it. The conclusion was that we should think about it and maybe get with Mr. Oakley and discuss it with him.

We have received an invitation to be involved in an event in Coffeyville April 29. The comment has been sent out by Darrell. If you would like more information, drop him a line and I’m sure he will send it to you. We can discuss this again at our next meeting.

Darrell has volunteered to be president again next year. Thanks Darrell, you do a really good job. I’m sure I speak for every one when I say, “you got the job”, besides, I think we forgot to tell you that all offices are for a two year term! J. All officers also agreed to continue.

The Starbird Car Show is coming in Feb. For those who like a variety of automobiles, this is a very good show. The New Car Show is after that. For information on when, please give Blaine a yell. 

The next meeting will be Feb. 8, at 7:00 pm at Jim Culvers place. He says he has lots of room in his shop. Jim says to be sure and bring your lawn chair so you will have a place to sit. Directions on how to get there will be sent at a closer date. Thanks Jim, it will be neat to see one of the members shop!

Well the food is starting to arrive so the meeting has been adjourned. See you all next month.