2015 December Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well this is the last for this year.   We are having our annual Christmas dinner/party/meeting.  Shorties catered the meal again this year.  The menu was chicken, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad.   Everyone brought a desert and boy was there lots to choose from!  Good food, great company and lots of fun.   I counted 40 people.  Our club is continuing to grow. 

President:                                                             Darrell Carver

Vice president:                                                     Bill Boone

Secretary:                                                             Mike Nodine

Treasurer:                                                             Tonya Leeson and Marilyn Cole

Events Coordinator:                                            Jim Culver

A hat was passed at the beginning of the meeting and a total of $222 was collected.   It was decided to donate half to the SPCA and the other half to the Hope Clinic.

I am sure I speak for the whole club when I say “Thanks” to those who held the offices last year (and Kayla) and for those who have volunteered their time and effort to do it in the upcoming year.  These positions can be a thankless job and we appreciate those who are willing to bare the weight.

See you all in January meeting.  Info on where and when to follow at a closer date.

2015 November Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well we had another excellent turnout with a total of 31 members showing up at the Sterlings Grill.  Food was great with a choice of Chicken fried steak, steak or catfish.  The service was good as well as the food.

See you all at the Dec. dinner.

2015 October Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well another successful meeting.  Our meeting was at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa this month.  It was a very enjoyable evening with as always, good food and very good service. 

Bill Boone had the honors this month seeing how that Jordan and Kayla were off gallivanting around somewhere.  Seems I heard something about an anniversary or honeymoon or something.  I really don’t know but the picture I saw of them all duded up let me know they sure wasn’t in Okla.  Too many tall buildings in the back ground.  Any way Bill did a real nice job, “thank you Bill”.

Had a really nice drive home.

2015 September Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well it was Tuesday.   Day for our monthly CVCC meeting.  We were to go to Los Cobos in Owasso and didn’t want to have Tanya teasing me for driving a dirty car.  So, brought it to town and give it a bath.  Well that didn’t work out so good because I got rained on, hard, before I got home!  When it was time to leave for the meeting the weather had kinda cleared up so thought since it had already got wet I would give it a try, I mean after all, it’s not like it has never been out in the rain, right! 

The trip to Owasso was pretty uneventful, however I thought it kinda funny when only 3 cars of the group came by.  We arrived at Los Cobos and I noticed it was a lot less busy than last time we were there.  Within a short time we figured out why.  The rain moved in and did we ever get a gully washer.  Oh well, the service was that much better and the food was good as always.  Of course Tanya had to make the comment, “I can’t believe you got your car out in this”.

That was the extent to our meeting.  A record breaking time that will probably never be rivaled!  To Jordan’s defense though, it is really very hard to have a meeting at the Los Cobos!  So we drove home, “in the rain”.


2015 August Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Ok, so here’s the deal.  Sometimes I procrastinate.  Well, I procrastinate quit often, ok, ok, I am a procrastinater.  (I don’t even know if that is a word.)  Case in point.  Don’t forget the Car Show Saturday in Owasso at the High School.  I think it was a pretty good one as I saw pictures and a post on face book from Tom Scimeca and it looked as though there were several cars there.  Anyway, I will try to do better.

We had 14 cars convoy over August 11th with one car and one pickup already there.  Ed and Georgia came in shortly after we got there and I don’t know what they were driving.  It is always a gorgeous sight to see that many Corvettes running down the road together.   We had a total of 34 people and once again we filled up the back room.    

We met at Bucks BBQ this month.  I guess I really should be saying “we ate at instead met”.  J  As usual the food was “great”.  Most had the buffet style again and they had it ready when we got there.   

·          Jordan opened the meeting at 7:38.

·          Marilyn reported that we have $262.48 in the bank after paying $25 on something and $51 on something else.  Sorry it was pretty noisy and I didn’t catch what the pay outs were but if you would really like to know call me and I will find out.

·          Jim and Ann Swearingen were guests of Rick and Marilyn.  We always encourage and welcome all visitors and guests.

·          Marilyn Cole and Jordan have windshield stickers.  If you would like one for your Corvette or daily driver, give one of those guys a yell and they will get you one, some.

·          Next meeting will be on September 8 at Los Cobos in Owasso.  Meet at the Food Pyramid to depart at 5:30.

·          Information and details for the October 1 thru 4, Corvette Weekend in Eureka Springs will be discussed.

·          The October 13 meeting will be back at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  More info later.

·          Jordan stopped in to visit with David Oakley about a Show and Shine but he was busy so Jordan will try again later.

·          The November meeting will be at Sterlings Grill.  More information in an upcoming meeting.  We will be discussing the December meeting and Christmas party.

·          The Car Show in Rogers Ark.  Is this week end (8-21 and 22).  The Show in Tyro is Sept 12.  We will discuss it at the Sept. meeting.

·          Meeting adjourned at 7:44.  Six minutes.  That beats the 7 minute meeting we had last month.   Way to go Prez!


2015 July Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Dinner and a meeting at the Lonestar Steak House.  I heard several mention that they were not too happy with their visit to the Lonestar this time around.  Reasons varied from the food not being very good to poor service.  “Well maybe we threw them a curve ball”.  I mean we only had 44 show up for dinner!  I do think this is the largest crowd we have had to date.   Way to go people.  We keep this up and we will eventually have to reserve an entire restaurant for our meetings.

·         At least 15 Vettes convoyed to Owasso, quite a sight to see.

·         Jordan opened the meeting precisely around 8:20.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $342 and I didn’t catch the cents but there was a little silver in there too.

·         We will have a Sonic Cruise (at Dewey I am assuming) July 23 at 7:00 p m.

·         The August meeting will be in Sedan at Bucks BBQ.  Meet at Marvins IGA in Dewey for a departure time of 5:30.

·         Our September meeting is scheduled to be held a Los Cobos in Owasso.  Meeting location and departure time to be announced.

·         The Oct. meeting will be at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa.  Meeting location and departure time to be announced.

·         The “Ladies Cruise” is set for July 28.  Meet at the west side 66 station and plan to depart at 10:30 a m.  Cruise is to Pawhuska for lunch and I’m guessing shopping but if you really want to know what is planned please give Marilyn Culver a call or drop her an e mail.  I do remember hearing her say she would like an rsvp for the trip.

·         The Car Show in Rogers is coming up next month.  If you would like to go or would like some information please give Darrell Carver a call or drop him an e mail.

·         There is a show scheduled on July 25 at the Elks Lodge in Bartlesville.

·         We will start discussing the trip to Eureka Springs at the August meeting.

·         Motion to adjourn the meeting was made (and that is all it took) at 8:27.

·         Way to go Jordan, I think that is the shortest meeting ever!  (That’s my president!)

Keep those engines warm

2015 June Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

The Hammit House, one of the best places we go for our meetings.  Boy did we have a good turnout.  We had 19 cars, 1 pickup and 38 people.  Rhonda and I were waiting on road 2900 and when the group came by we waited, and waited, and waited for everyone to get by so we could fall in line.   About the time we got our speed built up to catch up with the group I noticed there were 5 more cars that had come up behind us.  IT’S GREAT!!!  We had a string of Corvettes at least a mile long!

·         Jordan opened the meeting at 8:18.

·         Rick and Marilyn didn’t make it this month so didn’t have a finance report except that Jordan said he thought he heard we had some money in the bank.  Last month we had $289.32 so don’t figure it has changed much.

·         We didn’t have any visitors.  We did have a few new members.  Larry and Linda Martin driving their yellow C7, Carl Castleberry driving his blue C4 and Tucker and Carol Attaberry who don’t have a car yet but are looking diligently.  Sorry guys, I know I probably miss spelled names.  I will get them right eventually.

·         The “Sonic Cruise Night” has been rescheduled for this Tuesday night June 16th, starting around 7:00 pm.  The location is in Dewey.  We can park on the north side of the Sonic in the parking lot by the wooden buildings at the Hughe’s lumber yard.  We can sit at the picnic tables in front.

·            A couple of upcoming shows are, 19th annual Summers End Car Show in Rogers Ark.  Darrell and Connie plan to go.  If you would like to attend and have someone to drive over with give him a call.  We also discussed our Show and Shine at Oakley’s Chevrolet.  Jordan is to get with David Oakley and talk about a good date for it.

·         Darrell shared that if those who need name tags will e mail him the information for the tag he will get them made for you.  (name, year, type i.e. convertible or coupe etc. and color)  The Club will pay for your name tags.  He also shared that if you would like a Club shirt, hat, jacket or other apparel, you can pick up what you like from your favorite store and take it to Embroidery Monograms and Designs, at 137 N.E. Washington Blvd. and talk to Krystal and she can put our logo on for you at a cost of $10 per.  She also carries a line of clothing you could pick from at her cost.

·         Meeting adjourned at 8:37.

I would like to share that I did have a talk with Jordan about these “long” meetings and he promised he would try to hold it down a little next month.  J  By the way Mr. President, you are doing a really good job.  We appreciate you, and the support you have behind you (thanks Kayla)!

Mike Nodine
Club Secretary

2015 May Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Bucks BBQ.  Some of the best BBQ around and the location of our meeting in May.  Kayla set it up so that we had a buffet style dinner with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sausage, beans, and two different kinds of potato salad.  Not only was it typically good but I don’t think anyone went away hungry.

·         We had 13 Corvettes and 2 pickups, 27 members and 2 guests.  Eddie and Georgia was one couple that drove their pickup but their car is in the shop so their excuse is accepted.  The other was driven by our guests, Tucker and Carol Attaberry.  Tucker and Carol are thinking of buying a corvette and wanted to visit with some of the members about the different years so their excuse was accepted also.  If Chuck would get a girlfriend it would come out to be an even number.

·         Jordan started the meeting at 7:25.

·         Marilyn reported that we have $289.32 in the bank.  She also shared that she has club windshield stickers if anyone would like one.

·         Kayla wanted to know how everyone liked the buffet style dinner.  I think the general consensus was, “yes”.

·         The dinner cruise to Klicks has been postponed until later in the year.  Perhaps in the fall.  We will discuss and decide at our next meeting.

·         We will have our “Cruise Night” on Tuesday May 19 at the Sonic in Dewey.  Try to be there around 7:00 pm.  Parking for the Club will be available on the north side of the Sonic, in the parking lot on the north side of the drive!  If that doesn’t make since, just look for the Corvettes!

·         The Club picnic was brought up.  We will discuss it at a later date.

·         Jordan will get with Oakley Chevrolet about a Show and Shine.

·         The June meeting is scheduled to be held at the “Hammit House” in Claremore.  Plan to leave from the Food Pyramid at 5:30.

·         The July meeting is scheduled to be at the Lonestar Steak House in Owasso.  More info at the June meeting.  The August meeting will be back at Bucks BBQ.

·         The Mayfest Car Show in Caney is May 23.  Meet at Copan Truck Stop at 7:30 am for breakfast and then caravan up to the show, or come up later.

·         The Sunfest Car Show will be Saturday May 30.  Meet at the Boulevard Café at 7:30 am for breakfast.

·         Meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm

Regards and keep on waving

Mike Nodine  

2015 April Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well I thought I would get started on this a little earlier than I have in the past.  No guarantees I will get them sent out any earlier but I am getting started!

We met at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa this month.  Several said they had never been there.  I had been several years ago.  The food was good and the room they gave us was a good room for a group and was even very good to hold our meeting.  We had it all to ourselves and could have held probably twice as many as was there.

We had 26 people, didn’t count them but, several Corvettes and one Christlor 250.

·         Jordan opened the meeting at 7:50.

·         Marilyn wasn’t there but sent word with Kayla that we have $314.32 in the bank.  By the way, if you haven’t paid your dues, they are due.

·         It was decided that this was a good place to have our meeting.  We will come here again.

·         The only guest we had was Eddie Egans grandson, Gage and I apologize to him, I probably didn’t spell that right and I didn’t get his last name.  Anyway, glad to have had you Gage!

·         The weather is not looking very good for this weekend so the dinner cruise has been rescheduled for next month.  Exacting information will be given at our meeting next month.

·         A “Sonic Night” was discussed.  Maybe on a Tuesday night.  Maybe April 28 or maybe May 19.  Jordan will check with the Sonic and let us know what he finds out later.

·         Upcoming cars shows: Exact dates will be sent as we have them.

                Oldies and Goodies                 May                         Boulevard Café, Breakfast                      7:30 a.m.

                Caney Mayfest                        May                         Copan Truck stop, Breakfast                   7:30 a.m.

                Sunfest Car Show                   May 30                    Meeting location to be announced at May meeting

·         Tonya and John and Bobbie and Vanesa went to Enid for the Corvette show.  They all said it was a really good show and would recommend it.  It is an indoor show which makes it nice whatever the weather.  Oh yeah, Tonya won a trophy too!  J Congrats Kid, you deserve it.

·          The May meeting will be at Bucks BBQ in Sedan, June at Hammett House in Claremore, July at Lone star Steakhouse in Owasso and meetings further out to be announced.

·         Meeting adjourned at 8:08

Regards:  Mike Nodine

2015 March Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Darrell Carver

Mike’s mother passed away earlier this week, so I agreed to take the minutes for him. We are all thinking about you Mike and Rhonda.

We met this month at Copan Truck Stop. 35 Corvette lovers were in attendance. Since we had 5 singles and the remaining were couples, by my calculations, we had to have 20 Corvettes in the parking lot. If you didn’t drive your Corvette, shame on you!! It was a beautiful evening. Several had their tops down or roof off, including Chad Upton with his new C7 White coupe with black accents and strips. That’s two C7’s in the club owned by the "younger generation". Come on "Old Guys" someone buy a C7!

 Jordan opened the meeting at 7:21 with thanks all around for every one coming. We didn’t have any visitors.

 Marilyn gave the Treasurers report. We have $519.00 in the bank. Jordan made a motion that the club send flowers to Mike and Rhonda Nodine in remembrance of his Mother. Everyone agree. Jordan asked that we all keep them in our prayers. Marilyn will order the flowers.

 Jordan reminded everyone to make sure they have their reservations for Eureka Springs this Oct. made. If you haven’t made them yet, call the Candlewick Inn in Eureka Springs at 479-253-7111.

 A dinner cruise was discussed with options for March 28 or April 18th. We decided to go to Clicks in Pawnee on April 18th. Jordan and Kayla will coordinate and get emails out. Mark your calendars because you get to do two things we all enjoy, cruising in our Corvettes and eating great food! You got to have the pie!

 Upcoming meetings:

o April 14th – Spaghetti Warehouse, Tulsa, @6:45

o May 12th – Bucks BBQ, Sedan, @6:30, Will be a buffet style

o June 9th – Hammett House, Claremore, @6:30

o July 7th – Lonestar Steakhouse, Owasso, @6:30

 Upcoming car shows were discussed. Tom Scimeca proposed that the club sponsor a Corvette category for the Caney car show on May 23rd. The club usually has 8-10 cars enter the show. No decision was really made, but get with Jordan if you have any comments. Other shows of interest discussed were:

o Corvette of Enid Show – April 11

o Vettes at the Port – Port Canaveral, Fl – April 18

o Corvettes Cruise Galveston – May29-31

 Meeting was adjourned at 7:42

2015 February Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We met this month at Senior Salsa in Bartlesville.  Don’t know why but when you say “Mexican food”, people show up.   Well I guess truth be known, when you say “food” to our group, people show up.  I guess that goes to show ya that people just like good food and good fellowship.  We had 20 members present with no new members or guests.  Actually attendance was down a little from the past few meetings but given the time of year and weather I really am not surprised.

Jordan and Kala didn’t get to make it so Jim Ewing conducted the meeting.  Jordan you thought you had the record for the shortest meeting last month with 17 minutes.  I wish to inform you that you have been beat.  Jim completed the meeting the meeting in 6 minutes, start to finish.  Way to go Jim!

·         Jim Ewing conducted the meeting. 

·         The meeting started at 7:13

·         20 people were present.

·         Marilyn was not there so she sent the assistant treasurer.  Rick reported that we have $669.70 in the bank with $100 that needs to be deposited.  He did not know if there were any outstanding bills that need to be paid.  Speaking of money, “dues are due”.  They remain at $25.  If you have not paid your dues please get them to Marilyn Cole.

·         Rick shared that we have a couple of thank you letters from organizations that we made donations to.  

·         A few upcoming shows are.  The Enid Show and Shine is April the 11.  (If you are interested in going to this and you would like to travel with someone please contact Bobby and Vanessa Cabe.  They plan on going over this year.)  Cruise Galveston will be May 29 if anyone is interested.  It is a three day show.  The last show that was mentioned was the Darrell Starbird show in Tulsa in February. 

·          The next meeting is scheduled to be held at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa.  Please meet at the Food Pyramid to leave at 6:00 pm.

·         Well at 7:19 it was obvious that the meeting was pretty well over with.  We didn’t get a motion to adjourn the meeting but that is when I quit taking notes, so there you have it.

Hope all are well and happy!  Don’t put it off.  If it is a nice day, get those cars out and drive them. 

2014 January Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

This month we met at Dinks BBQ.  Good eaten.  I had the soup and a sandwich and I’m not sure, but it may be the best thing on the menu. 

This was Jordan’s first meeting as President and I must say, “He did a really good job”!  We had 33 people show up for the meeting.

·          Jordan started the meeting straight up 7:26.

·          First thing he did was gave a warm welcome and a thanks for coming to the meeting.

·          We didn’t have any visitors or new members.

·          Marilyn reported that we got $546.70 in the bank.  We do need to pay for the web site which is $200.  There was some discussion on whether we even need to keep the web site or not but was decided that it has been good for the club and we would in fact keep it going.

·          2015 dues are due.  If you haven’t paid yours please get them to Marilyn.  If you have joined the Club your first year is free. 

·          Rosie gave an update on the Shoebox for a child at Jane Phillips School.  Everything went very well.  All the kids were very grateful and the teachers were thankful for what they received. 

·          The Christmas party was a success!  The dinner was very good again this year and we had a ball with the “dirty Santa” game.

·          A dinner cruise to Klicks was discussed.  It was decided that it would be too far to try to go there and have a meeting so we would just go for dinner and fellowship.  Maybe some time in April or May. 

·          Jordan asked if there were any other suggestions for dinner cruises or road trips.  If you do please get with him and pass on your suggestion.

·          The McCaskill’s suggested having a progressive dinner.  Be thinking about it.  Someone suggested maybe for the Christmas Dinner.

·          The meeting for February will be at Senior Salsa.  Please RSVP to Kala.   They will need a head count.

·          The March meeting is tentively   scheduled for the Copan Truck stop.  The last time we met there it was extremely crowded and we have a bigger group now so this may change.

·          Meeting adjourned at 7:43.

I don’t think that was quite the record for the shortest meeting, but it was close.  J