2013 December Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well thought I’d better get after this.  No reason why I haven’t done it yet.  I will admit, sometimes I just procrastinate a little.

A total of 26 showed up and if you didn’t make it, you missed a good one.

We had our annual Christmas party Friday evening the 13th.  Social hour started at 6:00 and dinner was served around 6:45.  Joe Bushong once again this year arraigned for us to have a spot at the Assembly of God Church in Dewey.  Thanks Joe.  When we got there we noticed that Bev wasn’t there helping him out as she was last year.  Joe shared that she had a little surgery earlier in the week and was still at home recuperating.  You know, doing laundry, dishes and that sort of thing.  Guess you can’t keep a good woman down.  I speak for the whole Club Bev when I say, “Get well soon, we missed you”.  Joe did have some help, his daughter Lisa and son “n” law Bob were there and we appreciate them also.

Kayla and Jordan Wilson made the arraignments for the dinner and had “Shorty’s” do the catering.  It was the first time we had his food and I didn’t hear one negative comment.  We had a choice of steak, pork or chicken, potato salad, baked beans and rolls.  I had the steak and a little bite of chicken and found them both to be very, very good.  Of course there were the desserts.  I tried not to hurt any body’s feelings and had a little piece of each.  Boy was I full.

Darrell tried to conduct a short meeting but didn’t really get much said.  I did catch that no one had stepped forward to replace any of the officers so the present ones will do it again this year.  He also mentioned that we will have a meeting in January, location to be announced.

After the meal and the in depth meeting we played “Dirty Santa”.  There were a lot of swapping and stealing going on and I think everyone had a ball and of course the dreaded “shoe “ showed up again this year.  Marilyn Cole was the lucky recipient and of course could not give it away.  She did say something about we would see it next year. 

I got the strong impression that between the meal, the company and the fun, everyone had a really good time.  I know I did. 

I hope each and everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.  I look forward to spending time with this group next year.

2013 November Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Ok here it is Friday night and I haven’t even got started on these yet.  My goodness, how time has been flying.  I counted 21 Corvettes and one pickup (and the pickup wasn’t even John and Tonya this time) in the parking lot of the Hammit House that belonged to members of the CVCC.  There was a total of 42 for dinner, another record breaker.  WOW we just keep growing. At this time we have 49 Club families.  We had every seat at every table full except two.  We keep this up and before long we will have to reserve a whole restaurant to have our meetings.  Wouldn’t that be cool!  The food was very good, the service was probably as good as anywhere we have been, and the price was very reasonable.  Thanks go out to Jordon and Kala for setting up the evening.  Oh, by the way, he must have called ahead and gave his order because Tom didn’t get served last!

·         Darrell started the evening by passing out the shirts everyone had ordered.  If you didn’t get around to paying for them, you can send the monies to Darrell or to Marilyn Culver.  The cost is $25 each.  If you would like a club shirt and haven’t got one yet please get with Darrell.

·         Marilyn shared that we have $359.57 in the bank, not counting the money that was turned in at the meeting for the shirts.

·         Darrell showed and passed around the trophy the Club won for Club participation at Ponca City for the Veterans Day parade and car show at Pembertons Chevrolet.  I think he said we had 10 cars.

·         Darrell gave an update on the preparation for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing.  He then passed around the signup sheet for those who can give a little of their time.  You can still sign up.  We will be inside the doors at K-Mart so won’t have to deal with the weather.  You can sign up for an hour or two hours.  (or less or more)  If you would like to give a little of your time, please get with Darrell and he will let you know what slots he has open and will sign you up.

·         We had two visiting couples.  They were Rick and Cindy Denials and Roger and Gail and I apologize I didn’t get their last name. 

·         The Christmas party will be Friday, December 13th at the Church of Christ in Dewey.  Starting time is 6:30.  Joe and Bev said the Decorating would be taken care of but if you would like to help I’m sure they wouldn’t refuse.  Give Joe and Bev a call on when they would like you there.  Kala Wilson volunteered to start the catering process.  (Thanks Kala)  We will decide at the party whether to take up a collection or have the club make a donation to our favorite charity.  “Heads Up”.   Dirty Santa will be played so bring a gift, nice or naughty, fun or fancy.  I heard that the shoe has been found and will be back in circulation.  If I remember right we had a $10 limit on the gifts.  No names on the gifts please.  The December meeting will be held at the Christmas party. 

·         Darrell volunteered to see about setting up a dinner cruise for this month and will e mail to give further information.

·         Darrell opened the floor for nominations or volunteers for officers for the upcoming year with no takers.  He then shared that he had visited with all the current officers and if no one would step up that all would continue for another year.  Looks like we will continue for another year.

·         Clark Donnell shared that the Dewey VFW will again this year be smoking your ham or turkey.  They will also be selling smoked ribs.   If you are interested in either, please give Clark a call or an e mail for prices and times.  


They are all ours!


Mike Nodine

2013 October Meeting Minutes

See Mike's report in "Club Cruises & Other Events"

2013 September 10th Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Darrell Carver

Tuesday was the largest turnout of Corvettes for a meal we have had yet! We had 19 Corvettes and 1 SOB (Some Other Brand) on the cruise to Buck’s BBQ in Sedan, Ks. Several of our newer members joined us including Bud & Marilyn Totten, Bill & Peggy Marshall, Jordan & Kayla Wilson, and Kevin McMillin. The SOB was my son, Marcus in his Subaru WRX. Blaine & Janice had planned to come but were unable to make it. Janice was just getting out of the hospital in Tulsa from having something done to her back. Bill and Carla Boone also had to cancel due to Bill’s father falling and breaking his hip. They went to OKC to be with him for his surgery. Keep Janice and Bill’s dad in your prayers! Jim & Kay Ewing were off cruising or something in some other part of the world. They travel almost as much as the Carver’s! The Nodines had a prior engagement. Wasn’t the same meeting without Mike & Rhonda there!

Buck’s BBQ did an excellent job of taking care of us. They had seating for 38 set up in their separate meeting room and had several serving persons to take care of us. The food was excellent and we didn’t hear anyone complaining. Definitely we will schedule them again for our meeting location, maybe two times next year!

Right after the orders were taken, Ed blessed the food and since we had several newer faces, we had everyone introduce themselves and tell a little about their Corvette or whatever they wanted to talk about. We will have to make that a standard when we have new members present.

After everyone finished their meal, Darrell started the meeting with acknowledgement of the new members who have joined in the last few months, including those already mentioned and Tom Witten and Gary Timmerman who were not present.

Marilyn reported that we had $419.57 in the bank. Darrell reminded everyone that dues will be need to be paid in January. Also, for those that have joined this year, the club doesn’t keep track of when their first year’s free membership starts so if they want to pay in January or one year later it is OK. Dues are $25/year. We will work on the honor system.

Darrell updated the group on the Web site activities. All the past minutes have been added. The photo link is currently not available since our prior provider for the photos was purchased by "Webshots" and now you are required to join them to view the photos. In addition, when the transition was make, the photos were deleted. We will look for a new photo server. Tom suggested "Photobucket". Darrell will check it out.

A list was passed around to sign up for club shirts. Preliminary price will be $25 or less. Once we get the order together and determine the discount, then we will have a more firm price. (Darrell still has the nametags for the Hammonds)

A show of hands was asked for those attending Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend. Tom will send out an email to coordinate the trip over. The current plan is for the group to leave at 1:00 pm Thursday from Tri-County Tech parking lot. Mike will not be leading so it may not be as exciting this year!

Darrell asked for volunteers to form a committee to recommend a new slate of officers for 2014. No one volunteered so he will send out an email.

We discussed how the club attendance has grown so some of the meeting places/ restaurants we have used in the past year probably will not be suitable for larger groups. Tom & Jim Culver and Ed did a great job last year selecting locations. Jordan Wilson volunteered to work with Darrell to short list some locations for the club to review. Darrell will prepare a criteria check list for Jordan and the club to review and then distribute to the members for comments . A short list will be developed and then we will call and confirm if they can handle large groups. Initially, those mentioned were: Tumbleweeds in Nowata, Hammond House, Luigi’s Italian, Lone Star in Owasso, & Sterling’s. Tom mentioned that we probably don’t want anything inside Tulsa because of traffic lights getting there and parking. When the group was asked about how far they were willing to travel, the general response was 45 minutes to an hour max.

A location was discussed for our Christmas party this year. Everyone agreed that last year’s locations was great so Darrell will send an email to Joe Bushong to see if he has already reserved the church for us or what dates are available.

Darrell asked who was attending the Tyro car show this weekend. Several raised their hands. Tom and Darrell will bring their canopies. We will meet at the Copan Truck Stop at 7:30 for breakfast and then go on up as a group. Tyro Car Show is a free show with many good prizes and food served at the show.

A dinner cruise was discussed for Sept., but it was felt that Eureka Springs would serve that purpose for the month.

Look at all the Corvette parked in a nice row!

Prepared by Darrell Carver

2013 August Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Most everyone met at the Pyramid parking lot and left promptly at 6:00.  The destination was Los Cabos in Owasso.  Rhonda and I caught up with the group on road 2900.  We watched as 9 Corvettes drove by while we waited for an opening to pull out.   As we came up behind the group a Nissan suv pulled over in the left lane so we could catch up with the string of Vettes.  As we pulled up parallel with it we noticed it was Mike and Donna Harold.  Then we came up behind a black Z51 pickup and every move that the Vettes made they were right with them so figured it was someone else from the Club.  When we drove in the parking lot, we see Tonya, John, Bob and his wife come crawling out of the truck.  I should have known Tonya wouldn’t get her car out with a chance of rain in the forecast.  Ed and Georgia and Paul and Donna Harrison were already there in their Vettes, making a total of 12.  Paul and Donna were driving their new C5.  It is a very pretty car.  We found that Los Cobos does not take reservations but they do except call a ahead.  I do have to say they did a really good job the whole evening.  We only had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes “to seat 30 people”, they had several wait staff and the turn around to get our food was very reasonable.  The food was very good and fairly reasonable.  As we started ordering Clark and Rosie came in.  I think Rosie must have been navigating, that might have been the reason they were late.  She probably had him go through Broken Arrow.  They brought the total to ‘13 Corvettes at the Dinner”.  With those who didn’t drive theirs, that made a total of 30 members and 2 guests.  GREAT turn out guys!

“BUT”, absolutely not a location for a meeting.  So this is not really minutes, more like a report of the dinner run.

·         Darrell and Connie weren’t there. (again)  They are off out of the country somewhere in the RV.  You would think they are retired or something!

·         We had a total of 13 Corvettes, 30 members and 2 guests.

·         We had 2 new members present, Bob and Marcie Whitten.   (Sorry guys if I spelled your name wrong.  If I did let me know and I will get it corrected.)

·         Marilyn shared that we have $369.57 in the bank.

·         Darrell says if you want a club shirt send him an email, he plans to put in an order in Sept.  If you prefer you can go directly to the Embroidery Shop and order yourself.  You do not have to purchase your shirts from her.  You can purchase them elsewhere, take them in and she will embroidery your shirt.

·         New members and some members who have been with the club for a while (sounded better than some old members) will need name tags.  If you will e mail Darrell with needed information, (names and year of car, coupe or conv.)  he will have them made for you.  He is planning to place an order in Sept.   

·         Because we were not able to conduct a meeting, the trip to Eureka Springs the first part of October was not discussed.  At the meeting in September we will decide on who’s going, a meeting place, departure time and other information we will need.

·         If you would like to see a dinner run to a particular place or certain night of the week please let Tom or Jim Culver know or even better yet, go ahead and talk to the location and let them know what we have in mind, send out an e mail for a head count, set a meeting place and time and make reservations with the location and “hey”, we’ll have a party!

·         Next meeting will be Tuesday, September 10.  Meeting location to be announced.

Get those cars out, enjoy the drive and share the wave.

2013 July Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Hello everyone.  Boy it seems like a month since we had a meeting.  Ok, ok, I never claimed to be a comedian.  We met Tuesday evening at the west side Kicks 66 station and left town a 6:00 headed for Hernandez Mexican Restaurant in Pawhuska.  It was quite a sight, 15 Corvettes in a row.  Well of course except for the two pickup trucks that pulled in somewhere along the way.    Wouldn’t have been so bad but they both decided that they had to pass us all.  Bout got er done too.  There were only three of us left when we turned into the restaurant.  I’m sure they will have a story to tell their grandkids one of these days. 

We had 30 people at the Restaurant including one guest;  Ed Lomax had his grandson with him and two new members, Jordan and Kayla Wilson.  Welcome to the club guys.  The food was as good as the last time we were there.  The service was a little but what do you expect with a crowd of 30.

·         Darrell opened the meeting at 7:30 while we were waiting for our orders.  He introduced our new members, Jordan and Kala.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $324.57 in the bank with no outstanding bills.

·         Darrell shared that if you would like any club shirts or name tags please drop him an e mail with pertinent information.  He asked please don’t just tell him.  Something about age and remembering.

·         Ed Lomax asked about hats with the club logo on them.  Darrell shared that we could get hats or shirts of our own choosing.  You will just need to go by the embroidery shop and pick out what you want and she can put our logo on it.  Rhonda and I have taken shirts that we have purchased elsewhere to her on many occasions and the logo put on.  She has also said that she can even do jackets 9including leather), and sweatshirts.  Darrell said that he will get with her and put together a price list and the location of the embroidery shop and send it in an e mail. 

·         Eureka springs was discussed and decided that we could set meeting times and departure times next month.

·         Darrell shared that the picnic in June was a big success.  We had several people and several cars there.  Minutes from that meeting are, we met, we ate and we left!  Good meeting.

·         Mike and Rhonda volunteered to set up a dinner run in the next few weeks.  (We will send out an e mail with all information ahead of time)

·         Darrell and Connie will not be here for the August meeting (off on another trip)  Jim will conduct the meeting.  Location to be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40

2013 June Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Darrell Carver

Our June meeting was a picnic in the shelter at Lake Copan. While we did not have a formal meeting, we did enjoy the great food. Once again it was a little warm, but not as bad as last year!

2013 May Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Hello everyone. Just got in from the Oldies “n” Goodies Car Club meeting and realized that I hadn’t done the minutes for the CVCC.  I decided I better get them out before y’all fire me!

We met at Dinks BBQ this month.  Everyone seemed satisfied with their meal.  The only thing was we had a different waitress for each side of the table and our side of the table had our food and was finished eating before the other side of the table got their food.  I had the chef salad and as always, it was very good.

We had an excellent turn out.  I counted 30 people including guests.  Ed Lomax and his wife had their daughter Patty with them and Tom and Carol had their two granddaughters.  I apologize, I didn’t get their names. 

·         Darrell started the meeting straight up 12 minutes after 7.

·         Darrell shared that we have one new member. ( Sorry again, I didn’t get a name.)

·         Marilyn reported that we have $540 in the bank and all the bills are paid.

·         Darrell still has Blaine’s shirt.  He can come pick it up any time.  (That is while Darrell and Connie are at home and not out gallivanting around the world somewhere in the RV!)

·         Darrell shared that he presented David Oakely with one of the shirts at the show and shine.

·         Next meeting will be a picnic, June 11 at the picnic shelter at Copan Lake, Washington Cove, 6:00.  We will need a few volunteers to help set up and start the fire around 5:00.  The club will supply the meat and club members to supply the rest.  A list will be sent around for all to sign up for what they will bring.  Carol volunteered to reserve the shelter for us. (thanks Carol)

·         We had 9 member cars at the Oldies “n” Goodies show.  Even though most had to leave it was still a good showing. 

·         Caney Mayfest show is coming up.  The Ponca City and Sunfest shows are also just around the corner.   An e mail will be sent out for each to see if there will be anyone interested in participating.

·         Jim Culver said he would try to put together a dinner cruise for some time in June.

·         The lengthy meeting adjourned at 23 minutes after 7.

Regards and see you all soon

Mike Nodine


2013 April Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well we had the meeting at Tumbleweeds again this month.  As far as the report on the dinner, “Repeat” from last month.

·        Darrell and Connie were, you guessed it, off seeing the world in the Motor Home again.  You know one hears that old saying “you meet the nicest people in a motor home” (well I don’t think that is exactly how it went but it fits good with my story) and if you were to be out and run into Darrell and Connie while they are motor homing around the world, I know just what they are talking about!  As I was saying, since Darrell was not there, Jim Ewing conducted the meeting.  We had a total of 24 (I think) people.

·        The meeting started promptly at 6:35 pm.

·        Jim shared that Marilyn reported that we have $884.00 in the bank.  Everyone was very pleased; I was immediately thinking “free meal”.

·        Darrell still has a few Club shirts.  If you ordered one and didn’t pick it up, please get with Darrell.  If you would like one, please get with Darrell.

·        Steve gave an update on the Show and Shine.  It is scheduled for Saturday, April 20, starting at 10:00 am and will run until 2:00 pm.  Oakley will supply and cook hot dogs and hamburgers.  They did ask the Club to supply the desserts, so pick your favorite dessert dish, whip it up and bring it with you.  Oakley has also asked that we supply some tables and if you have some folding chairs, please bring those also.  It probably would be a good idea to through your pop up shade in as well.  Oakley will supply door prizes and gifts for the participants.  Oil changes were mentioned and they also said that if someone from the Ponca City group might be a winner they would work with Pembertons (in Ponca) about being able to get it done there.  Mike has put together an article to put in the Examiner Enterprise and Tom has pictures from the Show and Shine last year to add to the article.  Tom will get it put in the paper.  Steve added that he had asked David Oakley about advertising this as an “annual event” and he was very much in favor.  If you would like to meet for breakfast before the Show and Shine, be at Eggberts at 7:30 and then cruise to Oakley together.

·        Jim Culver reported that he had heard of a new place in Hominy.  The Wild Game Meat Market.  (I think that was the name) It is a restaurant just as you come into Hominy on Hwy 20.  Jim offered to make reservations if anyone was interested in making a dinner run Saturday evening.  “Did someone say FOOD”?  The response was of course, favorable, so if you are up for a dinner run Saturday evening be at the west side Phillips station at 5:30. 

·        The Oldies “n” Goodies Car show was mentioned and someone (Chuck) brought up the fact that we usually go as a group.  Mike shared that the show has moved from Sooner Park to the Downtown area this year.  We will not have another meeting before the show so it was decided that we will discuss this more at the Show and Shine.

·        Other shows that are coming up are as follows

Hot Springs                          April 18-20

Oldies N Goodies                May 11

Yale Car Show                     May 18

Caney Mayfest                    May 25

Sunfest                                  June 1

Cherokee Strip (Ponca)    June 1 

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.  (It took less time than it took me to type these up)

2013 March Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well remembered that I hadn’t gotten out the minutes yet and thought I’d better do something about it before I get fired and someone else takes my job from me!!

We met again this month at Tumbleweeds.  The waiter we had this time did a very good job and the food was as good as in the past.

Regards and “Save the Wave”

2013 February Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What a meeting!  We met at the Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and I don’t know if my pallet is not very particular or if the food everywhere is really as good as I think it is, but our lasagna was just pretty darn good.  Not only that but I think the service has even improved since the last time we were in there.  The turnout was excellent!  We had 35 ½ show up (Kevin and Andria were there with Michael.  He is still not quit a whole yet).  We had so many they had to bring in a couple more tables.  They may even have to give us the whole back room next time.  We even had guests!  Darrell and Connie brought some friends with them, Conrad and Linda Miller, from their Motorhome Club.  Boy Darrell, I sure hope we didn’t embarrass you guys! Tom and Carol also brought their Granddaughters (sorry I didn’t get their names).  Thanks to all our guests.

If you haven’t been to an eaten meeten lately you are missing out on a fun evening, good company and fellowship and usually good food.  So, come on out to our meeting next month.  It will be Tuesday, March 12.  More information will be available closer to date.  Hope to see you there.

2013 January Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We met this month at the Tumble Weeds Steak house and as when we have had other eaten meetens, we had a really good turnout.  I counted 20 but I don’t remember if I counted myself or not so may have been 21.  As always when we eat there, the food was very good, but I think they may be getting use to us because the service was a little off.  To their defense though, they had one waitress who took care of the whole group so she had her hands full.  I had the Ruben again and as always, it was great.  If you like a good Ruben sandwich, go have one at the Tumble Weeds Steak House.