2014 December Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Hello all!  Well once again I find myself apologizing for taking so long to get the minutes to you.  Some of it even involved getting them out the week of the meeting.  I will just say it has been a very busy month.

We had our meeting at our annual Christmas Dinner.  Forty people showed up.  I think we all had a good time and the food was worth going back for seconds.  Shorties catering did the honors for us again this year and did an excellent job.  Desserts were out of this world and lots of them.

Jordan Wilson                       President

Bill Boone                              Vice President

Mike Nodine                         Secretary

Marilyn Cole                         Treasurer

2014 November Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at Sterlings Grille this month.  24 people Showed up for the meeting.  Darrell and Connie were here! (yaaaa!!!)  It was cold and dark outside. I guess winter has finally set in.  Can’t wait until spring. 

·         Darrell opened the meeting at 6:55.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $247 and some cents.  (sorry I didn’t get the cents) 

·         Dues will be due the first of January.  They will continue to be $25.00.  You may pay them at the club meeting or send them to Marilyn at, CVCC, C/O Marilyn Cole, P.O. Box 203, Bartlesville, Okla., and zip 74005.  When you join the club you get the first year free.

·         Jim Culver shared that he will be leading those who want to go, on the annual “Elk Falls Outhouse Tour” where you will get to vote on your favorite outhouse.  I know it sounds strange but it also sounds a little interesting.  We will meet and leave from Pumpen Pete’s in Dewey on Saturday November 22nd.  Jim will send an e mail at a closer date with complete information.

·         Darrell shared that he has got us signed up for “Bell Ringing” for the Salvation Army again this year.  We will once again have the indoor area at K-Mart on Thursday, Friday and Saturday December 11, 12 and 13.  He passed around a sheet for those who wish to volunteer but if you weren’t there and would like to volunteer you can give him a call or drop him an e mail.  You can also volunteer to help with the Distribution day at the Salvation Army on December 18th.

·            Carol Culver introduced our newest member.  His name is Aron Bradley Oliver, he is 2 ˝ weeks old and weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. at birth and I hope I got all that right because if I didn’t Carol will certainly straighten me out!  Welcome to the Club Aron

·         Our Christmas party will be Friday December the 12 at the Church of Christ in Dewey.  We will have Shorties to do the meal again this year.  You will receive information on cost and menu and be asked for a head count at a closer date to the dinner.  Secret Santa will be our entertainment again this year so get you special gifts ready.  Everyone is asked to bring a dessert or finger food.  (I tried spelling “hors d’oeuvre” but didn’t know how!)  At the past Christmas dinners, we have taken up a collection and chosen a non-profit organization to give it to.  Darrell asked that we be thinking about where would like to see it go this year.     

·         The Club has received an invitation to an event in Norman next July.  More information at a later date.

·         At the meeting in October the Club voted to give $150 to the Jane Phillips School program “A shoe box for a child”.  It is a program to see that every child that goes to school at Jane Phillips Elementary School receives a gift at Christmas consisting of a box the size of a shoe box filled with different items.  Volunteers (Carvers, Nodine’s, Ewing’s and Marshall’s) were asked to be at the school on December 19 between 1:30 and 1:45 to help hand out the gifts to the children.

I hope everyone is staying warm and comfortable.  Get those Corvettes winterized but don’t put them away so far back that you can’t get them out on the nice days through the winter.  See you all soon.

2014 October Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Rhonda and I caught up with the group as they came down the highway headed south.  It is really impressive to see a string of Corvettes a half mile long coming down the road.   I counted 10 cars counting us.  As we went by highway 20 Bobby and Vanesa jumped in line.  When we got to The Hammit House there were 3 cars already there.  Clark and Rosie came in a little later giving us a total of 15 cars and 30 people. 

We should have started having eaten meet’ns a long time ago.  The Club could have been this big all along.  We continue to have exceptional crowds at our meetings each month.  When Rhonda and I joined the club, there might have been a dozen or so people show up at the meetings we were holding in the little building behind the bank in Dewey.  Someone suggested that we start having our meetings at dinner runs and look where it went from there.  I also have to say, I think this is one of the best bunch of folks that I have had the honor to know.  We got a good Club people.

What can you say badly about the Hammit House?  The food, service and atmosphere is always good, plentiful and reasonably priced.  I was so full, I was miserable all night.  It is pretty bad when you start judging food by how miserable you are when you get finished eating!

Jim Ewing conducted the meeting again this month as Darrell and Connie; you guessed it, were out on one of their worldwide motor home trips again.  You would think they’re retired or something!

See you all in November if not sooner.


Mike Nodine

2014 September Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met at Bucks BBQ this month and what can I say?  My oh my it is one of my favorite places to eat, I mean meet, no really I do mean eat.  They have without a doubt one of the best steaks around our area.  On top of that Rhonda and I both had a rib to go with it, (we had the rib eye and split it) and I think they have some of the best BBQ also.  I’m ready to go back for a second round.


·         Darrell (That’s right Darrell Carver, he was actually there) started the meeting promptly at 8:33 pm.

·         I counted 19 Corvettes in the parking lot and 37 people in the room, all members, and no guests.  That was not a record but definitely a good turnout.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $404.70 in the bank.  Dues will be due in Jan.

·         The Tyro Car Show is coming up this Saturday.  If you would like to go with the club and have breakfast beforehand with us, be at the Copan Truck Stop at 7:30.  The Oldies “N” Goodies Club will be meeting there for breakfast also, so be sure you are there on time if you want a seat.  If you plan to come up but will be there later, please let someone know so we can save you a parking place.  Be sure to register under our club name so we can have a shot at the Club Participation Award.

·         The Show and Shine with Oakley Chevrolet is scheduled for September 27, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Steve shared that David will cook the dogs and burgers with the Club supplying the side dishes.  Steve has a signup sheet to show what you will bring and who will be there.  Please get with Steve Johnson and let him know.  Tom has invited the group from Ponca City.

·         The Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend is coming up October 2nd thru the 5th.  Hopefully everyone who plans to go has confirmed their Motel reservations.  Rhonda and I was over there a short while ago and they told us at the Motel they still have everyone who signed up last year down for this year.  There will be at least 3 traveling groups going over this year.  Rhonda and I will be heading up a group to travel over through Grove, Noel and across HWY 90.  We will meet at TCT and leave around 9:30 am.  For more information just give me a call or e mail.  Rick and Marilyn will be heading up a group with the same travel directions (I think) and be meeting at TCT and leaving around 2:00 pm.  Please contact Rick Cole for more information on this group.  There will be a group meet and leave from the Pyramid parking lot some time Thursday.  Their plans are to go across 412.  If you would like to go over with this group please get with Jim Ewing for meeting and departure times.  There will be a few who may not be able to come over until sometime Friday.  If you need to wait until then and would like to have someone to run with please send out an e mail and someone will respond.  Can’t wait.  It will be a good week end.  Ed Lomax has made reservations and reserved several apple dumplings for us one night we are there at the Tea Room and if you haven’t had one you are in for a treat.  Ed has sent out a notice once with information and I’m sure will do it again before we leave.  Thanks in advance Ed for doing this for us.

·         It is September.  It is time to be thinking about a “changing of the officers”.  Tom Culver, Jim Culver and Jim Ewing have volunteered to be a nominating committee and will be talking to some promising potential officer type people.  If you think you would like or be willing to take on, one of the positions of a ‘club officer” please get with one of these guys and through your name in the hat.  It sometimes is a lot of work but I have to say it is and has been very rewarding for me.

·         Plans for the Christmas party and December meeting is well under way.  Joe Bushong has reserved the Church in Dewey.  We asked Kayla to go ahead and ask Shorty’s (the caterer that we had last year) to put us on his schedule.  Dirty Santa will once again this year be part of the entertainment.  More information will be given at the future meetings.

·         The October meeting will be at the Hammit House in Claremore.  We will meet at the Pyramid parking lot and leave promptly at 5:45.  The Hammit House is “good eats”.

·         Meeting adjourned at 8:58.  The meeting usually last less time that it takes me to type up the minutes. J


Mike Nodine

See you all Saturday.    

2014 August Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We held our meeting at the Monterey Tex Mex this month.  What can one say about the Tex Mex?  If you like Mexican food, it is always good.  The service is not bad and the room they gave us worked out better than I thought it would.   I counted 30 members present with two guests.  Joe and Beverly had their daughter and son n law with them.

Darrell and Connie are once again on a world tour so Jim conducted the meeting. 

Well after all the non accentuals were taken care of Joe Bushong shared that it was his birthday.  (Actually I think it was Bev who ratted him off!)  At any rate Joe’s daughter and son n law cut and served the cake.  We thank you guys for sharing Joe with us on this occasion.  That wasn’t quite the end of it though, somebody, wouldn’t know who, mentioned it to the restaurant and they did their birthday deal, chant, song and even the hat!  I saw that Joe was extremely grateful.

I think Jim had adjourned the meeting somewhere in there, I’m not really for sure but we didn’t talk about any other business and the party broke up and everyone went home!

“Good night all!”

See you at our next meeting if not sooner.

2014 July Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well it is 8:00, Thursday morning and raining outside.  I had planned to be out mowing the lawn by now but I guess it is a good time to get this out instead.

 We had our meeting this month at Luigi’s.  As last time, the food was very good, the service was exceptional and the cost is some of the most reasonable in town.  Some say they have the best pizza in Bartlesville.  It was, just a little crowded.  There was the party in the other half of the room but, they did separate us.  Yep, they put up some table cloths so we wouldn’t bother each other.  Even with the noise, everything was ok until it sounded like a gun going off a couple of times next door and then we got real quiet for just a bit.  Tom still did a good job conducting the meeting even with all this going on.  Thanks Tom.

·        Tom started the meeting promptly at 6:53. 

·        I counted 32 people.  Way to go everyone!

·        Marilyn reported that we have $425.13 in the bank.

·        Marilyn gave window stickers to some of our new members.  She also mentioned she has more so if you need or would like a club windshield sticker please let Marilyn know.

·        Steve Johnson shared that he had visited with David Oakley about the upcoming Show and Shine and the tentative date of Sept. 27 is what they came up with.  Further information will be available in future meetings.

·        Tom reported we had around 30 people at the picnic.  His son-n-law, David, did a great job of cooking again this year.  Thanks a million David.  Now we just need to get you in a Corvette so you guys can join the club!  I don’t know, I think you should be an honorary member anyway.  What does everyone think?   

·        A dinner cruise was discussed.  It was decided if you would like to see one, pick a place, pick a date, pick a time and let everyone know, and we will all show up.  J

·        Ed Lomax shared that there were 10 cars at the Admiral Twin.  The movie started really late but it was a fun time.

·        Clark Donnell reported that there is a show and shine every Sunday evening at the river walk in Jenks.  The time for the event is 6:00 until dark.  If you would like to go or want more information please get with Clark.

·        Upcoming events are:

Chidler, Tyro and Eureka Springs.  Information is available on our web site.

·         I didn’t hear Tom adjourn the meeting (it really was noisy) but I looked around and he had set down so I guessed the meeting was over!

·         Next meeting, ;to be announced.




2014 June Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

What can I say?  Our meetings just keep getting better and better.  The group met at the Pyramid parking lot and left for The Longhorn Steak House promptly at 6:00.  As usual Rhonda and I picked them up at the corner of 75 and road 2900.  As everyone went by we counted 15 cars!  Seeing that many Corvettes run don the road in a single line is an awesome sight.  When we got to the restaurant, they had the room all set up for us and we filled it.

 As we found our seats and began to visit a couple walked in and wanted to know who had the red C7.  Said it was a beautiful car.  Jordan shared that it was his and the couple said that he looked familiar.  Someone said something about a wanted poster in the post office.  It all boiled down to they knew we were coming and they were Corvette owners and wanted to know if they could join us.  Of course we told them they were more than welcome.  I guess we didn’t scare them too bad because the ended up joining the club.  So here is a big welcome to our newest members, Mark and Jackie McCaskll.  When we asked what they drove Mark said he drives a 08 and Jackie said she drives an 11, Grand Sport.  Something about the tag on hers saying “Not His”.   Don’t know what that’s all about.  J   (One problem, I didn’t get their e mail address, so if anyone got it or has it, please pass this on.)

The Steak House was very good.  The room that they set up for us was very nice and had plenty of room.  At first I was a little concerned how the service might turn out because there was only one waitress.  Well before it was over there was plenty of help and everything was prepared and served in a very organized manner.  The food was very good and the price was as reasonable as about anywhere we’ve been.

As usual Darrell and Connie are off sightseeing the world and Jim and Kay are with their kids so Jordan graciously volunteered to conduct the meeting.  (Doesn’t know does he!! J)

·         I counted 16 Corvettes that made the trip.

·         We (Rhonda and I) counted 32 or 34 people in the room.  Not saying who counted which.

·         We had three guests who made the trip with us, sorry I didn’t get two of their names and the third was Chad Upton who drove his moms (I hope with her grateful permission.) Yellow C6.

·         We also have two new members, Mark and Jackie McCaskll.  Welcome guys.

·          Jordan started the meeting promptly at 7:40.

·         Marilyn didn’t give us a finance report but I think we still have an account open.

·         Tom gave a quick report on the trip some of us took to Bowling Green.  There were 8 cars that made the trip.  Good trip, good fellowship and good food, what more could you ask for.  We did get to see the hole.  We didn’t get to get up close to it.  We did get to see the cars that came out of the hole.  We got to see several museum deliveries take place.  We “all” wanted to be one of the lucky ones!

·         Tom shared that we had several cars at the Sunfest Car Show.  Chuck won a trophy and a door prize.  Way to go Chuck!

·         Tom also gave a short report on the car show at Sedan.  The show was to support the local Fire Department.  We had about 10 cars there.  Good little show.  Chuck won a door prize.  Way to go Chuck!

·         For upcoming car shows, see our web site.

·         CVCC and the Oldies “n” Goodies car clubs will be taking a road trip Friday.  They will be leaving the Pyramid parking lot promptly at 6:30 p m.  The destination for the road trip is the Admiral Twin movie theater.  See the CVCC or the Oldies face book pages to find a link to see what is playing.  I understand you will need to listen to the movie on your vehicle FM radio or take a portable FM radio with you.

·         A Club picnic was discussed.  A date of June 29 was chosen for the event.  Tom will schedule the shelter at Washington Cove.  Didn’t discuss much more than that so if you would like to volunteer for scheduling food, drinks etc. just give everyone a yell.  In the past, the club has supplied the meat and buns with everyone else bringing the rest.  I assume that is the way we will do it again this year. 

·         Steve Johnson is still working with David Oakley on this year’s “Show and Shine”.   He will give us a report when he has details available.

·         A “Track Days” at Hallett Motor Speedway is coming up on Sept. 10.  A set number of cars are allowed to participate for the event.  There may be some openings available.  If you think you might like to take your Corvette to Hallett and do some serious driving please get with Bill Marshall for details and to find out if there will be any openings.  I understand it is a little pricy, but hey, we’re only here once!  I also understand you can go as a spectator but there is a charge for that as well.

·          Our next meeting will at Luigi’s on July the 8th at 6:30 pm.

·         Meeting was adjourned at 7:52.  A 12 minute meeting!  It took me longer to type these minutes than it did for Jordan to put on the meeting.  That is pretty good qualifications for a cub president.       Hey!     Jordan!!!  

2014 May Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Hello everyone. Just got in from the Oldies “n” Goodies Car Club meeting and realized that I hadn’t done the minutes for the CVCC.  I decided I better get them out before y’all fire me!

We met at Dinks BBQ this month.  Everyone seemed satisfied with their meal.  The only thing was we had a different waitress for each side of the table and our side of the table had our food and was finished eating before the other side of the table got their food.  I had the chef salad and as always, it was very good.

We had an excellent turn out.  I counted 30 people including guests.  Ed Lomax and his wife had their daughter Patty with them and Tom and Carol had their two granddaughters.  I apologize, I didn’t get their names. 

·         Darrell started the meeting straight up 12 minutes after 7.

·         Darrell shared that we have one new member. ( Sorry again, I didn’t get a name.)

·         Marilyn reported that we have $540 in the bank and all the bills are paid.

·         Darrell still has Blaine’s shirt.  He can come pick it up any time.  (That is while Darrell and Connie are at home and not out gallivanting around the world somewhere in the RV!)

·         Darrell shared that he presented David Oakely with one of the shirts at the show and shine.

·         Next meeting will be a picnic, June 11 at the picnic shelter at Copan Lake, Washington Cove, 6:00.  We will need a few volunteers to help set up and start the fire around 5:00.  The club will supply the meat and club members to supply the rest.  A list will be sent around for all to sign up for what they will bring.  Carol volunteered to reserve the shelter for us. (thanks Carol)

·         We had 9 member cars at the Oldies “n” Goodies show.  Even though most had to leave it was still a good showing. 

·         Caney Mayfest show is coming up.  The Ponca City and Sunfest shows are also just around the corner.   An e mail will be sent out for each to see if there will be anyone interested in participating.

·         Jim Culver said he would try to put together a dinner cruise for some time in June.

·         The lengthy meeting adjourned at 23 minutes after 7.

Regards and see you all soon

Mike Nodine

2014 April Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

The meeting was held at TKs Steak House between Lot A Burger and KFC this month.  Rhonda and I had tried this place before and were not too impressed.  However that was when they had first opened and we decided to go in with an open mind.  I’m glad we did because we found that the service was good, the prices were very fair and the food was pretty good also.  All that I spoke with said that their meal was good.  Darrell and I both had the chef salad and I will go back whenever I get a chance.

Meeting was adjourned.  

2014 March Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Wow!  This was the biggest meeting yet. I counted 41 people and thought that was great, then Ed Lomax shared that he had asked 7 of his family members to set up front so we could get all our members in the back room.  So, that gave us a total of “48” for the meeting.  Wow!  And that was with some of the ones that usually show up, not there.  Wow!  Those who had not eaten at the Copan Truck Stop were very impressed.  Those who had, already knew the food was going to be good.   Ed Lomax has been doing a really good job of putting pictures on the Facebook web site so I’m sure everyone has already seen all the cars we had and the crowd.

2014 February Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well I’ve done it again.  Here it is, almost time for our March meeting and I haven’t  got the minutes out from our last meeting.  I may procrastinate but I do it well!

For our February meeting we got together at Senior Salsa.  It had been several years since I had eaten there and I was very pleasantly reminded how good it was.  One might say “Mexican food is Mexican food”, but there are differences in the restaurants here in town and I must say, Senior Salsa is one of the better places to eat Mexican.

I do apologize for the delay.

Summer time is coming so get those Vettes wiped down and tuned up.

2014 January Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well once again, here it is Saturday and I haven’t got the minutes out.  Not that I procrastinate or anything you understand, it’s just that I am really busy, being retired and all you know.

We met for the first time at Sterlings Grill.  I must say “it was very nice”.  They had a very good room set up for us.  There was plenty of room and a good atmosphere for dinner, socializing, and even to conduct the meeting.  The only complaint I would make and it really isn’t a complaint is that it was a little dark.  The service was good, the food was excellent and the prices were surprisingly reasonable.   Good job Jordan.  I give the whole evening two thumbs up!

The turnout was once again exceptional.  We had 29 members present.  There were a whole parking lot full of Corvettes, (cool) including Jordan and Kala’s new torch red C7 convertible.  Of course it was the high light of the evening.