2017 Jun 11th Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

This month we drove to Pawnee for our supper meeting and yes it was and is some of the best steak in Oklahoma and yes the service was good and the food was prepared in a very reasonable time.  There were 14 cars go over and it is always impressive to see that many cars running down the road together but, the real story was the trip home.  As I am sure everyone knows about it now, we had a mess when we had to drive through a deer that someone ahead of us had hit and spread it literally clear across the road!  There was no driving around it; you just had to pick the least of the worst to drive through.  Rhonda and I were running behind about 4 cars when we came up on it so it was a little easier to choose a path.  I think the Dunckles’ got the worst of it.  They had a couple of big chunks hanging from under their car.  Most of us stopped at the convenience store out on the corner of 99 and 60.  All were in pretty good shape so we continued on but as luck would have it, Chuck ran over an armadillo and has some damage from that!  I didn’t think we had any damage from the situation but have found that the battery on ours has been running down since then.  It will be one trip that will be remembered!

Save the wave

2017 May 9 Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Boy, I know you probably get tired of hearing me say it but, how impressive is it to see twenty Corvettes running down the road?  I couldn’t even see the last car in line and we were the ninth car back.  I am honored to be a part of a group that is so enthusiastic about driving their cars, or wait, is it about eating?  Either way I enjoy our group tremendously.

This month Jim set us up at the El Vallarta Mexican restaurant in Pawhuska.  What a beautiful drive!  The weather was perfect, the country side gorgeous, and the new road is as smooth as glass!  I counted forty two people.  Hope I didn’t miss anyone.  Don’t know about everyone, but our table has decided that is probably the last time we will go there.  Not many got their actual meal that they ordered and my goodness, poor Tom, and brother Jim, didn’t even get their meal for at least 20 minutes after the rest of us! 

All that being said the fellowship was and always is, “the best”. 

·          Darrell opened the meeting before we ate.  Sorry I didn’t catch the time.

·          I counted 42 members.

·          Our new members, Kumar and Sujatha Krishnan got to go along with us this time.  They joined a while back but seem to have had something come up that kept them from attending our last couple of events.  Welcome Kumar and Sujatha and look forward to having you in the Club.

·          Tonya reported we have $613 and some cents; sorry I didn’t get the cents!  (A lot of people say I don’t have any!)

·          Tom has a few extra shirts.   If you didn’t get one and would like to have one, please get with Tom. 

·          If you are going to the Oldies “N” Goodies show Saturday or would just like to come out for breakfast, meet at Eggberts at 7:15.  If you don’t go to breakfast and attend the show be sure to tell them at the gate you are with CVCC and they will send you to the group.  The Club banner is in the trunk of our car.  Rhonda will be bringing it out as I will be working the show.

·          Next meeting will be at, “Klicks Steak House in Pawnee.  Information on departure location and time will follow at a closer time to the event.

·          This meeting has to have been the shortest on record.  It took me a lot longer to type up the minutes than it did for Darrell to conduct the meeting.  Couldn’t have been over 4 minutes long!  Job well done Darrell!

2017 April 11 Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well this month we cruised to “Bucks BBQ” in Sedan.  I say it once again, “It is really impressive to see 10 or more Vettes running down the road all in a row”!  The food at Bucks was, as always, excellent, the service was, I think, better than last time, and of course the fellowship was and always is unmatchable.  I had a BBQ sandwich (I don’t remember the name of it but it had beef, bologna, and a hot link on it) that came with fries and a rib.  Needless to say, I took half of it home with me.  Darrell was in rare form tonight giving, I think the shortest meeting yet.  I think it lasted a whole 6 minutes! 

·         Darrell started the meeting at 7:24.

·         There were 14 Corvettes and 1 goat, excuse me, 1 Dodge, (it’s got a goat on the front of it) in the parking lot.

·         We had a total of 31 members present.

·         Tonya didn’t make it but sent word that we have $1,411. 05.  That does not count the money Tom collected for T shirts and there will be several dollars’ worth of expenses for the picnic. 

·         Darrell shared that he continues to maintain the web site.  Thanks Darrell for doing this for the club.

·         Darrell also shared that all name tags should be up to date.  If anyone needs a name tag please get with Darrell and he will see that you get one.

·         The picnic is coming along according to schedule.  Mike will be sending out a list for all to sign up to supply a side dish or desert.  The Club will be supplying the hamburgers, hotdog, drinks and paper and plastic ware.

·         Our next meeting will be May 9 in Pawhuska at the Mexican Restaurant.  Information on meeting location and departure time will be sent out at a closer time to the meeting.

Regards and see you all at the picnic

2017 March 14 Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Dinner and a meeting at Luigis in Skiatook this month.  It is just as good as the restaurant in Bartlesville.

See you all in April if not sooner.

2017 March 9 Anniversary Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

The meeting was held at Laigis Italian Restaurant again this month.  As always food and service was good enough to make us want to go back next month. 

2017 February 14 Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

It was a “Happy Valentines” Day for all.  We met this month at Dinks BBQ and as always the food was good.  It even worked out that the meeting night was on Valentine’s Day.  Most everyone would have been taking their significant other out for dinner anyway.

 Darrell reported that he had spoken with David Oakely about a “Show and Shine” as we have been doing for the last few years.  David expressed that it might be better to touch base with him later on about

2017 January 10 Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

Well what can I say?  It is January, it is dark and it is cold.  It makes for a long trip, even if you are only going 30 miles.  I for one am ready for summer.  We met at the Hammett house in Claremore this month.  The food is always good and I think they are getting to know when we say we are coming, we are coming.  They had the room set up for us and the young lady that took care of did a really good job.

 ·         Darrell opened the meeting at 7:28

·         I counted 27 people!  (Good crowd!)

·         No new members or guests.

·         Tonya’s mother had a Dr. Appointment and Tonya took her so Darrell gave the finance report.  We have $1480.60 in the bank plus some dues that was turned in to Darrell this evening.  (Hope your Mom is getting along ok, Tonya)

·         The Boys and Girls club did send a “thank you” letter for the donation we made to them.

·         The bicycles were delivered to the Salvation Army at Christmas time, but we ended up only having to donate about $15 because of other sources. 

·         Darrell says “Thank You” to all who rang the bell this year.  (It is always a rewarding time when we do this.)  He also said a big “thank you” to those who showed up to help with the distribution of the donations to the recipients.

·         Darrell shared that he has spent quite some time on the web site and it is up to date.  If you have not been on the web site lately I suggest you go out there so you can see the hard work Darrell puts in.  Thanks Darrell we know that it really is very time consuming.  He also shared that he is working to update the “member directory and distributions list.  Those who have not paid any dues in a couple of years will be removed.

·         Mike (yours truly) gave an update on the “15th Anniversary celebration event” planned for this year.  Rather than repeat everything, I will add the minutes of our meeting.  All information will be on it.  Except, the club approved a $200 allowance for door prizes to be given away at the celebration.

·         Darrell closed the meeting at 7:40


2017 January Anniversary Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

The following minutes were provided by Mike Nodine

We started out by going over a little history of the club and found:

·          It is the 15th Anniversary.

·          The Club started in March of 2002.

·          The first meeting was held in Johnstone Park.

·          There were 28 people at the first meeting.

·          Rick and Marilyn Cole, Tom and Carol Culver and Jim and Linda Hess are the only charter members who still belong to the Club.

We decided:

·          A picnic venue was decided on for the type of celebration.  We can combine the yearly picnic and the Anniversary into one event. 

·          We will plan for the event to be held in Johnstone Park.  We will have a fallback location planned just in case of weather.  Mike will reserve the park.  Tom will get with Ed Egan about the Church.  Other location suggestions are welcome.

·          Saturday, April 22 at 12:00 noon was set for the date and time of the picnic.

·          We will have hamburgers and hotdogs, the club furnishing the meat and the Club Members furnishing the sides, deserts, tableware etc.  Tom will talk to his son n law and see if he would like to do the cooking for us.  (Hope so, he does a really good Job).

·          Door prizes to be given away at the picnic.  LeAnne will take care of the door prizes.  We will ask the Club at our next meeting for a $200 limit for door prizes.

·          Connie will take care of the decorating (tables etc.).

·          Darrell will take care of the entertainment.

·          We will extend an invitation to the “non-member” founding members.  (Those who are no longer in the club).

Another Idea:

·          Tom graciously volunteered to look into an “Anniversary T-Shirt”, i.e. producer, cost and design.  Cost would fall to each member for requested t-shirts.  Tom will have some information at a later club meeting.

·          Everyone thought it would be a good idea to put the Anniversary in the paper.  We will have the charter members that are still in the club to get together and take some pictures or just get some pictures to Darrell.   We thought it would be neat if they had a picture from back then with the car they had at the time the club started.   We could also maybe have a few updated pictures of club events or trips.

Further ideas and questions are welcome!