The Caney Valley Corvette Club started in early 2002 an idea of Tom Culver and Jim Hess. When the two discovered they each were working on starting a Corvette club, they joined forces. A meeting was held on March 16, 2002 in Johnstone Park, Corvette owners and interested persons attending included Tom and Carol Culver, Benny and Mary Owens, Dick and Judy Whitchurch, Jim and Linda Hess, Randy Judd, Rick and Marilyn Cole, Roger and Donna Fenstermaker, Lee Evans and Evanne Jones. It was a cool and cloudy day but everyone was happy to be involved in starting a club devoted to our cars and meeting new friends. After the meeting everyone traveled to the Price Tower for a photo op, our first as a new club.

Our second meeting, held on April 24, saw more new people attending. Rick Conaway, Jim and Linda Hess, Tom and Carol Culver, Dick and Judy Whitchurch, Benny and Mary Owens, Lee Evans, Roger and Kathy Lott, Larry Tate Jr., Grady Gilstrap, Ed and Georgia Egan, Rick and Marilyn Cole, Michael Colee, Bill Mckeehan, Randy Judd, Roger and Kay Fenstermaker, John and Debbie Pyatte, Barry and Lesa Collier, and Terry Guifoyle all were present.

Over the years the club has participated and volunteered in many community events. Donated funds to worthy organizations. Every year we are bell ringers for the Salvation Army and many donate time to help with the gifts and food. Other events we have done include :

and of course...(Drum roll, please)

Eating meetings, finding new and exciting places to drive to eat and enjoy everyone’s company!

It’s been a blast!

Our Past Presidents have been as follows:

2002 - 2004 Tom Culver

2005 - 2006 Jim Ewing and Eddie Egan

2007 - 2008 Blaine Janzen and Mike Nodine

2008 - 2009 Mike Nodine and Blaine Janzen

2010 - 2014 Darrell Carver and Blaine Janzen

2015 - Jordan and Kayla Wilson

2016 - Darrell Carver

Marilyn Cole was Secretary/Treasurer from 2002 until Mike Nodine assumed secretary duties (he does a fantastic job of the minutes!) in 2009. Marilyn still served as club treasurer until 2016 when Tonya Leeson took over.