2012 December Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine and pictures by Marilyn Cole

December 15, 2012

(The following furnished by Mike Nodine with pictures by Marilyn Cole)

What a party!!  The facility was as nice a place as you could ask for.  When we got there (around 5:30) Jo, Beverly, Darrell and Connie already had the tables arranged and set up, including “Center Pieces” on the tables.  The fire place was lit and the fire was burning bright and warm.  Dinks had already delivered and set up the food and had the burners under the pots and lit to keep everything warm.  The coffee, tea and lemon aid was ready for those thirsty Club Members as they begin to arrive.


A total of 27 showed up, it turned out to be a very nice party.  The meal was very good and the desserts were something special.  Different club members brought desserts and being me and not wanting to hurt any ones feelings, I had to try each and every one of them.  They were all good.


Darrell reported that the Salvation Army Bell Ringing turned out very well.  CVCC had several members volunteer to do the job, manning the kettle for 4 whole days.  We had the spot at the K-Mart store again this year.  A special thanks to all who volunteered! He said how much money the Salvation Army brought in but I didn’t catch it.  I do remember him saying it was a “Pot full” (all pun intended).

Darrell had examples of the different size shirts available for our “Club Shirts” so all could see what size they are going to need.  I’m sure they will be at our next meeting in January.   He will start taking orders for them then.  Darrell also reminded us that Dues are due.  You can bring them to the meetings or send them to Marilyn Cole.  They will be $25 again this year.

Tom reported that they are still working on finding a Vice President.  If you are interested or know someone who you think would make a good VP please get with Tom and let him know.

After the short meeting we played the game “Dirty Santa”.  If you have never played this you are missing out on a great treat.  Connie couldn’t find the salt shakers so they didn’t get passed around this year but there were some gifts that I’m sure we will see again next year.

A special thanks to Joe and Beverly Bushong for scheduling, organizing and setting up for the room.  Also a special thanks to Connie Carver for getting the food taken care of.

 A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.   

2012 November Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

November 19, 2012

We met at the Tri County Tech east parking lot and left at 6:15.  We had 6 cars that convoyed over, a little down from last month but still looked good running down the road.  We went to Tumble Weeds Steak house in Nowata and as it was last time we were there, excellent!

Regards, save the wave and see you the 15th

Mike Nodine

2012 October Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Darrell & Connie Carver

Oct 9th, 2012 – Bartlesville Tumbleweeds Restaurant

Tumbleweeds had the room set up perfectly and did a great job. We had 21 members attend the meeting.

Darrell started off the meeting introducing our newest member Rick Owen. We met Rick for the first time face to face as we were leaving for Eureka Springs and he pulled up in his mail delivery truck. At first we wondered who was getting a summons, or special delivery mail? Rick has a Grand Sport.

Treasurer Report
Marilyn gave a treasurers update. We have $285.45 in the bank. Darrell reminded everyone that dues are due in January for 2013 and that should build our balance back up. A question was asked about a donation for Christmas to a local charity. It was decided that we would take up a collection to give at one of the next meetings, rather than take it from the club funds.

Darrell gave an update on the nametag status and distribution. Tonya had informed Darrell that his nametag was wrong because it said he had a convertible instead of a coupe, much to his surprise! That makes several that have been wrong, so Darrell will sort it out with the engraving shop. Several others still need to be made and distributed. If you have paid your dues, don’t have a nametag, and plan to attend meetings or outings let Darrell know so he can order you one.

Web Site
The web site has been updated with the Eureka Springs report and CVCC history. Access is via the “Newsletters” link in the main menu. Darrell also explained the procedure for uploading pictures to our WEBSHOTS photo web server (http://community.webshots.com/user/caneyvalleycorvetteclub).

Oakley Sponsorship
Darrell delivered the “show N shine” appreciation plaque and letter to David Oakley. He was very happy to get it and will put on his wall. David had just come back from Las Vegas and had seen the new C-7 Corvette, but would not provide any details about it. He said it was dark and lots of smoke! Likely story, but I guess if he told me he would have to kill me! After all, doesn’t the government own GM now?

2013 Officer Nominations
Darrell opened up the conversation for officer nominations. Jim Ewing suggested that the same officers remain for the next year. Blaine indicated that he did not want to continue as 1st Vice President due to his hearing problems. Marilyn indicated that she would continue as Treasurer. Darrell indicated that he would continue as President but did not want to deprive anyone from the opportunity to serve. Since Mike Nodine was not present, confirmation will be needed on his continuing to be Secretary. Jim Ewing suggested that a committee be formed to canvas the club members to select someone who would like to be the 1st Vice President with the intention of taking over in 2014. Darrell would work with them in 2013 to prepare them for the job. A committee was formed including Jim Ewing, Tom Culver, Eddie Egan, and Mike Nodine.

Club T-shirts
Darrell gave an update on the status of club shirts. Two inexpensive golf types were ordered. One was $7.50 and the other $5.50, not including shipping. Final price of these would be in the $17-$20 range. However the material is pretty thin, so they might not work for everyone. Contact has been made with Scott Townsend of United Linen and a quote is forthcoming. We might be able to get him to bring some samples to our next meeting. In addition, we can get shirts from the same supplier as TVS for $30. Once all the numbers are in, a recommendation and order form will be emailed to everyone. It is anticipated that several choices in styles and colors will be available.

Christmas Party
We reviewed the details for the Christmas party on Dec 15th at the Dewey Church of Christ from 6-10 pm. Connie, Rhonda, and Beverly are the committee. Dirty Santa gift will be limited to $10, or a re-gift. Meal will be catered from Dink’s. After the costs are accumulated, a per couple price will be announced.

Cruise Reports
Darrell requested that anyone with pictures from Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend post them on photo site or email them to him. A report was given for the Dutch Pantry cruise. See the trip report on the web site for more details. A report was given for the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend. See the trip report on the web site for more details.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at Tumbleweeds in Nowata. Tom suggest that we have a “Social Chairman” to book restaurants, plan events, etc. Darrell asked for a volunteer, but no one did.

Future Events
TVS will be having a car show at South Point Chevrolet on Oct 27 at !0am.

2012 September Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Somehow I started out thinking that the place we were going to have our meeting was the “Twisted Sisters”.  Well I’ve been corrected on several occasions and explained that is the “Two” Sisters.  At any rate they have a really good Rueben sandwich and I kinda like the name I gave em.   Whether it is, Two or Twisted, could be two twisted, that’s where we had our meeting this month.  We once again had an excellent turnout with a count of 25!!  We are growing leaps and bounds and we like it.  They put us up on the balcony because there wasn’t enough room on the patio and it was still crowded.  Of course the first thing that came to Rhonda’s mind was, and she asked, “Does this thing have a weight limit?”  That had several of us nervous for the rest of the night!  Needless to say we may have out grown the “Twisted Sisters Restaurant”.  Food was OK, service was fair, isn’t a very good place to hold a meeting.

·         Darrell started the meeting at 8:05

·         Marilyn reported that we have $259 in the bank with a few dues yet to be paid.  Speaking of, if you pay dues this year and haven’t paid them yet, they are due.  You can bring them to the next meeting and give them to Marilyn or mail them to CVCC, C/O Marilyn Cole, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Okla., and zip 74005.

·         Darrell reported that there were several members that he had to make a second order for name tags for.  If you do not have a name tag to wear at meetings and other organized events, please let Darrell know and he will get one for you.

·         Web site has been updated and Darrell will add the report and photos from the Tyro Show as soon as Mike gets it out.  (As of 9/14/12 the web site is updated with the Tyro Show)

·         Darrell is still waiting on Robert to send his story so he can update the member profile page.  Once again we will need volunteers to do member profile stories in the future so if you would like to share yours, type up a story on how you got started in the “Corvette Hobby” and send it along with photos, if you have them, to Darrell.

·         Marilyn Cole has written a Club History Story and added pictures accumulated through the years and Darrell has put it on our web site.  Marilyn did a wonderful job and it is a very interesting read.  If you haven’t already, you should go to our site and check it out.  This is the Clubs 10th year anniversary.  We suggested having a celebration and it was discussed having something at the Christmas party.  Marilyn wants the Club to purchase the silver Vette from Oakley and give it away that night!  (Personally I think it is a good idea!)  J

·         Darrell passed around a plaque that we had made for a “thank you” to David Oakley for the support he gave at the Show and Shine.  Darrell will present it along with a “thank you” letter to him this week.

·         Darrell shared that the Rogers Car Show was a very good show.  It was held at the Panicle Hills shopping mall which was a really good location with lots to see.  The Rogers / Bentonville area is getting big enough that there is just about anything you would like to do, see or eat there from fast food to plush restaurants and movies to museums.

·         Joe Bushong has volunteered to reserve the Dewey Church of Christ for our Christmas party for 2012.  It was decide that a Saturday night would be preferred for the party.  Joe will check to see which night will be available.  It was decided that early in the month would be preferred.  We will have the meal catered in by Dinks if they are available having everyone pay a certain amount (not yet determined) and individuals bring dessert, and other needs.  More information will be available at our next meeting and as it becomes available.  Darrell has asked for a volunteer to head the committee for the party.  Dirty Santa will be the entertainment for the party.  If you don’t know what this is, be at our next meeting and Darrell will explain it, if you have never played it, you are in for a treat.  A $10 cap is on the gifts and Connie says, “Yes, we can regift from last year!” 

·         The dinner cruise to the Dutch Pantry in Choteau Friday evening is on, rain or shine!  Leave from Pyramid parking lot at 3:30.  Someone will send a report afterward.

·         The Corvette Weekend in Eureka Springs is coming up, October 4, 5 and 6.  We won’t meet again before then so if you are going Thursday afternoon, meet at the Tri Count Tech, East lot and plan to leave around 1:30.  Last year we went in two groups.  One went east on the two lane and the other went south and east across 412.  Some may decide to go 412 again.  If so let all know so everyone can decide.

·         Darrell suggested that we have Club Shirts made so we can wear them at organized events.  Thought all the same color would be appropriate.  He then volunteered to search for a supplier for the shirts and try to get us a good deal.  We would then take them to the lady on Washington Blvd. that has our file to have our Club Logo embroidered on them.  He will try to keep the cost of the shirts around $10 and the cost of the logo is $8 so cost of the shirt will probably be around $18 to $22.  His suggestion was met with every ones approval.  White or gray seemed to be the color of choice.  Darrell will send more information when he has it.

·         Location of the October meeting to be announced. 

·         Meeting adjourned at 8:30

Oh yea, the balcony didn’t cave in so we know it hold at least 25 to 30 people! 

Regards, Mike Nodine      

2012 August Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met this month at the Luigi’s restaurant.  Darrell was feeling kinda frugal because of the $100 win he scored at the Oldies “N” Goodies show and decided to buy pizza for everyone.  (Thanks Darrell, we really do appreciate the generosity)   It is the first time I’ve had their pizza and I have to admit it is very good. We had an excellent turn out (free pizza, of course we would,J). We had 25 ˝ present. Michael, Kevin and Andria’s son was there, not quite big enough to be counted as a whole yet. Even with so many, our waiter did a good job keeping up with all the salad and drink orders. It didn’t take long to get our food either. Well on with the minutes.

·         Darrell opened the meeting by welcoming the new members. Pam Snelson and Brent and Robin Mackey (sorry guys I probably miss spelled your last name) were there for the first time. Welcome guys I sure hope we didn’t do anything to scare you off!

·         Darrell gave a report on our financial status. I didn’t catch exactly how much we have but I did hear him say it was minus $276 for around 30 name tags we just had made.

·         Speaking of name tags, Darrell had the new name tags for the new members and for those who had changes in their vehicles and other things. A 50 cent fine was discussed for not wearing your name tags to meetings. I don’t remember what the outcome was but you might want to wear your tag to the next meeting. If you need a name tag or need to have your name tag changed in any way i.e., vehicle, magnet to pin or visa versa, please get with Darrell and he will fix you up.

·         Also speaking of finance, “dues are due”. If you haven’t paid your dues please send them to CVCC, C/O Marilyn Cole, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Okla., and zip 74005. If you don’t know if you have paid them or not please drop Marilyn or Darrell an e mail and they will let you know.

·         Darrell reported that the member list/roster is up to date. (as far as he knows) If you happen to see that there is a mistake of your info or that you are not on the list, please get with Darrell and straighten him out!

·         The Show and Shine with Oakley Chevrolet was a success!  It was reported that David Oakley was extremely pleased with the turnout, so much so that he wants to do it again next year. Maybe a little earlier or later so the temp is a little cooler! A big thanks goes out to Ed, Ed, Tom and Jim for all the hard work they put in getting this thing put together. “Job well done guys!” 

·         Darrell says the web site is updated with photos from the show. Go check it out!  I also noticed that Robert has posted some pictures on his face book page. They are good pics, “Thanks Robert”.

·         Kay suggested that we write a letter of thanks and send to Oakely and everyone agreed. Darrell said he would write up a draft and send it around for approval. It might be a good idea to have signatures of all the club members or at least all the officers on it.

·         Ed Lomax has talked to the people in Chouteau about having the club for dinner. They said if we could come over one night thru the week they could handle it. The weekends are too busy. Ed is to work up a note and send it out to see who would be interested in a dinner run to the Amish Restaurant in Chouteau on a week night. Be watching your e mail.

·         The Car Show in Rogers Arkansas is Aug. 25. A few of the members are planning to go over for the weekend. Rhonda and I have been to this show and it “is” worth the trip. If you are interested in going, please get with Darrell or Jim Ewing for more information. If you might want to go for just the day, Chuck, Rhonda and I are thinking about doing that so give one of us a call or drop us an e mail.

·         I have talked with the people at the Candlewick In in Eureka Springs and they told me they have “1” room left on the Corvette Weekend. It is a ground floor room but it is a “SMOKING” room and they said it is one of the more heavier smoking rooms. If you don’t have a room and don’t mind a smoking room, give them a call. Be sure and tell them you are with the CVCC. I have been talking to Sheila. They also shared that they have a waiting list but if we have someone who would like a room to call and they would put them on the list in case of cancellations. They also shared that if we have a member on the waiting list and they have an opening, they will try to get them in, since we have so many staying there. Any way the number is 479-253-7111.

·         The Tyro Car Show is Saturday Sept.  8. This has been a really good show in the past. We have had a good turnout for this show for several years and expect to again this year. If you would like to go we plan to meet at the Copan Truck Stop for breakfast at 7:30 that morning, before departure. If you want to go and don’t want breakfast be there around 8:30.

·         Clark suggested another Show in Tulsa at the Admiral Twin but didn’t have all the information on it at the time. If you are interested in this one please contact Clark Donnell. (Update: "Turn Tulsa Pink" Car and Bike Show at the Admiral Twin Drive, 7355 East Easton St, on Oct 20)

·         Information on these shows and others is available in the calendar section of our web site. Another good source is Blaine Janzen and also the Oldies “N” Goodies web site. (They have a good web site anyway; you ought to go check it out.)

·         Information on the September meeting to be posted at a later date.   

·         Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 P M.

Regards and keep on waving

Mike Nodine

2012 July Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well, the weather was perfect and the food was even better. The picnic was held at Washington Cove at Copan Lake. Saw Toni Scimeca at the flea market and she told me that she and Tom were camped right next door so I went over and knocked to invite Tom to come over but couldn’t raise anyone. He was either not there or saw me coming!! Sorry Tom you missed a good one. 

The temperature was only around 100 and some degrees,” nice and cool”. Around 17 members were there.  Several members had brought fans but Ed said he had a “FAN” at home that would help, so he and I borrowed Marilyn’s truck (thanks Marilyn) and ran out to Ed’s place ( about a mile down the road) and picked up his ”48 inch shop fan”.  I have to admit, it did move some air!     

Tom’s and Carol’s Son-in-Law, David Sisk did all the cooking again this year and again he did a bang up job. Thanks David, we appreciate the time you give us.  Thanks Tom and Carol for having such good family. We had hot dogs, hamburgers and brauts, along with a whole host of sides and desserts supplied by the Club members. There was so much food we could have easily fed every one again for supper. That is if we could have got them to stick around that long, anyway. If anyone couldn’t find anything they liked or went away hungry, it was their own fault.  Come to think of it though, I didn’t hear anyone who did any complaining! 

Darrell and Blaine entertained everyone while assembling the “Double Ball Throw” game.  Oh yeah, the game was kinda fun too!   Darrell also brought a “Washer Toss” game but dog gone it, everyone was so tired after lunch we just didn’t have the energy to play.  Thanks for the thought anyway Darrell.

After lunch Ed ran home and traded his Vette for his 29 Ford Street Rod (Tweedy) and brought it out so Darrell could give it a drive. Don’t know if Darrell liked it or not he wouldn’t say. Maybe it wasn’t that he wouldn’t say as much as that he couldn’t say for not being able to get the grin off his face.    

All in all I would have to say the picnic was again this year a big success. Even though it was a “little warm”, we had a good turnout, good food, good fellowship and fun games. I did hear a few suggest that the next one might be a little better if we had it in October!!

Oh yeah, we had a meeting too. Darrell passed around the list for name tag info and preference of magnet or pin. He also said we had some money in the bank. Tom said that the committee had been working diligently on the "Show and Shine" with Oakley Chevrolet in August. The committee plans to have a breakfast, sometime this week to discuss it. Tom says he plans to send out a work schedule and list for volunteers to sign up for the duties that will be required (i.e. registration, info and such).  Well, I think that was about it!  Information on where and when of the next meeting will be available later this month.

2012 June Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Keith did an exceptional job setting up the meeting location for this month.  “Thanks Keith”.  The drive was as good as it gets and the location of the restaurant is one that is not plentiful in our area.  It set on the lakes edge with a view looking out over the cove onto the lake.  Makes you want to go to the ocean.  The evening sunset was a picture.  Couldn’t have had a better setting.  Thanks again Keith, we appreciate your time and effort in securing a location for the meeting.

There were 15 cars caravan to the meeting.  Rhonda said she counted 29 people.  We have been having an excellent turn out for our meetings.  I think it should be something everyone should be proud of.  We even had a few new members present.

·         Blaine opened the meeting promptly at 7:40.

·         Marilyn reported that we have$766.33 in the bank.  Everyone has paid their dues.

·         Blaine reported that we have several new members.  They are, Clark Donnell, Rocky Denman, Al Ferrell and Quentin Barnhart.  We have also had Steve Satterlee show interest in becoming a member.  Welcome new members.  Our club has been doing very well the last couple of years.  I am proud to be a part of it.

·         The picnic, (which will also be our next meeting), is set for Saturday, July 7, 2012.  The location is the picnic shelter in Washington Cove at Copan Lake.  Didn’t set a time yet but will send that information when it is settled.  Tom Culver has volunteered to bring the meat, buns and cook.  Let me clarify that.  “He’s going to “bring” the cook!” J  The list for side dishes was passed around and most of the items were signed up for.  When we get it typed up, it will be sent out so the remaining items can be taken care of.  This event has proved to be a big success in the past, so don’t miss it.  Plan to be there!

·         Ed Lomax gave a short update on the progress on the Show and Shine at Oakley Chevrolet.  It appears that Oakley has and will pretty much take care of everything.  I’m sure we will need to put forth some kind of effort but not for sure just what yet.  Robert Bean has volunteered a free detail to be given away to a lucky recipient.  Thanks Robert.

·         It was reported that we had a really good turnout for the Mayfest in Caney and at the Sunfest Car Show as well.  Yours truly and Joe Bushong won trophies in Caney and Robert won one of the top three at Sunfest.  Way to go Robert!!

·         Again, next meeting, Saturday, July 7, 2012, at the picnic.

·         Meeting adjourned, 7:50.

Regards:     Mike Nodine




2012 May Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at Tri County Tech and left promptly at 6:00 (well somewhere around there anyway).  We were in Nowata at the Tumble Weed Steak House at 6:20.  The weather was perfect and it was pretty impressive seeing 12 Corvettes running down the road all together.  When we got there, we had enough room on Main Street to park all the cars together, pretty impressive again!  The food was as good as the Tumble Weeds in Bartlesville and the service was actually much better.  If you missed it, well you missed it.  The response at our meetings has been exceptional the last few months.  Way to go members!!  

1.       Saturday, May 12, Oldies N Goodies, meet at Eggbert’s at 7:30 for breakfast before going.

2.       Saturday, May 26, Caney May Fest; meet at Copan Truck Stop @ 7:30 for breakfast before going.

3.       Saturday, June 2, Sunfest Car Show, Bartlesville, (no breakfast planned at this time)

4.       Wednesday, June 6, Power Tour, Miami, (get with Ed Lomax for information)


·         Ed Lomax has been visiting with Oakley Chevrolet about an event we have discussed at our meetings.  A date of Aug. 4 has been set for the Show and Shine.  At this point it looks as though Oakley will take care of the majority of the preparation.  They will serve hot dogs.  Robert Bean of Details by Rob has donated a detail job to be given away and Ed Lomax has volunteered to take pictures.  There are a few more details to be worked out with Oakley but our committee is working very diligently and will have more information by our next meeting.

2012 April Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We had this months’ meeting at Dinks BBQ.  We had 21 members present, a really good turn out as it usually is when we have an eaten meeten.  The service was very good and I didn’t hear anyone complain about their meal.

·         Darrell opened the meeting at 7:45 sharp!

·         Marilyn reported that we have $791.33 in the bank after paying the internet and post office.  Once again, dues are due, if you haven’t paid your dues, send them to CVCC, C/O Marilyn Cole, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74005,  or bring them to the next meeting.

·         Darrell reported that he had updated the club minutes on the web site.  Rick and Marilyn are the latest club member profile.  Marilyn has corrected the pictures for their article.  (took my car out of the picture  L, J)  If you haven’t been on the web site lately, you should check it out!  Darrell has done a really nice job keeping it up.  Robert has volunteered to be the next member for the profile page.  If you would like to share your story on how you got started in the Corvette hobby, write up a story, add a few pictures and send them to Darrell.

·         I gave a short report on the dinner run to Sedan which was good, good, good.  We had 8 cars and 15 people.  Kevin and Andra were there in their new ride, a red C6, 6 speed.  (Wonder why they would want a 6 speed?)  Congratulations guys!

·         The committee for planning the get together with Oakley gave an update on what they had got done.

·         We decided to have a picnic before the heat of the summer gets here.  A tentative date of June 30 was chosen.  Tom will get with Copan Lake and see if the shelter is open for that date.  More information will be given as it becomes available. (Note: July 7 turned out to be the actual date!)

·         Ed Lomax reported that the Power Tour will be going through Miami Oklahoma On June 6.  They will stop in Miami at the “Buffalo Run Casino”.  The Oldies N Goodies club will be there as sponsors.  It might be kinda neat to go over and watch them go through.

·         Next meeting will be Tuesday, May 8, at the Tumbleweeds Stake house “in Nowata” at 6:30 p.m.  We will meet at Tri Count Tech, east side parking lot, and leave at 6:00.  Mike will make the reservations.  See you there

·         Meeting adjourned, 8:05. 

2012 Mar Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at the Tumbleweeds Steak House on Nowata road.  The service was a little off.  Rhonda’s steak was cold, I had the Rueben sandwich and it was soggy on bottom and dry on top.  I think a few others had some problems too.  Maybe we just hit it wrong. 

·         14 members were present.

·         Blaine started the meeting directly at 7:30 p m.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $1000.28 in the bank.  I think that is more than I’ve seen since we have been in the club.

·         The web site is in good shape. Rick and Marilyn Cole have been added as the current member profile.

·         The Thayer Dinner cruise was another eating success.  We had 10 cars go up.  The food was wonderful, the service was great and the price was reasonable.  Ed wants to remind everyone that Saturday night is the all you can eat, peel and eat shrimp.  Of course the steaks were great too.  If anyone would ask if I wanted to go to Pawnee to Clicks or to Thayer to Big Eds, I would have a hard time deciding.

·         There was no update from the committee for planning a get together with Oakely Chevrolet.  They did say that they are in a deep study and hard concentration of putting together some regular meetings.  (I don’t know what that meant but that is what they said)

·         Car shows are starting to be advertised.  If you would like information on upcoming shows please go to the Caney Valley Corvette Club web site and take a look at the calendar. 

·         A motion was made, seconded and passed to have the April meeting at Dinks.  Darrell will make reservations.

·         A dinner cruise to Buck’s BBQ was decided on.  Someone will get it set up and send out information on when and a meeting time and location.

·         The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.  (it took less time for  the meeting than it did for me to work up the minutes J)

·         Have a good week and keep up the wave!  

2012 Feb Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met Tuesday night, Feb. 14th at the “Outlaws Chop House” on Frank Phillips.  Darrell had the room reserved for 6:30.  By the time we started coming in shortly after 6, the place was packed.  Being Valentine’s Day, I guess one might expect that.  Our turn out was exceptional, we had 26 come out for the evening (might have been 1 or 2 more).  Our Club is doing really well, it is growing leaps and bounds and the participation has increased tremendously.  Makes me proud to be a member.   As always the food was good, however for some reason the service was a little slow.  J 

Don’t forget, “always wave to your Corvette friends”.   

2012 Jan Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Happy New Year everyone.  We had our first meeting of the year, Tuesday evening.  The turn out was the best I’ve seen since I’ve been in the club, eat’n meet’n or not!  We had a total of 23 people at the Tumble Weed Steak House.  We had to rearrange the room to accommodate all that were there.  We were glad to have our new members Keith and Cinda Perry there for the first time.  Welcome Keith and Cinda, glad to finally get to meet you.  Robert Bean and wife Stephanie have moved to Bartlesville and have decided to rejoin the club.  Welcome back guys, we missed you. 

·         Darrell started the meeting at straight up 7:00.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $481 dollars in the bank and with the dues received tonight we will have a balance of $631.  Which brings us to the next topic.

·         Dues are due!!!!  The amount is $25, which is pretty cheap in comparison to a lot of clubs so send them to CVCC, c/o, Marilyn Cole, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Okla.,  zip 74005, or bring them to our next club meeting.

·         Darrell reported that no updates have been made to the web site.  If you haven’t been on our web site you should really go check it out.  Darrell has done a nice job keeping it up.  Rick and Marilyn Cole will be next for the member profile page.  Once again if you would like to be on our member profile page, write up a short “or long” history of your experiences with your Corvette, (i.e. how you got started, good and bad experiences etc.)  including pictures if you have any,  then just send them to Darrell.

·         Darrell shared that he Bell Ringing at K-Mart was very good.  We did it for four days this year and had several people to step up to help out.  A big “THANKS” to all who showed up.

·         Chuck, Darrell and Connie worked at the Salvation Army distribution day handing out food and gifts.  I helped do this a couple of times in the past and it is very rewarding.  If you haven’t tried it, maybe you should give it a try next year.

·         Tom reported that the turn out for the Caney Christmas parade was great.  10 cars showed up from the club.  That is a good representation of our club.

·         Darrell reported that the Christmas dinner at Tumble Weeds and the after dinner party at their house was a success.  There were 16 at the after dinner party and I think there were a few more than that at the dinner.  I would like to take this opportunity to speak for the club and say,             “ as a result of your warm welcome and gracious hospitality, we agree, the evening was a great success”  We appreciate the time and effort that you and Connie went to, to make it turn out the way it did.  I would also like to say, I think the gift exchange was “fixed”.   I mean, how else would the host of the party get the most sot after gift of the party, and get to keep it?  Really Connie, you must have a lot of pull, I didn’t even see any one try to challenge it!  Tom did get the second most desired gift though.  He says if you will stop and see him at his store you can share it. Of course if you were there, you know what I am talking about.  If you weren’t there, you missed a wonderful time but if you show up next year, you will find out, “I’m sure!!”        

·         The floor was opened for suggestions of Club events for 2012.  We have discussed on and off, an event in conjunction with Oakely Chevrolet.  Looks like maybe this year we can make it happen.  A committee made up of Tom Culver, Ed Egan, Ed Lomax (and anyone who wants to volunteer) will work with Mr. Oakley to organize an event.  Darrell said he would give him a call and set up an appointment.  If you would like to be on this committee, give Darrell a call or drop him an e mail and let him know.  A picnic was also decided to be a must for later in the season.  It was the consensus that it has always been such a success that we don’t want to give it up.  So, be thinking about when you would like to see the picnic take place and we will discuss and decide a final date at a future meeting. 

·         We decided to have a diner cruise, tentatively to Klicks Steak house, tentatively Feb. 4.  This is on a Saturday afternoon.  Darrell will send out an e mail with more exacting information closer to date.

·         Ed Lomax shared that there is a “Walk for life” in June at Johnstone park supporting cancer victims.  Several members showed an interest in participating.  Be thinking about this, it would be a good event to support.  More information is available on request.

·         Mike reported that there is a new Tumble Weeds Steak House open in Nowata.  Might  be a destination for a dinner cruise in the future. 

·         It was decided that the eat’n meet’ns are a much more desired meeting than having them at the Branding Iron Room in Dewey.  Next meeting to be at the Outlaws Chop House.  Darrell will make reservations and let us know what time.  It will be of course on the second Tuesday in Feb., the 14th.  This is Valentines’ so if anyone has any conflicts please let Darrell know.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28  (much less time than it took me to write up the minutes)