Eureka Springs October 3-6, 2013

The following report was provided by Mike Nodine

Well, thought I’d get started putting this together while it was still fresh on my mind.  You know how we old folks are, after a few days we have a tendency to forget things.  It will probably take me 2 or 3 days to get it all done anyway.  Let’s see what was I going to say?  Oh yeah.

Rhonda and I met up with Chuck, Joe and Beverly and Bill and Carla Thursday morning and left Tri County Tech at 9:00.  We took the scenic route through Grove, Noel, and Washburn then down 37 to 62 and into Eureka Springs.  We stopped in Grove and Washburn for pit stops along the way.  It was a beautiful morning for traveling and we did in fact miss the school bus traffic like I thought we might.  However, we didn’t get away from the local farm trucks, four wheel drives and delivery vehicles.  They did have a slight dampening on our driving experience.  We still had fun.  I think it was Beverly’s first time across the route and Joes first time in a Vette.  I heard her tell Joe something about “We are going back Hwy 412”.  Any way the trip was very enjoyable, uneventful and without incident.


When we got to the motel we saw Eddie and Georgia’s car but could not locate them so decided to go eat lunch.  We went to Sparky's and had a sandwich and found that it is a good eaten place.  By 5ish we had located Ed and Georgia, caught up with Ed and Vicki, Jim and Kay, Jim and Marilyn and Bill and Carla and decided it was time to do our yearly visit to the Catfish Cabin.  It was as good as always.  The only complaint I heard about was Chuck complaining to Kay for setting him at the table facing the wall and not being able to enjoy the few.  Don’t know what that was all about but there you have it. 

Our new members, Bud and Marilyn showed up and sat with Ed Lomax, Rhonda and I.  We got to know them a little and found them to be very nice people, (Like the rest of our club members.)   We enjoyed their company very much.  Welcome to the club guys.

Later in the evening we all sat out and watched the traffic go by.  It was a really nice evening and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

Friday morning I was up at my regular 6:30 and outside by 6:45 walking around looking at the cars at the Motel.  At 7:00 the office opened serving coffee and the continental breakfast.  Tom and Rick came in so we sat and rehashed the events of Thursday.  Later in the morning several of us met at the Tea Room and had lunch.  Ed Lomax had eaten there last year and was so impressed that he made reservations for all of us this year.  He made sure to include the highly sought after “apple dumpling”.  This is a treat that the lady who owns the place makes from scratch.  We found out that she normally makes only six a day and it takes her about 4 hours to do just those.  Ed ordered 28 of them!  I understand she had some reservations about making them but finally agreed.  I’m sure glad she did because they were right up there with some of the best I’ve ever eaten.  Oh, by the way the lunch was very good too!  Ed said he made reservations for us for next year while we were there.  Can’t wait. 

After lunch we all got together and took a nice cruise.  As we were going out of town we noticed a C7 setting along the street.  Everyone slowed to take a peak.  We then drove out to the swinging bridge at the little town of Beaver.  We stopped and took in the view and admired all the homes built along the tops of the bluffs.



 After we left Beaver we drove around to Hwy 62 then up to 37 and over to Roaring River State Park.  It was a gorgeous drive.  Everything is still so green and lush.  The Mark Twain National Forest is certainly worth going to see.  When we got down in the park we stopped and enjoyed watching some people fish for trout, and just the scenery in general.  We then stopped at the Park store for a cold drink before going on to arrive back in Eureka Springs through the back door.   I had some very nice compliments on how well I did in leading the group on the tour.  Everyone said it was nice and relaxing and they got to see a lot of beautiful country and how nice it was that we didn’t drive very fast.  I asked Kay if that meant that she would let Jim follow us back home.        She said “no”.  Thanks for the compliments guys but what you didn’t know is that was all I could do to keep it 50 and under.  J



When we got back to the motel we found that Tonya and John and Bob and his wife had arrived along with Jordan and Kala. I think that all who were coming over this weekend were there by then.  I didn’t get an exact count but I believe we probably had at least 30 members present for the week end.  It was a really good representation for the Club.  We all sat around the pool and watched the Vettes drive up and down the road and discussed where we were going to eat supper.   We had actually decided earlier that we would eat at Dos Rios down by Berryville.  We drove over around 6:00 and I counted 27 people that made the trip.  I think we probably made their evening at the resturant.  Rick, Marilyn, Nick and Martha came in a little after we got there so had to sit at a table a little away from us.  After we had finished our supper and since we had the majority of our club membership there Jim thought it would be a good idea to have our October meeting.  He began by sharing that Joe Bushong had reserved the Church of Christ for our Christmas dinner again this year.  (Thanks Joe)  He then volunteered our events coordinators, Tom and Jim Culver to coordinate with Tonya (or someone) to get the food catered.  “We did forget to talk about “a toy for a child” and “games” for the party.  Please be thinking about both and we will discuss both subjects at our next meeting”.  I hollered across the room at Marilyn and asked how much money we had in the bank and she said a little over $400.  Our next meeting location is to be announced.  Someone moved to adjourn the meeting and I think that is where Jim kind of lost control of the crowd so he just gave up at that point.  Someone reminded us that it was Marilyn Cole’s birthday so we all sang happy birthday to her right there in the restaurant.  I think all the rest of the customers got as big a kick out of it as we did.

After dinner we decided to take a cruise through town so headed back to Eureka (in the dark).  By the time we got there the group was pretty well spread out so some went one way and some went another.  The group Rhonda and I were in took the back streets so got to see the residential areas after dark.  We saw some pretty places that were all lit up kinda like Christmas.  We also had some up close views of some deer.  All in all it was a nice drive.  After we got finished with the cruise it was back to the motel for some more traffic watching.  We stayed out until a little after 10:00 enjoying a beautiful evening.


Early Saturday morning Tom Rick and I were back in the office again to enjoy their good coffee, rolls and raisin brand.  We sat and watched the cars come in to the parking lot across the street for the show.  As the morning progressed so did the weather.  By 8:00 the rain was coming down in buckets.  That is the way it was off and on all morning.  Around 12:00 it had kinda quit raining so Ed, Georgia Rhonda and I went over to the beans and cornbread place for lunch.  Naturally about the time we were finished eating and were ready to walk around and look at the cars it started in again.  We did get to stay long enough for me to get a few shots of the new C7s.  I think I like the red one the best (as far as color any way).  It quit raining off and on enough through the afternoon for those who wanted to walk through the show to do so.  I did and there was again this year a lot of beautiful cars.




(OK, day “2”.  I worked on this last night until Rhonda informed me it was bed time.  It was OK though because about that time the battery ran down.)

Ed Lomax had made reservations at the Anglers Café for 7:00 Saturday evening but Rhonda and a few others I think, reminded him that the OU football game was to come on at 6:30 so he changed it to 4:30.  The catfish was probably as good as what it is at Catfish Cabin but I heard several people comment about the temperature of the food.  The service was much better but Chuck says the scenery was not as good.  Don’t know what he was talking about!  I overheard someone mention that we were going to change our name from Caney Valley Corvette Club to the Caney Valley Eaten Club.  Thanks Ed for going to the extra effort of setting up and making the reservations so that all could enjoy the things you had found.   

There were several who mentioned that they had never done the historic loop through town so after dinner we led a tour through town and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  And then, you guessed it, back to the motel rooms for the football game.  There sure was a lot of whoopen and hollering going on in the different rooms.  I’m sure some of the other people who didn’t know what was going on were certainly wondering.

Sunday morning we all picked people that wanted to go back together and just kinda went our own ways as we do each year.  Still don’t know why but Joe and Beverly and Bill and Carla didn’t want to go back with us.  Nick and Martha had gone to Norman Saturday but Rick and Marilyn said to count them in.  Of course Chuck enjoys the route as much as the rest of us so he was ready to go.  Jim and Marilyn Culver mentioned they had never taken that route and wanted to know if we minded if they traveled with us.  Of course we said “shoot no, we don’t mind, the more the merrier.”  We stopped the Anglers for breakfast.  (We had to get in one more meal before we left Eureka Springs)  We got away from there about 10ish.  I had shared that we would stop in Noel for a pit stop.  It was a perfect morning and the drive was as good as it has ever been.  There was very little traffic, the road was dry and clean and the scenery was gorgeous.  When we got to Noel we stopped at the Riverside Convenient Store for a potty break and a cold drink.  I got the strong impression Jim and Marilyn did not enjoy the trip as much as the rest of us.  Marilyn asked Rhonda if she really did enjoy that or if she just went along because I did.  Then she said something about not needing a roller coaster.  After that, Jim made the comment, (to Marilyn I think) “if you ever see me on this road that says Hwy 90 again, you will know I made the wrong turn!”  I just don’t understand it!  We always have such a nice drive across there.


2013 Miami Coleman Theater - March 2nd, 2013

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

We met at Tri-County Tech at 9:30. Going over from Bartlesville were: Jim & Kay Ewing, Darrell & Connie Carver, Mike & Rhonda Nodine, Clark Donnell & Rosie Nikkle, and Jim & Marilyn Culver.  John & Shirley Forrester and Bill & Sarah Dyer joined us later for dinner at Montana Mike’s. They live in Grove and drove their Corvettes over. John has an 85 and Bill has a 2007.

Saturday was a nice sunny day with temperatures in the 40’s. We had a good trip over. Mike took us to Nowata and cut over North of Nowata to US169, up to OK10, and across to Miami. Other than a few curves and a little construction, it was a pretty smooth trip. We lost Clark and Rosie to one of the “pit stops” along the way, but we stopped and waited for them to catch up. She blamed it on the medicine she was taking?

We arrived at the Stonehill Grill in Miami around 10:45 and had lunch. Then we went over to the Coleman Theater for the guided tour at 12:15. We had about an 1˝ hour tour detailing the history and restoration of the theater.

From opening day April 18, 1929, with a full house of 1,600, the Coleman Theatre Beautiful has never been "dark". Since the Coleman family donated the historic structure to the City of Miami in 1989, restoration and renovation of the theatre has become a "labor of love" in the community. Originally a vaudeville theatre and movie palace, the "Coleman Theatre Beautiful" opened to a full house of 1,600, at $1.00 a seat, on April 18, 1929. Built by George L. Coleman, Sr., local mining magnate, the opulent structure with Louis XV interior design dazzled the audiences of the day.

After the tour, we decided to hit the antique stores and flea markets in the area. Jim & Kay left us and went to Joplin to Kay’s favorite place to spend money. Jim was lucky they were in the Corvette, so Kay couldn’t  buy anything too large! After shopping for a few hours, we met the Foresters and Dyers at Montana Mikes. After dinner, Clark & Rosie headed back to Bartlesville, and the Dyers had to go on back to Grove. That left Mike & Rhonda, John & Shirley, and Connie and I to attend the silent movie. The movie was “Speedy”. A professional organ player played the background music and added many comments. It was definitely an experience to sit there and image what the first time viewers were experiencing.

The silent move is only shown three times a year. You can check their web site out for the dates. It was a long day, but we had a really good time,

2012 Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend -Oct 4th - 7th , 2012

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

What a terrible weekend for the weather, but a great weekend for Corvettes and Friends! Yes, it rained most of Friday & Saturday, putting a slight damper on the planned activities for Corvettes. But, all events went on as planned. The attendance in the car show on Saturday was lower than normal, but all the Corvette owners were busy between rain and sleet showers wiping down their cars to be sure they were “PrrrT”. Everyone was prepared  for the weather from CVCC with heavier clothes and umbrellas, so we still made the rounds and enjoyed the collection of Corvettes. And of course, I’m pretty sure no one missed a meal!


We started out from Tri-County Tech at 1:30 on Thursday. The Ewings decided to take the easy route across 412 and the rest of us took the fun route through Grove, Noel, and Washburn. In our convoy were the Nodine’s, Culver’s (Tom & Carol ), Carver’s, Boone’s, Chuck, Cole’s, and Clark & Rosie. Mike was our pace sitter and tour guide. Of course, most of the ladies took a “glamour-mean” (You had to be there to understand!) prior to leaving to avoid any road sickness problems. We met up with the Lomax’s, Ewing’s, Marilyn’s sister & bother-in-law - Nick & Martha, Harrison’s, and Egan’s when we got there. The Boones, Tonya and John and two of their friends from Skiatook, and Jim & Marilyn Culver came over Friday. Susan Stark said she was coming, but we never did see her. Jim & Connie Powell also dropped by on Thursday night to visit with us.

The Trip over

You can never really appreciate the trill and capacity of your Corvette until you follow Mike & Rhonda through the twisty turns like we had going over! What excitement! I’ll admit it was a little scary at times, but no one ran off the road or skid out. Luckily, we had good weather going over. In addition, the road was relatively clear most of the way, except for a few miles following an empty bus (Well, it did have a driver), a large Truck, and a few others. We did have pretty open roads for about 2/3rds of the curvy roads. Tom and I were following behind Mike and tried not to run into one another. Bill was behind me and I kept losing sight of him. It might have been his first time on roads like that? He never was very far behind. Luckily, Chuck was behind him rather than me. Chuck wants to push you through the turns. He has it easier than the rest of us because he doesn’t have a governor for his Corvette!

Taking a break in Grove

Thurs night dinner

After everyone got checked in we headed for the Cat Fish House. I guess we timed it pretty good because we all got in pretty quick. After dinner we headed back to the Motel to sit outside and visit while looking at the Corvettes going by. The weather was starting to turn a little cooler, but some of us stayed out there until around 10 or so. Pretty late for old geezers!

Enjoying fellowship at the pool on Thursday Night

Friday breakfast

Friday morning it was starting to sprinkle so 11 of us decided to drive up to the Pancake House for breakfast. Just as we arrived, it started to pour down and we grabbed our umbrellas. As soon as we got inside it started to hail about pea size. We looked around and couldn’t find Clark and Rosie, but their car was still there, so where were they? It seems they ran for cover when the hail started. At least that was their story! Not sure what they were really doing. We had a good buffet breakfast and headed back to the motel to see who was going on a cruise.

Friday cruise

After going up to buy Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend T-shirts, 6 Corvettes decided to brave the rain and weather and go on a cruise to Roaring River and then come back over the single lane suspension bridge. Going along were the Eagan’s, Lomax’s, Carver’s, Culver’s, Harrison’s, and Boones. We ended up going to the bridge first. As we approached the bridge, we noticed a Class A motorhome getting ready to come across. A sign was posted that said the height was 11’ 6”. Most Class A’s are over 12’, so we were all wondering if he could make it. It turned out that he was actually un-hooking his tow car and getting ready to back up. His momma didn’t raise no dummy! So we all went across and took a break.


Taking a break after crossing the “Bridge”                                     Tom & Mike playing chicken with the RV


The “Bridge”

Then we went on up to Roaring River and fed the trout and checked out the water source from the cave. The weather was cool and damp, but it didn’t rain very much. Ed and Georgia were going to go on back and eat at the Tea Room in Eureka, so we all decided to tag along for lunch. They put the 12 of us in a separate room and we had a very good meal. Next year we can make a reservation and they will set everything up for us.


                           Feeding the Trout                                                 See the Trout in the Cave waters

Friday Evening

Twenty-one of us went over to eat Mexican at a restaurant located on the square in Berryville. Mike had gotten the recommendation from a fiddle playing buddy in the lobby. He also recommended that we go over to the old Hotel across the square afterwards for pie and listen to the musicians getting together. Now Tonya, John, and their friends had paid the big bucks to go to the Ho Down Theater in Eureka Springs that night, but we had all the Blue Grass we wanted for free! Sorry Tonya, you lose!


                                    Pick’n an a Grin’n                                                       Probably the biggest crowd they ever had?

Once the musicians got tuned up and “kickin’ down” Paul and Donna couldn’t resist it and just got up and started dancing.

Donna & Paul show’n off

Saturday Breakfast

Some of us decided to try out the Mud Street Cafe for breakfast. We parked in the lot outside where there were parking meters and fed them as required. However, when I came out, Mike was taking a picture of my Corvette. As I walked up, he said, “You have the fastest Corvette in the Club, but it got a ticket while it was parked!”. Then I noticed the yellow thing on my window. I had missed the “meter maid” by about 2 minutes. Next time I will put in more quarters!. Oh well, it was only $5. The problem was it took Connie and I about 30 minutes to find the box to deposit it!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I mean Mud Street!                                           Ticketed for looking too fast!

After we got back, several of us went over to the car show and then had lunch at Pizza Hut. After lunch most of us returned to our rooms to watch the Sooners beat Tech or in Chuck’s case to watch Kansas lose. Everyone was told to be at the lobby at 6:00 to get a group picture. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we took a picture inside and then braved the rain and did one outside anyway! Well, almost everyone. Vickie wasn’t going to get wet so she stayed in the car and watched.


The whole group of us inside                                                      The whole group of us outside

After the photo shoot, we all went out to eat at the Anglers House on the West side of Eureka Springs. However, they could not take the whole group and there was an hour wait, so about 10 stayed there and the rest split up to go eat on their own. About 10 of us ended up going to the buffet a few blocks East of the Candlewick. The food was good and we had a great time.


Sunday breakfast

We woke up Sunday to sunshine and cool weather. Kay had been wanting to go over to the Best Western for breakfast, so most of us, who had not left yet, caravanned over there only to discover an hour waiting list, so we decided to go back to the Anglers restaurant East of town since it was on the way home. We all got in and had a great breakfast.

The Trip Back

Everyone dispersed in different directions after the meal. Rick & Marilyn, Mike  & Rhonda, and Connie & I decided we hadn’t had enough of the curvy route so we went back the same way we came over. Since it was mid-morning, there was little traffic on the road until we got behind three jerks on motorcycles. They would not pull over to let us pass so we following them for about Ľ of the way through the curves. However, we did get all the fun driving we wanted. We stopped in Noel to take a break and then stopped at the “Arthur Murray” motel to check it out. The guy that ran the motel was restoring an 74 white Corvette and said it was for sale, so we had a look at it. He would never give us a price so we could pass on to potential buyers, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find him if you are interested.

The motel is restored from 50’s or 60’s and very nice with wooden decks on some rooms and a deck and patio on the Elk River. We decided that we would try to organize a weekend cruise her in the spring.


If you didn’t make it this year, you should plan to attend next year. Go ahead and call the Candlewick Inn and make your reservations! It’s a great time to get to know your fellow members and have lots of fun!

2012 Dinner Cruise to Dutch Pantry -September 14th , 2012

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

It’s a miracle! We actually had members drive their Corvettes in the rain! Who da thunk it? We had 12 or 13 vehicles making the drive to Chouteau. I think I counted 25 at the tables and Al was by himself. It never did really rain hard until we got closer to Tulsa and then it was mostly a heavy mist. We left the Food Pyramid parking lot at precisely 3:30. Tom & Toni almost missed us as they drove up as we were starting to leave. We picked up Mike & Rhonda on the way. Well I guess we did anyway, since I was in the back and they were in the front later on and they didn’t leave with us. Must be Oklahoma logic, right?

We arrived a few minutes before 5. I started in the back of the pack but got there first, without passing but 2. Figure that one out! Well, Ed decided to go to 76th street and cross over to US 169 and down to I 244. Right after we left, I remembered that the US 169 East exit to I 244 was closed. I figured he'd work it out somehow! Anyway, I thought they would just go on down to I 44. Well, a few of us were delayed in Owasso by a wreck and fell behind the main group. In trying to catch up, when I got close to the I 244 exit, I saw Joe and Bill. As I pulled up beside them, I could tell they also had lost the group and felt pretty lost when they realized the exit was closed, so I motioned for them to follow me. Which they did and we all arrived at the Dutch Pantry about 10 minutes before the main group. It seems that someone made an executive decision to exit on 11th and cut back up to I 244. It worked, just took longer.

After we all arrived they led us back to a really big room in the back that we had all to ourselves. Then it was a mad scramble to the buffet bar. Some of the men abandoned their wives to get into line quickly. You know who you are! Fear not, however, as everyone had all they wanted to eat (and then some!). Friday night was meatloaf and catfish. Both were very good. The desserts were even better! We stayed in the room and visited for a while and got to know some of the newer members better.

The plan was to go over the Cheese House after dinner and stock up, but Ed slipped on the planning end and they closed before we could make it. I didn’t hear any of the men complaining, however. Good job Ed! You can get cheese anywhere, right?

After visiting outside on the porch for a little while, we all went our separate ways. Some of us went back up US 69 and cut over through Claremore on Ok 20. It did rain quite a bit on the way back. Now my Vette reminds me every time I go thru the garage that I have mistreated it and I should restore it to it’s original greatness, or is that just it’s original cleanliness? Hey, the dirt helps keep all the dust off of it!

 Below are a few pictures that Ed took of the group. He didn’t take any pictures of the food because he didn’t want to be reminded that he deviated from his diet.







Just waiting for the next Cruise!



CVCC Show n' Shine @ Oakley's Chevrolet - Feb 4th

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

What a great  turn out of club members for the “Show N Shine” Saturday at Oakley Chevrolet! We had 20 club Corvettes and 5 Corvettes from the Ponca City club. In addition, we signed up two new members whose Corvettes were not there, Pam Snelson and Mike Peace. We were really glad to see a lot of our newer members show up and the opportunity to get better acquainted with them. 

A special thanks goes out to Ed Lomax and Tom Culver for coordinating all the details with David Oakley. Those guys will do anything to get a free lunch or two! Of course, David Oakley went out of us way to support us by moving a lot of vehicles from the front lot. In addition, he:

1.       Set up several canopies,

2.       Borrowed a fantastic cooker from Arvest,

3.       Cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs,

4.       Cleared out the showroom,

5.       Set up tables,

6.       Bought all the food (except for cookies that Connie made and vegetable tray that the Boones brought),

7.       And donated 3 details and 3 oil changes as door prizes.

In addition, thanks to all that showed up early to set up everything and help with the parking. It’s comforting to know that anytime you need volunteers in the club, someone will always step up to help!


By the way, we should have had one more Corvette there but it’s owner attended without it, driving his Ranchero. Yea, Blaine said it would crank but not start. We tried to get him to buy the silver convertible from Oakley, without any luck! We even offered to go over to his house and tow it to Oakley’s!


Several of us started off the day with breakfast at Eggbert’s. There were 7 of us that ate and Robert came in later and visited. This was probably the first time that the staff at Eggbert’s bring all the meals out at the same time!


Sign in at the event!

As our members registered, the new name tags were passed out. Having the name tags on made our club look much more professional and helped all the older members to learn and remember the newer members names, in addition to helping the newer members remember the older members names. Let’s try to keep wearing them at future events also!

 Oakley had two canopies set up and the weather was pretty nice when we got there so we set up registration under one of the tents. But by about 10:30, some of the attendees started drifting into the showroom. Eventually it got up to 112 degrees, but in the shade with the light wind blowing, it really wasn’t that bad. Still, only a few were left by 1:00 when we had the door prize distribution in the showroom.



David Oakley had donated 3 oil changes and 3 details in addition to Robert donating a detail for door prizes. After some discussion, we decided to give each of the Ponca City attendees one of the Oakley prizes. David informed them that he would get with Pemberton Chevrolet in Ponca and work out a reciprocal agreement or that they could use them here in Bartlesville and Oakley would furnish them a loaner car if they wanted to come over.

 The best joke of the day was when Darrell called Mike (he and Rhonda were in Eureka Springs) to ask him to check on available rooms at the Candlewick. Darrell left a message that they had won the silver C6 Convertible in the drawing, but he only had 30 minutes to pick it up!



After discussion with David Oakley, he is ready to make this a yearly affair. However, he suggested (and we concurred) that we need to do it in the spring when it was cooler. Next year we will get the advertising out earlier and try to attract more Corvette owners here in Bartlesville. So start thinking about improvements for next year.



 Don’t forget our “PIZZA NIGHT” for our Tuesday, August 14th meeting at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant at 6:30. Darrell is furnishing the Pizza. Remember to wear your name tags. Maybe those that don’t have them on will have to pay for their own pizza? You never know!

2012 Dinner Cruise to Click's in Pawnee - Feb 4th

The following report was provided by Mike Nodine

Well I took pictures but couldn't figure out how to get them loaded on my new computer so guess I will just "tell" of our outing.  Maybe Ed or Darrell will share their pictures on our web site.  If you were there you already know that it was more than a success.  If you weren't, you missed the most attended event that I have been involved with since Rhonda and I have been in the Club.  We had "15"  Corvettes running down the road all at one time.  We were number 8 in line so 7 in front and 7 in back of us.  And, they were all Club cars!  This was of course on the way over.  Jim Culver led the group and did a very good job.  Well that's what I thought until he mentioned that he didn't see the "cow" standing beside the road!  That's OK Jim, we were watching out for you.  We took Highway 75 south to 20, west to 99, hooked up on 64 into Pawnee.  It was a nice drive.  Several of our newer members went over with us.  Ed and Vicki Lomax from Copan, Keith and Cinda Perry from Skitook, Joe and Beverly Bushong from B'ville and Steve and Mary Johnson from Dewey.  Some of our longer standing members that hadn't got the chance to go much in the past were there, Tom and Toni Scimeca, Gary and Ann Bue, Robert and Stephanie Bean.  Glad to see all of you guys get to go.   

There were "30" Club members at the restaurant for dinner!  There were so many I didn't even have a chance to say "Hello" to every one and I apologize.  But it was GREAT!  We were very well represented.  The food was of course "wonderful", the service was good, (I noticed that Tom wasn't even the last to be served, but then again I'm not for sure he didn't call ahead and order).  The price for all you had was also very reasonable.  I was so full I didn't have room for dessert but Jim had a piece of the "mile high pie" and it looked really good.

Jim Culver again led us home.  We had 12 travel in our group on the way back.  We went around High way 60 through Pawhuska and it was a very pleasant drive.  (No cows)  Look forward to doing it again. Maybe we can at some time get a 100% involvement.  Wouldn't that be cool to see about 20 or so Corvettes in a row!

Thanks and keep up the wave
Mike Nodine

2010 CVCC Salvation Army Work Day - Dec 16th & 17th

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

What a great day for sacrificing our time to help out others! Six of the CVCC faithful were able to adjust their busy schedules and work on Dec 16th to help the Salvation Army distribute Christmas to approximately 600 families on Thursday and 100 on Friday. We have assisted the many other volunteers for the past several years, but this was the best turnout for our club yet. Giving their time on Thursday were: Jim Ewing, Chuck Huerter, Jim Culver (and his son and daughter-in-law), Ed Egan, Blaine Janzen, and myself. Back on Friday were Chuck, Ed, and myself. We all feel we were blessed by the time and realize more how lucky we are to have what we do.

We helped process about 100/hour on Thursday with about a 15 minute break between groups. Ed and Chuck handed out the food products including a gallon of milk, a pound of butter, a processed ham, bag of fruit, dozen eggs and a loaf of bread. Jim Culver helped keep them stocked at the back of the trailer and Jim Ewing loaded a box or two of canned goods into each shopping cart. I had the hard job of sitting in my chair and checking off the list as each cart came through! On the next day I took over Jim's job in the trailer and kept Ed and Chuck stocked for handing out food. That made up for the easy Thursday job! I set a new record for screw-ups when I slid a crate of milk and knocked one of the gallon jugs off onto the ground. That created a little "milk puddle" for Ed and Chuck to stand in. Luckily, they were not close by and did not absorb any of it directly!. Anyway after putting many empty flat  boxes on the ground, we got them back to dry land again.

All in all, we had a great time with excellent fellowship with each other and the many other friends of ours that were there also. If you can spare some time, volunteer to help out any of the organizations in town. It is very rewarding. It's easy to give money, and that is good also, but real satisfaction comes from giving your time and seeing the appreciation received from others!

Here are few pictures of us during breaks:

2010 CVCC Woolaroc Cruise - Dec 10th

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

At our Christmas party we decided to meet on Friday night at the Phillips station on the West end of town and tour the light show and museum at Woolaroc. We had a good crowd show up. There was Rick & Marilyn and two of their friends, Jerry & Jeanie, Tom & Carol, Mike & Rhonda, Jim C and his son, Ed & Georgia and their grandson, and Connie & Myself.

We took the "hayride" and then went over to the museum for about an hour. Some had not been there before. After spending time there we walked down to the Lodge and had coffee/hot chocolate and cookies and warmed up a little. We then caught the "hay ride" back up the hill and headed on home. It was a very relaxing evening.

2010 CVCC Christmas Party - Dec 9th

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

Our Christmas party was a great success! We started off at Jim & Kay Ewing's house. They did a magnificent job of decorating their house and provided a delicious spread of appetizers for us to kick off the evening. However, you had to get their early to beat Tom and Ed to the "prime seating" as depicted in the shot below. I guess they were the "food testers" for the hour. Also notice that in the spirit of Christmas, all the men were wearing red shirts! Some even had Corvette emblems!

Also at the Ewing's were Blaine & Janice, Tom & Carol, Darrell & Connie, Ed & Georgia, Rick & Marilyn, & Jim & Marilyn.

Here are a few more pictures that capture the spirit of the social hour:


 After depleting Kay & Jim of all their food, we went over to Tumbleweeds to get more and to meet up with Lanny & Brenda, Mike & Rhonda, Richard Scaler, and Jerry & Jeanie. Tumbleweeds provided excellent service to us and got our food out very quickly. Could it have been they wanted to go home on time? If so, it was not reflected in their attitude as they treated us very special. No one complained about the food and we all left very happy and full to finish up the evening at the Carver's for dessert.

At the Carver's House we were treated to a 20 minute presentation of a DVD with the history of CVCC in pictures with car songs for back ground music. Each family received from Darrell & Connie a copy of the DVD along with a CD containing all the pictures used. Below are pictures of everyone watching the DVD.



After the picture show, we started the "dirty Santa" game.


Tom hit the jackpot when he got the "booby prize"! His gift was a assortment of various funny gifts but the highlight was "Boobs" salt and pepper shakers! Needless to say, that led to many one liners for the rest of the night.

After the "dirty Santa" game was over we had coffee and pie and visited for awhile. It was close to Midnight when we broke up. Pretty late for a bunch of "old timers". It was a very successful evening and we definitely need to do it again.

Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend  9/30 to 10/3/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

What a trip! The weather was wonderful (at least until it turned cold Sunday morning), the fellowship was fantastic, the food delicious, and the ride over exciting! We had eight cars on the trip over, one already there and one arriving on Friday. On the trip over, we made Mike & Rhonda lead us through the curvy roads of Missouri. The rest of the pack included Chuck, Connie & I, Tom & Carol, Rick & Marilyn, Nick & Martha, Jim & Kay, and Paul & Donna. We met up with Paul & Donna in Nowata. Ed & Georgia went over a day early and Jim and Marilyn came over on Friday.

Mike did a good job of leading us through the back roads on the trip over, even though he did manage to find pickups to slow us down a few times. No one (meaning lady passengers) got sick on the curves, although Connie had to get a Dramamine from Rhonda when we stopped. She didn’t say anything to me because she thought I might go faster! On the way over we had to wait about 15 minutes around Jane, Mo. because of a wreck. Rhonda took the picture below while we were waiting. Great shot Rhonda! You can see all the pictures taken during the trip on our photos link.

Other than waiting for the wreck, going over was pretty un-eventful, unlike previous years when Kevin had to stop and get his Vette fixed and Mike had to stop and go back and get an alternator for his. Oh yeah, and there was the year that my computer wasn't tuned right for my supercharger and the engine would go into "limp home" mode when I would get on it hard. Boy was that embarrassing!

The drive was very fun as usual. Jim said Kay must have been talking to God on the curves, because he said he heard her saying his name quite a few times!  Then there was the time that Chuck decided to cross the yellow lines on a curve and met another car. Quick reactions, Chuck! Also, I met a school bus that was taking his half out of the middle, but managed to squeeze by. I had to try out my g-force meter on one of the curves and managed to get 0.93g. Needless to say, Connie wasn’t very excited about it! Hey, I didn’t skid or run off the road, did I? Total control, well most of the time.

We arrived in Eureka Springs to meet a hoard of motorcycles. There were thousands of them either staying there or passing through over the weekend attending the Bikes, Blues, & BBQ (or is it Beer, Babes, & BBQ?) in Fayetteville. The only problem I have with them is all of them are loud and you can't talk when they are close by. After we checked in we met in the parking lot to discuss eating options.

By unanimous decision we picked the Catfish House. Unfortunately, so did a lot of other bikers and Corvettes. We had to wait for about 30 minutes. That gave us time to see if Chuck’s "girlfriend", and the owner, was still there. Chuck comes to see her once a year but she was at Disneyworld this year. Maybe with one of her other "boyfriends"? Who would have thought she would have left on one of the busiest weekends of the year?

For Friday, we decided to take a road trip. After much discussion and options we decided to go to Berryville, then take Ark Highway 21 South hitting Ark Highway 16 back over to Ark Highway 23 back to Eureka Springs. Overall the trip was about 2 hours and 30 minutes. I got forced into leading the pack of nine Corvettes. We stopped in Berryville and gassed up and headed South. I knew immediately that I wasn’t going to get to drive as fast as I wanted because Ed & Georgia were behind me. I kept pulling away from them so I said, “what the heck, I’ll drive fast and then wait for everyone!” After we stopped Ed said he was trying to make sure everyone was keeping up. Everyone else was thinking, “Drive faster Ed!” Actually, some of the group just wanted to take in the views which were spectacular in places. I guess Ed did have his governor limiting his speed. Right Georgia? We stopped in Huntsville to lose some weight and stretch. After that Chuck got behind me and we jumped out in front of everyone and did some serious curve manipulations until we got behind a BMW Z3 driving 45 mph with his top down. Come on now, 45 mph with Corvettes behind you. Who wouldn’t speed up when you are in a BMW? He didn’t even look that old. Anyway, we finally made it back to the hotel and had about an hour before leaving for Gaskins Cabin Steak House. Jim had made reservations for 5:00 when they opened.

We managed to get the whole group together for the trip and got there early so we had some time to kill. I (or someone)  suggested a group picture, so I propped my camera on a fence post and shot the picture below. Not bad for the first try. You’ll notice that Connie and I are the only couple separated (Not counting Chuck of course). That was because I only had ten seconds to make it from the camera to the group and forgot to check where Connie was standing, so I just ran to the end of the row. Took me nine seconds to get there. I’m pretty slow.

Once we got in they put us in four tables at one end of the room. You would think that they would take all our orders and then bring out our food pretty close together? Not! They took the orders and then brought out orders for a table at a time about 15 minutes apart. Table one was finished before tables 3 &4 even got their meals. I guess Tom broke his pattern as he was one of the first to eat this time instead of the time at Ponca City when we all finished before he got his meal! At least the food was excellent. I didn’t hear anyone complain about anything except the price! The restaurant was in a cabin built in the 1800’s and very nice inside. The only complaint about the place was it was on a hill and the parking was pretty bad with gravel roads and cleared fields. Well is seemed like cleared fields anyway.

Table One – Jim & Marilyn on the left and Tom & Carol on the right

Table Two – Darrell (taking the pictures) & Connie on the left, Jim & Kay on the right, and Chuck in front

Table 3 - Paul & Donna in the front, Ed & Gloria on the left, and Mike & Rhonda on the right

Table Four – Rick & Marilyn on the left and Nick and Martha on the right

On Saturday, most of us had breakfast at the Pancake cafe up the street as we did on Friday, sampling their buffet. It was pretty good. Then some of the girls went shopping and the rest went to check out the car show. There were definitely more cars in the car show than last year. One in particular that caught my eye as uniquely different was the C5 GTR. Below is one of the several pictures I took. More can be seen on the photos section.


After the car show, a bunch of us pulled up the chairs by the road in front of the hotel to look at the cars, people, and motorcycles going by until the OU/Texas game came on. I think everyone thought Texas would win. On the internet poll I checked it was 4000 votes for Texas and 32 for Oklahoma. Anyway, Boomer Sooner!!

That night we all went over to Berryville to eat Mexican food. The meal was another keeper and we have added that place to our list for next year.

Sunday, everyone headed back with all the good memories and plans to diet the next week to make up for all the good food we had. We sure hope everyone can make it again next year. If you didn’t make it this year and want to go next year, be sure and contact the Candlewick Inn and get your reservations in.

Dinner Cruise to Owasso Logan's 9/25/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

Turn out was light for the dinner cruise. Tom & Carol met us at Food Pyramid and we headed down 75 and picked up Mike and Rhonda on the way. The drive over was good weather. Paul and Donna and their friends met us at the restaurant and we waited a few minutes to get in. Although noisy, the food was fantastic. Due to poor scheduling on my part, the OU/Cinn game was on while we were eating, but we were sitting far enough away that I could not see the score or watch the game very well. I instructed everyone to not tell me the score because I was taping it and didn't want to know anything about the game. It actually worked and when we got home it was like watching the game live. I think it is the first time I did that when I didn't know the outcome! 

Dinner Cruise to Freddie's Steak House 7/10/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

What a beautiful day after the week of bad weather! It was a little warm as everyone met at Food Pyramid waiting for Connie & I to arrive. We had some unexpected visitors from out of town and were late getting ready and were about 10 minutes late. Typically when we meet there, everyone is out of their Corvettes and visiting prior to leaving. However, when we drove up everyone was in their Vettes waiting and ready to go. I'm guessing they were hungry and had already been visiting prior to us arriving! Meeting at Food Pyramid were Tom & Carol, Jim & Kay, Lanny & Brenda, Rick & Marilyn, Jerry & Jeanie, and Connie & I. Paul and Donna were to meet up with us at the restaurant but couldn't make it. Hopefully next time they will. Maybe we'll schedule a little later to give Paul a chance to finish up work and still make it.

The drive to Freddie's Steak House in Sapulpa was pretty un-eventful but pleasant. I led the way with the cruise on 70. I had a few comments about being too slow! It's hard to hold all that HP back! We arrived at 6:00 and I had called ahead and gotten our name on the seating list for 6:30, but they seated us immediately. I guess we beat the rush by about 30 minutes, because by 6:30 it was pretty full. I didn't really know it was a Lebanese food restaurant because they have been recognized for their steaks. Most of us ordered a dinner and didn't realize that it came with several appetizers. They brought out some strange tasting dip plate with celery, carrots, pickles first. Weird, but not too bad. After awhile they served a small dish with something in it that resembled cold slaw, but finer, with funny tasting stuff in it. It was pretty strange and very few ate it! Then they brought out a basket with a couple of BBQ ribs and BBQ baloney. The ribs were really good, but I didn't care for the baloney, and I love baloney. Then they brought out the salad. It was pretty conventional. Finally, we got our entrees. Everyone was more than pleased with those. Some had the Salmon, I and a few others had the steaks. My T-bone was excellent. The baked potato was pretty standard with only sour cream and butter. You'd think for that much money they would give you bacon bits, cheese, onions, etc. to liven it up.

After eating, we sat around and talked for awhile before heading back. Unfortunately, our seating arrangement was really three tables separated a little and I was in the middle of everyone and didn't get to visit as much with everyone as I would like to have. In the future, we need to play "musical chairs" and every 10 minutes rotate around so everyone gets a chance to visit with everyone. Can you just see people picking up their plates, silverware, and all and moving? Probably not going to happen, right? Anyway, let's try to make sure we all get to visit as much as possible. It actually would have been better if we hadn't been seated so quickly to give us more time to visit. Or if I had arrived on time at Food Pyramid.

As we came out of the restaurant, it was a in the 80's, and Tom starting putting the top down on his Corvette. That spurred most of us to do the same. Well, I took my top off (the Vette not me!). The drive back was fabulous. Rick took the lead and we drove a little faster. Jerry was behind me and I think he was egging me on to do something as he kept running up on me. Next time Jerry when the wives aren't with us! We got back to Bartlesville a little before 9:00.

Don't forget that our meeting this Tuesday is at the Tumbleweed Steak House on Nowata Road at 7:00. Connie and I will be a little late as we have a memorial service to attend at 6:30, but we should be there by the time everyone is finished eating to have the "formal meeting"

CVCC Picnic 6/27/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

We had a great turnout for the picnic! Thanks to everyone for doing their part to make it a very successful event. Tom brought his grill up for a backup to the open grill. Luckily, we didn't need it as his head chef, David, cooked up the hamburgers and hot dogs on the charcol in the open grill and did a fantastic job. Mike showed up early and started setting up before everyone else got there. As everyone arrived, it just all fell into place and was set up great. We let the ladies arrange all the food on the master table as we knew all us guys would just get it wrong. We ended up with plenty of food.

We knew it would be hot, but we had plenty of fans and to our surprise, we also had a quick thunder storm pass by and cool things off! All I can say is' "Man did I eat a lot!" I don't think anyone left hungry and if they did, it was because they wanted to because there was plenty of great food to eat. We had some great baked beans, delicious salads, great burgers and dogs cooked exclusively by Tom's chef David, several fantastic desserts and plenty of drinks.

Attending were Mike & Ronda, Jim E & Kay, Tom & Carol, Rick & Marilyn, Jim C & Marilyn, Kevin & Andrea, Ed & Georgia, Jim P & Connie, and myself & Connie. Kevin & Andrea and Jim & Kay arrived a little late so they were banished to eat at a table by themselves. Not really, they were just last in line for the food and the other tables filled up first. Although that might set a trend for future eating trips and picnics. He who arrives last has to sit by themselves or pay the check for everyone? Naw, we wouldn't do that to anyone, so don't be afraid to come next time.

After eating and visiting, we played a game. I divided everyone into four groups of 4-5 each and passed out a list of 130 different Logos to identify. Yes, Jim P, I did say Logos and not Lego's so I'm sorry you got excited for nothing! Each group worked together to see how many of the 130 they could put names to. To make it interesting, some of them, well a lot of them, were from India and some counties no one had heard of. Even with that challenge, the group scores were 72, 63, 61, and 54 or something like that. The wining group was Kevin & Andrea and Jim & Kay, although the only one Jim E recognized was the Porsche one. Well, I hope everyone got the GM one! Jim E and Kay did admit that Kevin and Andrea got most of them. They claimed it was because they were younger! The losing group was Mike & Ronda and Jim C & Marilyn. Mike was pretty confident when they finished and I thought they had a good score also. I predicted initially that if anyone got 50-60 of them it would be really good, but I was wrong as Connie tells me all the time (with good reason, because usually I am!).

When the rain started everyone rushed out to put up their windows. However, Kevin and Andrea didn't have room for their roof panels so they left them at home. We paused our game while we moved all the tables and made room for Kevin to drive his Corvette under the roof of the Pavilion. Worked out OK and we continued on. Guess it was a good think the park ranger didn't happen by during that time. He may have claimed it for Government property!

We discussed if anyone was going to go up to Robert Bean's Coffeyville AutoZone Car show on Friday, July 2nd. It appears several are planning on going. Mike Nodine will coordinate the trip as I will be out of town camping at Lake Keystone with the kids over the weekend. Get with Mike if you plan to go. He will also be sending out an email with details. Sounds like a good car show with trophy and cash prizes along with entertainment. The car show will last from noon till eight PM.

We also discussed a possible dinner cruise on July 10th. I will send out an email to collect interest. It seemed several were interested but had to confirm with their calendars. We discussed going to Freddie's Steak House in Tulsa on Old Sapulpa Road or Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant on 71st in Tulsa. I will see if there are any other places of interest when I send out the email.

Don' forget that we are having our July meeting July 13th at Tumbleweed Steak House on Nowata Road at 7:00.

Here is a picture of Kevin & Andrea's Corvette in the Pavilion. Oh yea, Mike and Ronda are in the picture also! Don't they look sweet?

Here you have Carol, Connie, Marilyn, Jim, Georgia, and Jim with his back to them.

Here is Jim, Georgia, Marilyn, Ed, and Rick with his back to us. And again the Corvette out of the rain!


Dinner Cruise to Independence, Ks 6/19/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

Saturday was one of those hot Oklahoma Summer type days (hey, it was two days till officially summer). We had 4 Corvettes and one Nissan (Our Son's) leave the parking lot at Food Pyramid to join the 3 Corvettes waiting for us in Dewey and one in Independence. In all we had 17 people and 8 Corvettes. Another great turnout! Going from Food Pyramid were Jim & Kay, Mike & Rhonda, Blaine & Janice, Connie and I, and our son, Marcus. Jim & Marilyn, Jerry & Jeanne, and Tom & Carol, joined us as we passed through Dewey and then we met up with Mike & Jeana at the restaurant in Independence. Kevin & Andrea were going to go with us also, but at the last minute their shifter quit working and they didn't think driving 70 mph in 2nd gear was too advisable so they decided to stay in B'ville. It seems that Rick & Marilyn were laid back in their boat over on Grand Lake somewhere and Ed & Georgia were babysitting for the grandkid so we missed not having them with us. Not sure where everyone else was.

We ate at Stoney B's Bar & Grill, recommended by Blaine and Janice. It really was a bar and I could tell some of the group had their doubts about eating there as we walked in, particularly after we pulled in to a gravel parking lot. New rule for future dinner cruises- no gravel parking lots, too much dust on the Vettes! Just kidding! Anyway the food turned out to be great, and the service was very good! They even turned off the music blaring from the speakers by our tables without us asking them to. How about that?

They had a special for the evening consisting of a 8-10 oz KC strip steak along with baked potato and salad for $8. I swear my steak was at least 16 oz and pretty good. Everyone seemed pretty satisfied with their meals. As usual, we had Tom at our table so we got our orders taken last. Remind me to not set with Tom next time! At least Tom got to eat with the rest of us and we didn't have to wait on him like we did at Ponca City a few weeks ago. I think Kay finally got her drink order straighten out after our waitress went back and made it herself to Kay's specifications.

We left as the band was beginning to set up for the nightly entertainment and some of the crowd was beginning to arrive. We continued to visit for a while in the parking lot and the guys went over to listen to Mike Murphy's new electronic control for his MPP exhaust. That is the exhaust with the butterfly valves that bypass the muffler when switched on like originally came on the C6 Z06 and was a later option on the 2008's like he has. He now can set the position of the valve to get the amount of loudness he wants from full stock to straight through. And he has a remote control for it!

We had at least one member suggest that on the next dinner cruise we should go someplace where we have to dress up a little. Dressing up at Stoney B's was more like you needed sleeveless shirts and lots of tattoos. It kind of looked like one of those places that if you didn't have a weapon when you entered, they gave you one! But hey, it was a different experience and everyone was friendly to all of us old geezers! And like the saying, "you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover".

Carol reminded me that I hadn't sent out the sign up list for the picnic next Sunday so I did that first thing when I got home. We hope that everyone can make the picnic and also that it isn't steamy hot!

Dinner Cruise to Claremore 5/22/10

The following report was provided by Darrell Carver

Saturday was a beautiful warm day. However, about 5:00 the sky got a little darker and I began to wonder if it was going to rain? It didn’t and we had 8 Corvettes leave the parking lot at Food Pyramid to join the 2 Corvettes waiting for us at Cotton Eyed Joe’s. In all we had 20 people and 10 Corvettes. A Great turnout! Going from B’ville were Jim & Kay, Rick & Marilyn, Jim & Marilyn, Lanny & Brenda, Mike & Rhonda, Tom & Carol, Chris & Christie (potential new member from car show last week), and myself & Connie. At CJE’s we met up with Paul & Donna and their friends from OKC. It was great to have Lanny and Brenda with us as we haven’t seen them for awhile.  

Oh, by the way,  Mike & Rhonda arrived in their new Corvette, a 2002 torch red with black top convertible. We let Mike lead the way over and he maintained a respectful 70+ mph. At CJE’s we had a good time and closed the place down. The staff was very efficient and friendly and the food was good. 

We also discussed attendance at the Caney Mayfest car show next weekend. It seemed that everyone at the dinner is planning to attend unless their schedules change before then. We have a couple in the club that is helping with the show. Tom and Toni Schemica put in a lot of hours every year preparing for this show. We all know from our little show a few years ago how much work it is. Thanks Tom and Toni (and all the rest of the people), you guys put on a really good show. By the way, Tom tells us the show this year is “free” so no excuses why you can’t go. Anyone interested in going with the Club, meet at the Copan Truck Stop north of Copan on highway 75 at 7:30 am that morning for breakfast and then the trip to Caney. Again if you would just like to do breakfast you are welcome.  We will have the club canopy  set up so bring your lawn chairs. I’ll send out another reminder later in the week.