CVCC & Oakley Show "N" Shine 2014

The following report was provided by Mike Nodine

This is the day that the Lord hath made.   We will rejoice and be glad in it.  (Psalms 118:24) My oh my, what a day it was.  One couldn’t ask for a better day.  The weather was perfect, beautiful sunshine all day, the temperature was just right and we had super nice shade keep us cool.  David Oakley cooked up some of the best hamburgers and hotdogs I’ve eaten in a while, the side dishes were none short of excellent and the deserts were to die for. 

We had 27 cars show up for our 3rd annual Show and Shine at Oakley Chevrolet.  If you didn’t make it you missed a really good time.  It was just a relaxed lazy day for all who showed up, even the pets that came along!   We had several spectators go through and check out all the cars.  I also noticed the most interest, was around Bill Caswells 62, Lannys 66, Dr. Brad Cobbs 66 and Jordans 14.  I have to admit, they are beautiful cars, of course all of them are.

Don’t know if David sold any cars due to us being there but we had an excellent day.  Thank you David Oakley for making this day a perfect Saturday.

While I have everyone’s attention I will go over the travel plans again for Eureka Springs next week.  There will be a group leave from the TCT parking lot Thursday morning at 9:30 am.  We will take the route through Grove, Noel, Jane and Washburn, then head down 37 to 62 and into Eureka Springs.  You may contact me if you need information or would like to go with our group.  Thursday afternoon there will be a group leave from TCT parking lot around 2:00 pm with the same route as the morning route.  You can get with Marilyn Cole for information on this group or to let them know if you would like to join it.  Thursday afternoon there will also be a group leaving the pyramid parking lot going through Tulsa, taking 412.  If you would like to travel with this group, please get with Jim Ewing for more information.  Tonya and John will be coming over Friday.  If you plan on coming over on Friday and would like to travel with them please give them a call for their plans.  We will see you all there.  Please enjoy the trip and drive safely. 

Tyro Car Show September 8, 2012

The following report was provided by Mike Nodine

What a day!! We met Saturday morning at the Copan Truck Stop for breakfast.  We had so many show up they had to put us at several different tables.  The breakfast was great and I really don’t know how those girls keep up with all the orders and keeping every ones drinks filled.  I’m sure they don’t pay them near enough.

When we left we had “several” cars. Didn’t get an exact count but Rhonda and I were right in the middle and it was pretty neat seeing Corvettes as far as you could see in front and behind you.  The drive to Tyro was short but pleasant.  The weather was just perfect.  I even noticed several had the tops down. “On their cars of course!"

We got to Tyro and as usual the Police were directing the traffic on the highway.  How many car shows do you go to where the police get involved to the point of directing the traffic?  We were then lined up and ran through the photo line and even this was run as smoothly as the rest of the show.  They had guys parking us and had a place big enough for all who went up together stay together.  There was even enough room for the late comers to park with the club. (Tonya)  We did have a few who had got to the show earlier than the rest of the group that didn’t get to park with us but never the less they came by and set and visited.  We had an area where we had lots of space on the grass to pitch our tents.  I sure am glad they invented those foldup/popup awnings.  I remember the first time we went up there and put up our “state of the art” (and it really was back then) awning.  We entertained the crowd for an hour.  I wish we had gotten pictures.  We could have won $10,000.

Tom counted cars and found that we were well represented with a total of 19 vehicles.  They were Chuck Huerter, Bill Boone, Tonya Leeson, Gary Bue, Susan Bue, Marilyn Cole, Rick Cole, Ed Egan, Jim Culver,  Mike Nodine, Tom Culver , Jim Ewing, Joe Bushong, Mike Peace, Blaine Janzen, Al Ferrell, Michael Plett , Brent Mackey and Mike Murphy.  Of course there were several spouses there as well so the head count was even more.  We also had others there from our club, but had driven their Hot Rods and entered under the Oldies N Goodies flag. I saw Ed Lomax, Clark Darnell, Steve Warwick and Tom Scemica.  I don’t blame them, that is a good bunch to hang out with also.  (I’m a member of the Oldies N Goodies myself)  It must be tough to wake up and have to decide which vehicle you want to drive that day!    

It wasn’t long and they had the photo plaques finished and ready to be picked up.  These plaques are very nice and worth making the show even if you don’t win anything else.  Several of us walked over about noon and  had lunch and it was just pretty tasty.  Rhonda and I had the BBQ dinner and it wasn’t bad.  I didn’t hear any one complain so guess everyone felt the same.

It was a pretty laid back day.  Everyone just kinda hung out at our shades  and got up every once in a while and took a stroll around the show and checked out the cars and just had a good time in fellowship with others.  Tom found a kitten and before long the ladies had it and set around and ooowed and aaawed over it and Susan just decided it had a new home.  She gave it a name, called her significant other and had him to bring her a pet carrier, fed it, gave it water and I think she even sang it to sleep.  “All was well in the new pet and new pet owner world”.  That is until a little girl came up and said “Oh, you found my kitten for me.  I’m so happy, thank you so much!”  I don’t know who was more stunned, Susan or the kitten.  “I heard Susan ask, is this your kitten?”  The little girl replied “well it is my little brothers”,  I think there may have been tears shed!  But never fear every one.  Tuesday evening at our Club meeting Susan shared that she now has her very own, hers for sure, Kitten!!!  Congratulations Susan.     

Trophy presentation was at 4:00.  Most everyone had already left.  A few of us stayed to attend the Presentation.  I wasn’t expecting a trophy but who knows, I got as much chance at the grand prize as anyone else.  To tell you the truth though I didn’t really have expectations about that either.  I win door prizes like a can of green beans (that was in Erie Kansas) or a plastic funnel.  Tom Culver on the other hand won one of the top three.  Tonya won a top three and Best Paint.  Of course she and John had already left so yours truly went up to accept them for her and they said I didn’t look like a Tonya.  Michael Plett (one of our new members) won a top three.  That means The CVCC took home all the trophies in the Corvette class,  Tom Scemica took home a top three with his 57 Nomad.  We thought we might have a pretty good chance at the Club participation award with 19 entries but the Oldies N Goodies Club showed up with 30 entries.  Oh well, we still did good, coming in 2nd place.  Congratulations to all who placed.

It was a nice drive home.  We look forward to doing it again next year.  If you didn’t make this show, you missed a good one.  Maybe we can have better luck at the Club participation trophy next year.

Regards to everyone and

“Save the wave”

Mike Nodine



Coffeeville Car Show July 2, 2010

The following report was provided by Mike Nodine

Well Rhonda reminded me today that I hadn't sent out a report on the show last Friday.  Sorry my brain hasn't been working very well lately.  It was a nice little show.  There was probably 20 to 25 cars, four corvettes, three C 5 and a mid year.  I took pictures but have misplaced them some where.  We got to visit with Robert for a while and enjoyed every minute.  They had some very nice door prizes.  There were some nice trophies but we didn't stay for the presentation.  The weather was pretty warm and not much shade.  Rhonda has a brother that lives in Coffeeville so we left early enough to go by and visit with him.  All in all it was a nice after noon.  Thanks Robert and hope to see you again some time.   

Follow up note from Robert Bean:

We did end up having 40 entries by 6pm that night! I was totally surprised and of course 1st place did go to a 65 Corvette which Mike knows I'm talking about, very awesome car!! Here are some picturess, Thanks to Mike and Rhonda for coming out and I loved the new Vette!!

Ponca City Weekend Outing & Car Show June 4-5, 2010

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

For those of you who didn't make it, you missed another great trip and car show. We started off at the Phillips station in West B'ville. Rick, Marilyn, Tom, Carol, Connie & I were the only ones who showed up. Ronda's dad was having an angiogram done so Mike & Ronda came over later. Ed & Georgia were already over there and Mike and Jeana arrived a little later after we ate in Ponca City. The trip over was pretty mundane except for the "speed breaker". You had to be there to understand. In all we had 12 there with 7 Corvettes to enter into the car show on Sat. (Rick and Marilyn brought both of theirs)

We arrived at the Hotel around 3:30. Funny thing is that everyone ended up going to Wal Mart so we met at 6:00 to go eat. We went to a Mexican place on South 14th street. As we were leaving Mike and Jeana arrived so we all went downtown to watch the older cars "drag main street". There were lots of people down there and lots of nice cars. We setup under a large tree for the shade and had a good time watching the cars and visiting with each other.

Saturday morning, the guys got up and cleaned the cars while most of the gals got ready. Well, except for someone who slept in and their husband had to go back and get her later! You know who you are!! The car show worked out extremely well as even though the Corvettes were parked by model, we all got close together and put up the two awnings/tents/canopies under one of the larger trees. With the breeze blowing it was pretty nice until about 1:00. The turnout for the Corvette show was less than previous years for some reason. The same was true for the regular car show located next door. Not sure why?

There were mostly C5 and C6 Corvettes in the show so the competition was pretty rough. In fact, Marilyn and Rick were the only members to win a plaque for their C3 and C4. One of our visitors, Bill McKeehan also won for his C4. Bill was a member a long time ago and plans to re-join. We also won the plaque for "Club Participation". Money would have been nice, but hey, plaques are better than nothing, right? Not sure what to do with the plaque. Any ideas? I'll bring it to Tuesday's meeting for those that didn't attend to see.

On the way back we stopped at Bad Brad's BBQ in Pawhuska. Mike and Jeana went back to Independence on the North route, so we missed them for the meal. We also discussed the upcoming club picnic on June 27. That is a Sunday afternoon. The location is to be at the picnic shelter at Washington Cove at Copan Lake. Time and details will be worked out at our meeting on Tuesday and an email sent out.

Here are a few of the pictures. You can view all the photos at our Photo Link on Web Shots or select it from the menu to the left.

Mike, Ronda, Gorgia, & Ed at the Friday night "Drag Main Street" event.

Carol, Jeana, Mike, & Tom at the Friday night "Drag Main Street" event.

Me, Connie, Marilyn, & Rick at the Friday night "Drag Main Street" event. You can see more pictures of the Friday night event on Web Shots.

Here is the whole gang at the car show, except for me since I was taking the picture.

Rick and his plaque

Marilyn and her plaque

Bill and his plaque

Group picture with the "Club Participation" plaque

Here's a picture of the plaque.

Our stop at Bad Brad's for BBQ on the way home.

Caney Mayfest Car Show 5/29/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

Saturday was a beautiful warm day for our trip up to Caney, Ks. for the Mayfest Car Show. However, Corvette owners cannot go anywhere without a meal being involved, so we started off at the Copan Truck Stop for breakfast at 7:30. We had 14 show up to eat. There was Tom & Carol, Rick & Marilyn, Connie & Darrell, Mike & Ronda, Donna & Paul and Ed & Georgia. Also there eating but not at our table were Jim C. and Clark D. Paul and Donna made the trip up from Claremore area to eat with us and stayed at the car show for a few hours. Then Paul had to go to work!

After our meal we started our convoy up to Caney with 10 Corvettes and managed to park together in the show after our leader (me) got us semi-lost again. They had the streets blocked off and I couldn't figure how to get in so we finally moved one of the barriers and we all sneaked in! We also saved a place for Jim P. who arrived about the same time from Tulsa. We also saw Lanny and Brenda there but they were handing out fliers and didn't stay long. Of Course, Tom & Toni S. were there also but they were managing all the show activities. Tom's C2 is still for sale if anyone is interested!

As it turned out there were 112 cars registered for the show. We had 9 of them and there were about 5-6 other Corvettes from other locations. Not bad, Corvettes made up about 12% of all the entries!

Here are a few of the pictures. You can view all the photos at our Photo Link on Web Shots or select it from the menu to the left.

Marilyn, Rick, Carter, Tom, and Jim C in Front

Tom, Jim P in the back, Connie, Donna, Ronda, and Paul

Mike and his refreshment (Yeh, it's only a soda!) That's part of Georgia to the left. Not sure why I didn't get all of her?

Ronda, Paul, Georgia, and Ed


Jim with his trophy for Best Late Model Chevy Product. Believe it or not it started out as a Corvette. What do you think his favorite color is?

Ronda with her trophy for making the Top 25! Way to go Ronda for the first outing of the Corvette! She may not let Mike drive it anymore now!

Tom with his trophy for making the Top 25 with his 50th anniversary Corvette. For you non-Corvette people that would be a 2003 model since the first Corvette rolled of the assembly line in 1953. Well, kinda of an assembly line since they were pretty much hand built initially.

Here I am with my trophy for making the top 25! I was genuinely surprised since there were so many nice cars at the show.

We all had a very good time. We were blessed with good weather, although a little warm in the afternoon. (The shade definitely felt good) There were a lot of cars in the show that we had not seen before.

We are all looking forward to our next get together next weekend for the Ponca City Corvette show. We should have 5 to 7 couples attending. Current plans are that we will leave Bartlesville (Westside P66 Station) at about 1:30 P.M. on Friday, June 4th. Most of us are staying at the Fairfield Inn in Ponca City and plan to attend the street parade downtown Friday Night. If you don't have a room yet, come over Sat morning and meet up with us at the hotel before we head over to the park for the show!

2010 Oldies & Goodies Car Show

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

When I checked the weather Friday night, it didn't look too promising for a car show on Sat. Besides, how many in our club would actually drive their Corvettes in the rain? Then I remembered that we have done car shows in the rain before (Remember Tyro!), so Sat. morning it was not raining and I decided that at least I would go to breakfast and see what everyone was doing. I figured most would at least show up to eat. (We all like to eat!) As it turned out, Tom & Carol came but they had to work at their church so they only ate breakfast with us. Jim Ewing showed up and also came to the show later to look. I tried to get him to enter his Porsche SUV but I don't think he wanted to clean it! Mike was there also as he never misses food! Rick and Marilyn were there with Marilyn's orange Vette and the C4 they are "babysitting" for her brother. Connie and I made up the rest of the crew. Oh yah, Eddie showed up late with the excuse he slept late. At least he was in town! We miss you when you are gone Ed!

Since the weather looked un-predictable, but at least not raining, Rick, Marilyn, and I decided to go ahead and enter the show. Mike was working as a judge, and Eddie was there also. Mike and Eddie are members of Oldies & Goodies also. As it turned out, we had a mild sprinkle and a couple of mists but no rain. It actually turned out to be a great day, comfortable temperature and overcast. By the time judging started, there were about 80 vehicles entered. We ended up with 5 club vehicles there. Tom S. had his 67 Chevelle there, Kevin &Andrea had their Corvette, and Rick, Marilyn, and I had our Corvettes. A little later Georgia showed up with their grandson. Andrea and Kevin also had their dogs with them and they entertained us for awhile. Connie made it out once she determined it wasn't going to rain on her!

We also picked up a new member, Mike Bouvier. Actually, Mike was the only one in the group to win one of the Top 25 prizes. He went home with a $100 bill. Not a bad day. He has a 2007 Atomic Orange Convertible. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it for our web site. Next time, Mike! All in all it was a great day. We had a good time visiting with each other. Looking forward to doing it again in Ponca City June 5&6.

Tom's 67 Chevelle

Kevin and Andrea's Corvette

Marilyn's, Rick's (Marilyn's Brother's Corvette), and Darrell's Corvettes

You can see all the photos at our photo site